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    Well after a visit to the factory its only taken a week for Mr Westwood to work his sales magic and so deposit is paid with delivery scheduled for early December (no body or trim as I can't make my mind up on colour) So as the title suggests its another Honda powered machine. Pretty standard options list I think, LSD Wide track Performance Calipers Protech Dampers Digi Dash Windscreen, half hood and heater as I want to use it for longer journeys Trim LED Lights (not headlights will swap post IVA) FW rear. Looking forward to getting the build under way and I'm sure I will be pestering plenty of members for advice. Just need to break the donor car whilst I wait.
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    I don't want to make assumptions but I'd guess Ads has thought of it/is aware of it, although good comment to raise. Ads is one of those annoying gits who not only predicts the slide before he's even turned into the corner, so that the correction has happened before the car is started sliding, but then seems to grow another 2 pairs of arms to catch everything in just the right way where needed. So I'd say that if he ever did get into a spin, he'd know about it well before you or I would, and he would have knocked it into neutral, put his smoking jacket on, lit a cigar and be pouring himself a margarita while waiting for the car to settle.
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    Hmm. Righto, bit more serious than I thought then. Best gaffer tape my left hand to the shift lever More cradle work today, slow and fiddly... the idea behind having the top front mount attached to the cradle is that all the front mounts come away from the chassis, so engine will be easier to get in and out (thanks @tkm_dave). Not finished yet, the angle will bolt to the top chassis rail, which will have a bit of angle welded to that for strength, and captive nut inside for neatness. Needed a little kink to clear the clutch slave. Chuffed with how the cradle has worked out, all the holes in the bushes are drilled to 12.0mm and the bolts are M12 (about 11.8mm OD), yet they still all go in and out by hand Bodywork... unsure really. If it looks good then I'll probably keep it red, if it doesn't come up too well then either a new set of bodywork that's a bit thinner / lighter, or spray it some funky metallic colour!
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    Great to see The Flying Scotsman at Beeston but we missed it at Mostyn Docks
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    @aeg I apologise, your Rebecca loves windmills and you were working today and missed this, sorry xxxx, beg, beg, beg We met at McDonalds, Scott and Charlie, Paul VX and the loving couple Andrew and Clare fresh back from their holiday to the Isle of Wight in the Westfield Andrew and Clare A quick scoot to GBS and park up Andrew was first in the queue for the cake. Clever man, get there before Julie tucks in eh! The target It was busy outside, all the regulars came and new folks too. Inside, the Kit Spares Shop has been reorganised and the display was much improved, with items much more visible. The GBS staff worked hard to make everyone as welcome as ever and there were plenty of cars on display too. If you can take your eyes off the Jag, we are parked just up from it. With the cake digested we now needed lunch, so we said goodbye to Scott and Charlie before heading all the way to Tuxford Windmill cafe, all of 6 miles away. The cafe is the building to the left. There are tours of the windmill as well as flour sales. The inevitable happened and we maneuvered the cars in front of the windmill for a photo or two IMPORTANT the German sausage man is coming to GBS again, he is their German sales manager and he is a hilarious, very friendly man. He is doing the German sausage BBQ on the 8th December, extra to all the cakes, so meet at McDonalds 9.30am, in a tin top if you prefer, just don't miss it. The Kit Spares Shop will be open for any last minute pressies for Christmas too, what's not to like, see you there!!! SATURDAY 8TH DECEMBER 9.30 MCDONALDS, OLLERTON, NG22 9DT
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    One of the nice features of this version is that (as well as the normal 8 momentary switch channels), it supports 2 potentiometer channels, either fully variable or with indexed positions. This gave me quite a headache to work out how to keep a great battery life without needing an on/off switch. I've done it by detecting when the receiver is powered up with the ignition circuit live - this puts the transmitter into a continuous 2Hz communication mode for the potentiometers, as well as having the instant communication whenever a button is pressed. When the ignition is switched off, the transmitter automatically turns off again. The battery test is well underway - so far I've reached 12.5 days continuous communication - that's over 2 million separate transmissions - and still going strong...
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    There's a red Peugeot 206cc near to me that has Ferrari badge on the grill and shields on the wings. I haveto look twice everytime I see it just to make sure it's not a new model from Italy.
