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    Part six now up http://hillclimberstartersguide.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/so-lets-go-hill-climbing-westfield-part.html
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    Reading a few general comments of late in some different threads about engines, cars for sale etc, I noticed there seemed to be a bit of a misunderstanding from one or two regarding chain driven cams, as opposed to belt driven. In particular, an belief that while belts needed changing regularly, chains automatically went on for ever! While it's true they generally last much longer than belts, it IS important to check the service schedule for the car that donated your engine, to see when a change is normally required. It may be a long way off still, but better to be safe than sorry and know when it should be changed. Came across an interesting photo on FB, (courtesy of Tegiwa), these are chains from the Honda K20 engine as fitted to Civic Type R's, they should be swapped at 100 000 miles. The three on the left are used chains, all I think around the recommended mileage to be changed, the right hand one is a brand new replacement. - that's quite a lot of stretch, that can eventually lead to failures.
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    We're planning a Christmas Gathering of Westfield members on the afternoon of Saturday 10th December in Central Manchester. The change this year to afternoon is to give others more opportunity to join in as it makes travelling easier. It'll also be a grand opportunity to start off the day on Manchester's Christmas Markets and doing some shopping to try and avoid last minute panic buying! We will start with a meal, then follow up with a few beverages elsewhere for those that wish to. I require an indication of numbers to be able to provisionally book a venue, we're aiming for Albert's Shed (http://albertsshed.com/) or somewhere similar. Please RSVP by email to manchester@wscc.co.uk by the 27th September with your intention to join us. I will then find a suitable venue and let you know. A deposit will be required to make a confirmed booking. Look forward to hearing from you All the best David Attending..... Paul & Margaret John & Louise Wayne & Gwen Wendy & Me Terry & Caroline
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    Hello! Also relative noob so don't feel bad! We are greater in numbers! I'm the opposite end of your v8 with a four pot Burton x flow!
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    Turns out had the newer alpha ecu pro4 so NMS was able to do the mapping. Probably will think about changing in the future for easier access.
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    Ideally you need to find somewhere local that knows a bit about kit cars etc,or somewhere that sets up rally/race cars. I've had mine set to 1mm toe in on the front,with 1.5 degrees negative camber and it drives lovely
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    Welcome And good choice of car
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    It is a common point of failure. My guess is that it is the point where the vibration amplitude is greatest. A common fix is to weld a couple of stainless fillets in to strengthen the joint. Had this done on mine when it failed at the exact same point as yours. Another approach is to add an extra exhaust mount at the front of the can, or just before. This damps down the vibrations as much as it supports the exhaust. Jen
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    Now I'm a middle aged bloke with three children and a mortgage I currently do about 1200 miles a year in mine. The old MOTs show 14,000 miles for each of the first two years after I got it on the road. Part of the reason was that it was my only car for about 16 months - went a bit over budget on the build and had to sell my Astra. Living near some cracking roads was another reason. The down side is that the fibre glass is now rather tatty and a significant number of parts have been replaced. It was off the road for 8 years when the children were young & underwent a slow refurbishment on the rare occasions where I had cash and/or spare time. Still, the children like using it on the school run when they get a chance, though not all at once I should add. One main downer of using it as an only car was that as fun as it was the Westfield was not quite so special to drive after a while, though I did get to know it really well. Now when I get in it after commuting in the Mondeo all week I get that "oh yeah" feeling again.
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    Mrs H and I will be there to cheer you all on!
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