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    Firstly, to the people that couldn't make today, I hope everything works out ok. We met at McD's, that is Ian in his Honda and Ian in his Honda - it was going to be one of those days, Martyn and Sue, Andrew and Clare, Matt and us. Paul came in his GT86 and the very cute mini cake muncher came too, namely Charlotte. The 'power shot' 2 Honda's and a V8 But the Fords look the best, well I might be biased here! After a quick brew we went the whole 2 miles to GBS and parked up The Honda boys, the two Ian's, well they have a lot to smile about don't they? Martyn, well trained, cleaning his windows. Note Ian's VX in the background. Martyn, I am still laughing, visualising your french student who is living in the North East of England, Bonjour Pet! Let the cake munching begin. I had the Victoria Sponge, the fruity cake at the back and one of the eggy chocolatey buns, all homemade by the lovely GBS ladies. More and more cars turned up, and people too, BugMan Steve, Barry and Andrew, Ian and Rosie and Johnno. It got really busy and it was great, I was glad we went but we had to leave early as we had a holiday to go on. But we will be home next Saturday and hope to be out on Easter Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday, depending on the weather, it is a bit scary that the Malton Big Breakfast is cancelled, just how much snow is on our way? Note the drone in this photo Thank you to everyone for coming along today.
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    It is Adge I'm just collecting parts at the moment
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    Use this calculator shows how the new wheels will sit compared to the old ones, I find it very useful gives difference in measurements and graphical format also calculates how it will affect the odometer reading. Will They Fit
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    Lovely bit of film. It would be fun in an XI!
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    Hi, Jon, That takes me back to the 11th September 2001 - 9/11. When the attacks were made on the twin towers in New York all those years ago, I was out marshalling on the MSA Euroclassic Run and, after pounding my Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 up the Stelvio, I was told about the world changing news as I pulled in for a coffee at the stop of the pass. Simon
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    Agreed! That’s excellent news, too!
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    You found the forum then Andy. You can use your skills in getting some good deals for Westfield owners as I know your good at those things.
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    Euro Tour Summer 2016 - Grand St Bernard Pass Italy to Switzerland - not bad for July
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    ...... I've seen that at a club meet and it's a lovely car
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    Looks like that could be good fun that. Welcome
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    Welcome! Glad to see Dave’s car hasn’t gone too far, (Dave is one of the Cheshire Area crew). It was me that passed on the little build plaque for the car, from a chap that found it hidden away in the garage of a house he’d recently bought! Have fun with the car, it’s a real looker and a classic Westfield spec.
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    from Scarborough. Lovely looking car.
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    Welcome from Norfolk Car looks smart
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    from sunny Somerset. Nice looking car. Enjoy.
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    Welcome to the madhouse from soggy scotland thats alovely looking car too
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    Hi As Craig says,we will have to meet up and go for a run including a pit stop for a healthy breakfast
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    Andy. You're welcome to join @CosKevand I blasting around North Wales once the better weather arrives.
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    Lovely looking car - definitely a car from the "more is less" school of thinking and all the better for it
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    Very nice car and welcome to the club. Hopefully some decent weather on the way soon, especially down South. Here in sunny Scotland the forecast is for snow on Wed 28 March but likely just for a day.
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    Sweet looking car, looks nice and from Yorkshire
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    Now that the roll bar is fitted, I altered the boot lid to fit. This is temporary until I get the new bosses for the 4 point harnesses welded in, then I'll use it as a template for the new one.
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