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    Milestone day.......Its on the deck. the front arches will need a bit of persuading as they rub the tyres a bit but this should not be an issue. Oh, second minestrone of the day........the engine goes in. Loads of room and I even did this one on my own. The lump will have to come back out as I need to grind off a lump of gearbox. A few questions for the Mazda massive. Is this enough room for the clutch arm? It has about 30mm of movement. I already know the answer to this one but for the record the nearside engine mount ill need re drilling. My gear lever when in second gear is awfully close to the handbrake lever. does this become a burden so should I shorten/bend the lever now? And lastly, the reverse switch on the gearbox is just touching the panel. I know it has about 2mm of dynamatting on it but I don't fancy moving the gearbox away from it otherwise it makes the prop an even worse fit. Apologies for the photos but I use a wide angle lense and its a b******* to get the depth of field correct. Well it is for me.
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    Karen and Hector Fitted Karen and Hector today, Karen can reach the pedals as well! Hector is concerned about the roof situation!
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    To be honest I'm surprised mine is still visible.I was almost sure there was going to be "a quiet word" heading my way
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    I don't think you can tell from looking on the outside if it's an lsd or not unless you can see a part number etched on it? The mk3 Mazda diffs were available as lsd or non lsd. The turning flange test doesn't always apply with these diffs from memory as it's a spring loaded conical type. The only way to 100% confirm is to look inside or try and paint 11's when the car is finished.
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    You guys are funny (and thanks) My response was going to be that I have two spare starters just in case! Hoping to get a few more hours on the car today, so will post a small update later.
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    Indeed, the 7 logo might suit a pre-lit, which is after all a “Westfield 7” - but I prefer the look of my car to a Caterham anyway, so putting a 7 on it just wouldn’t look right to me at all. But it’s all about personal choice- and let’s face it, our cars get personalised way more than Caterhams ever do!
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    Nooo. Looks like you're wishing that your car was something else cos it ain't good enough as what it is
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    Must have all of them, else it will be a it difficult to drive anywhere.
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    Meet at McDonalds, Ollerton, NG22 9DT, 9.30am to take the short journey to Great British Sports Cars, Ollerton. Meet us there after 10am if you prefer. There will be lots of cars to look at and owners to chat to, everyone is really friendly and welcoming. The Kit Spares Shop will be open and there is a Germanic BBQ, cakes and drinks available for free. Donations to the Air Ambulance gratefully received. If the weather is grim or you are SORN please feel free to come in your tin top, it is not a run out as such.
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    I am at the point where I need to cut the holes for my cage, the front flat plates are no problem and I have made a start on these but how the hell do you workout where the rear legs go through the bodywork with some form of accuracy ! i have tried to make up a template but this won’t work as the rear bodywork falls away by about 14mm from where the flag plates sit. Whilst I can work this out roughly I would like the fit to be as snug and possible without the need for any plastic trim. i have added some pictures of my work so far but I could really do with some guidance and advice. I emailed a few people at the factory of the past couple of weeks and an yet to receive a reply !
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    Only two words for you Julie Hall. DOG HOUSE!!!! And that’s not from me
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    The mk3 mx5 diff westfield use isn't a torsen. It's a spring loaded conical clutch type. I googled earlier and even all the info on the mx5 forums can't definitely diagnose if it's lsd or not from an external examination (unless you can see a part no) And from the earlier comments that WF may send out LSDs if they have no open diff stock . No chance!!!
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    I had to modify my rear bracket as the handbrake didn't fit, so it naturally moved backwards a bit. Here's a few reference photos:
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    You have to bare in mind that the bottom fixings effect position as well as they will push or pull slightly, potentially spreading the bars as well . The only dimension is the one you have got on your template. I used a waste pipe cut at 67 degrees to get the oval. At this point you also need to redrill the top hole in the bottom of the stays of the bar as the original hole fouls the rear lights.
