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    I don't want to make assumptions but I'd guess Ads has thought of it/is aware of it, although good comment to raise. Ads is one of those annoying gits who not only predicts the slide before he's even turned into the corner, so that the correction has happened before the car is started sliding, but then seems to grow another 2 pairs of arms to catch everything in just the right way where needed. So I'd say that if he ever did get into a spin, he'd know about it well before you or I would, and he would have knocked it into neutral, put his smoking jacket on, lit a cigar and be pouring himself a margarita while waiting for the car to settle.
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    You guys are funny (and thanks) My response was going to be that I have two spare starters just in case! Hoping to get a few more hours on the car today, so will post a small update later.
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    Indeed, the 7 logo might suit a pre-lit, which is after all a “Westfield 7” - but I prefer the look of my car to a Caterham anyway, so putting a 7 on it just wouldn’t look right to me at all. But it’s all about personal choice- and let’s face it, our cars get personalised way more than Caterhams ever do!
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    Nooo. Looks like you're wishing that your car was something else cos it ain't good enough as what it is
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    Must have all of them, else it will be a it difficult to drive anywhere.
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    So, after breaking down on the way back from Shelsey Walsh a while back, and having just been made redundant and starting a new job, I'd left the westie in the garage not daring to see what had happened... after a few wild goose chases, the distributor was found to be siezed, causing the drive to shear... sump off and gave it a good checking over....rescuing all the bits of drive in the process. Cam looked unscathed, took off the oil pump housing to ensure all good there too. poured some cheap 10-40 down through the galleries and then cleaned it all up. Sump cleaned and refitted, along with inlet manifold and carbs. Distributor rebuilt by h & h ignition....can recommend those guys btw. new alternator, coil, and ignition module too. timed at 12 btdc and dizzy lined up with no1. a few turns with the plugs out to get the oil pressure up and then plugs in and she fired up on the 3rd spin, so well chuffed. Turned the dizzy round a few degrees to find the fastest idle once warmed up and jobs a goodun.....so far. need to get the timing checked at 5000rpm but relieved so far...only time will tell though. annoyed I missed all the nice weather but other things took priority. Also a shame as there's a new AO locally who is keen as by the looks of things. looking forwards to taking it out again...either this year or next spring. Mart.
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    Seriously though, it’s a valid point @CosKev makes regardless of Adams ability to pirouette a car with one hand while holding a casual conversation.
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    ... or have been in a car with him on track
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    I don't think you know Adam very well...
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    Looks like a fun day out but unfortunately I am taking the Westy for MOT this morning so cannot make it. Hope the weather stays dry for everyone.
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    Fair enough, I can see what you mean. I think i’ll Happily spend my £77 on something else, like put it towards my half hood. I’ve changed my ball joint(split boot), upgraded my horns to FIAM and fitted the little lead/plug for my trickle charge yesterday, even got time to polish the daily!! I’m really getting there now, just want to change my Cambelt kit but I want a whole day where I’m undestracted, if I finish it in 2-3 hours then I can spend the rest of the day testing her then. had the bema 7 years its a 3.0 manual, still holds it own these days but I cannot decide for the life of me what would replace it without spending near to £15k-20k to truly better it! I did have a 130i m sport but it wasn’t much faster and was UGLY so it went and this stayed. Considering golf R- golf gti - but oddly most tempting is the little fiesta ST’s... I just know the boy racer attention would frustrate me- had a couple of the focus st’s with the t5 engine and they were great fun.
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    I think the Seven grils look great on a Caterham, or on one of the Caterham/Lotus clones. But on variants that have had significant effort and cost, by the manufacturer, put into making the cars look “their own” within the overal format, they don’t just look wrong to me, but always seem faintly insulting to the marque. FWIW, if you like the general style, but aren’t hung up on the Seven logo, then you can get a conversion on eBay, normally, that has the Westfield Sunburst logo in place of the Seven. Its your own car to stamp want of personality you want onto, at the end of the day though. So if it’s Seven grils, Lotus badges etc. that make you happy, then go for it. But do expect a bit of mickey taking from other enthusiasts of all the different Seven inspired Marques.
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    Are you intending to use lighter fluid ? i think a video of your attempt is required
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    Grabbed an hour after work today, so put the coilovers on. Again, not torqued up. I did torque up the top diff mount bolts and lock wire them though
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    It seems a bit different to how I remember it...
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    I'm not sure that this is what Mum expected when she asked me to drive her to the supermarket... Fortunately she didn't buy much!
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    Hey guys, stumbed across this offer on Ebay, when you add a Arai helmet to your basket, 50% comes off. Might be a bargain for someone
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    Thanks for a great weekend guys, even if we did get a bit wet at times. The Welsh roads were spectacular as usual and we got some new views as trees had been felled in certain areas. Just been out cleaning the car, carpets are still wet but the rest is drying out nicely. Just need a shovel and wheel barrow for all the stones and grit!!!! Also just spent 20 minutes deleting 96 photos taken on my phone whilst out of the dining room in the loo. Pretty obvious who is the guilty one! All the shots are from the same place which just happened to be where Bollocky Bill was sat, what a surprise! ( note to ones self - don't leave phone anywhere near JD )
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    The Craig Goch Dam in Elan Valley the water must have been 25 feet lower this year compered to September last year
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    Just back in Rammy. Great roads and Dry drive back for us Mancs (a few gentle showers), even a fair bit of sun.... @Bala Thanks Again Mark.
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