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    Oh, OK. You twisted my arm!?! Here's a recent Silverstone.. I'd just bought a twin deck trailer so took both my cars along to enjoy the contrast of driving them back to back (The other being a 150bhp, 390kg Global GT1) Had a couple of issues with the Westy (loose rear wheel bearings and engine cutouts - that I've since traced to the crank position sensor cable not being shielded...) but turn your volume up for the noise
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    These are the proper carbon, CarbonMods covers but they have stopped making them. You can buy similar designed fake carbon ones which are the same shape but do the job well. I fitted mine simply by smearing a thin layer of clear silicone sealant. You'll need to clip the wheelarch edges firmly with loads of large clothes pegs and a sandbag on the top edge of the protector whilst the sealant dries overnight.
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    tiggers natural environment is forests so wood and trees should be easy
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    Hmmm, now where have I seen a similar camera angle regarding an engine removal before? https://youtu.be/DGT0dLni_EA
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    These lectures offered by the Essex Automotive Division of the IMechE are free to attend and open to non-members and the general public. There's no need to book in advance, if you're interested just turn up on the day. Their next lecture coming up this Wednesday at Ford Dunton is on the McLaren P1 http://nearyou.imeche.org/docs/default-source/Essex-Automobile/adec2015-16-sept15-ok.pdf?sfvrsn=0
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    The car is currently stored in my unit due to the fact that my garage is not ready to fit it in. So this weekend I've a bit of drive to get it sorted. It used to be split in half as an office as well as a small storage for my bikes. I did get some of the wall down last year but ran out of steam. Now I wish I had pushed forward and just got it done then. Need to scrap old work bench/junk storage-dump.......... Half a wall to come down and a new light and it should be almost ready to give a home to the Westie! Still got a bike to move on so may even get that sorted as well while I have my hands dirty. The car keeps distracting me through my office window!
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    Hi folks, just bought my first Westie and looking forward to lots of fun, but found a couple of jobs need doing first. Main one is the lower front o/s (right) wishbone is bent. Anyone got one for sale please? Its a 2005 car and the wishbones are black and made from round tubing. Many thanks. Ken
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    There are only two sorts of v8 owners, those who have and those who want to....
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    Yes Dave, we are all Boyz down here with our singing Westfields. We have the bass boys Peter Goulding , Paul Dew, Paul Nemesis with the rumbling V8's The high pitched screamers of Peter Minden and Smokey Mow Mark in their small capacity 4 pots. For the medium tones we have myself, Tim Essex, Deano in our 2litre 4 pots. The Rapper amongst us is Mike R7 WSC in his stuttering Zetec ------------sorry traction controlled Zetec.
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    Aww Terry, you've spoilt it, I wanted a 150 point average
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    Me too - everyone who 'knows' the car has commented it is good value. But, I appreciate this sort of car appeals to a fairly limited market. The right buyer will come along soon though, I'm sure! A few more pics... I even cleaned it
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    Look on the bright side, you've got a fine axminster to lie on....!
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    So I had the afternoon off and time to crack on with reassembly. Not setting myself deadlines as that and tiredness lead to mistakes. The block was ready to go, so I dropped the head into position, ensuring the TDCs for both cam and crank were aligned, and therein lies a tale. I had previously put the new timing belt and alternator belt in place, and then read on in the Haynes manual that said the crankshaft pulley had to be off the engine to finish the job, because the TDC on the crankshaft does not line up with the journal key, which is about 8 degrees from TDC. So crankshaft pulley and alternator belt back off - sigh. Thermostat housing and heater hose installed on head before dropping head on, as they are very hard to access in situ. Head on with new head gasket, new bolts tightened sequentially in four stages. Stages 3 and 4 are 90 degree bolt turns each, thank goodness for a breaker bar to get the power to do it. Used correction fluid to mark each bolt head and ensure head bolts are all equally tight. Timng belt and tensioner on once again, position tested by rotating the engine by hand twice, lower belt cover and crankshaft pulley back on again, alternator belt on again. Exhaust and inlet manifolds with new gaskets installed, as are the rebuilt carbs - again - this time with new Misabs but Thackery washers instead of rubber grommets which were too thick.. Had to get longer rad top hose as new Polo rad is mounted about 4 inches further forward, which I had to order but came within 3 hours. At this point I started to make silly mistakes from fatigue, so that's the signal to call it a day. What's left? Fan switch connections, two coolant hoses to be connected, oil, coolant, rocker cover, spark plus, HT leads and dizzy cap, and it should be ready for the big start.
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