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    So, after breaking down on the way back from Shelsey Walsh a while back, and having just been made redundant and starting a new job, I'd left the westie in the garage not daring to see what had happened... after a few wild goose chases, the distributor was found to be siezed, causing the drive to shear... sump off and gave it a good checking over....rescuing all the bits of drive in the process. Cam looked unscathed, took off the oil pump housing to ensure all good there too. poured some cheap 10-40 down through the galleries and then cleaned it all up. Sump cleaned and refitted, along with inlet manifold and carbs. Distributor rebuilt by h & h ignition....can recommend those guys btw. new alternator, coil, and ignition module too. timed at 12 btdc and dizzy lined up with no1. a few turns with the plugs out to get the oil pressure up and then plugs in and she fired up on the 3rd spin, so well chuffed. Turned the dizzy round a few degrees to find the fastest idle once warmed up and jobs a goodun.....so far. need to get the timing checked at 5000rpm but relieved so far...only time will tell though. annoyed I missed all the nice weather but other things took priority. Also a shame as there's a new AO locally who is keen as by the looks of things. looking forwards to taking it out again...either this year or next spring. Mart.
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    Whilst getting a little stuck working out the rollcage holes I thought I would have a little time on the dash build : personally I think it looks stunning !
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    Seats Fitted the seats and harness. The seat adjuster bar I removed easily with a mallet on both seats and removed 40mm of each, this stops the adjuster bar hitting the cross member.
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    Hmmmm I like your thinking! Depends if @phil.mercboy sells me the uprights I need to go 8” rear
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    A healthy bank account and being lucky in casinos.
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    They use a “sprag clutch” basically a set of ball bearings that the starter runs on within a housing that has ramped ball bearing holders so they rotate freely one way but roll up the ramps and lock on the other. If the gearbox runs backwards it will often shatter and take out a crankcase with it!
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    Adam is more of eating some raw vegetables and pour a cider... but will be spectacular in any way
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    Seriously though, it’s a valid point @CosKev makes regardless of Adams ability to pirouette a car with one hand while holding a casual conversation.
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    ... or have been in a car with him on track
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    I noticed on your video that no plastic protector caps are fitted to your front upper wishbone locknut (camber adjuster) You can either: drill a hole in the top of the plastic cap and cut a slot down the side and slip it over...... OR drill a hole in the top of the plastic cap, completely unwind the camber adjuster so the upright becomes disconnected from the wishbone, remove the locknut then install cap, refit locknut, reconnect wishbone. CAUTION: support upright when finally unscrewing the adjuster! Personally, I prefer option 2. This gives the impression of diligence during assembly, option 1 looks like an after thought.
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    It’s actually been like that for at least 20 years, believe it or not, but yeah someday it will let go - just hopefully not while I’m here. I’m planning on selling up and moving fairly soon, and then I can see the next owner tearing it down for being too old fashioned. So it’s just a stop gap measure. Dont ask about the lead water pipe that runs under the concrete kitchen floor that supplies it....!
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    Looks like a fun day out but unfortunately I am taking the Westy for MOT this morning so cannot make it. Hope the weather stays dry for everyone.
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    Usb charger for my phone/satnav. Other than that just needs to run, and not leak various fluids all over the place!
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    Why 6 Sooty? (We drive WESTFIELDS OP not 7s IMO!)
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    Are you intending to use lighter fluid ? i think a video of your attempt is required
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    Great work Gary, be good to see a rolling chassis. A good milestone methinks. Keep up the good work.
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    Try to twist the can about its longitudinal axis. Loosen the clamps to allow this.
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    Do it in proper Gulf colours ,dark blue and orange . The light blue /orange is the colours of Mercury? oil a gulf subsidiary
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    Grabbed an hour after work today, so put the coilovers on. Again, not torqued up. I did torque up the top diff mount bolts and lock wire them though
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    Thanks Ali, have booked Friday PM off work so if the weather is ok I’ll be there with my camera, here’s one I took back at Rockingham some years back
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    Just back in Rammy. Great roads and Dry drive back for us Mancs (a few gentle showers), even a fair bit of sun.... @Bala Thanks Again Mark.
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    One one word for the rain... BIBLICAL!!..... note to self.... must buy a half hood, Great weekend, superb roads, great company...
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    This has to be the fastest build I've ever seen, rolling chassis with engine in 10 days after collection
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    You'll need to fit a cover over the front top wishbone to ball joint locknut for IVA. If you bore out the domed end of one the right size, it's easy to fit at this stage, and slide back when you need to lock the nut up finally. Another option is to split the cover and slide it over. You can see the cover in place below
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