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Cleggy the Spyder Man

What cars have you owned

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Cleggy the Spyder Man

Ok ... I guess being westy owners we have an interest in motors and many will have a reasonable collection of cars through the years ...

For many of you, like me, putting together a list of cars you have owned is gonna take a bit of think about, and probably some edits to put in missing cars ...

I am gonna start the ball rolling, and I shall enjoy my trip down memory lane racking my brains to remember them

Starting at 17years old

Austin Alegro ... brother wrote this off the day he passed his test a year or so after me passing mine

Hyundi Pony blush.gif

Triumph -- s**t cannot think of the model, oh I remember the Toledo ... lovely old car .. duck egg blue and I painted the wheels green (dont ask I dont know)

Alfasud ... fell to bits within 6 weeks and went to the scrapyard .. one of the best handling cars I have ever owned


Renault 18 - comfy rear seats :d

Opel manta GTE .. stank of dog from previous owner --white ...cool at the time

Rover Vitesse - 205bhp rear wheel drive deathtrap for an inexperianced driver - stupid off centre steering wheel ..one of my favourite cars of all time

22 years of age - BoughtSylva Striker from jeremy Phillips who was at Manby Lincs near Cadwell Park at the time .. built from scratch other than alloy panels fitted to chassis ... one of the best things I ever did and hence the reason why I now owning a westy - 1.7 crossflow with high lift can and twin 40's - run as an only car for 2 years out of the 4 I had it on the road - sold to a chap from Cambridge way years later in a box of bits

Honda prelude 2L (not vtec sad.gif ) ... nice car with digi dash n stuff - slow

Fiat Punto ... bought new ...dunno why and dont ask blush.gif

Vauxhall Astra GTE ... dunno why I purchased this car but sorta explains my love for the vauxhall lump as this was one of the best engines in my experiance

Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 M reg... one of the early ones, bought secondhand 2-3 years old ... in black and came with silver 15 wheels ... fitted some Subaru gold 17" rims later and it looked lovely at the time love.gif had the crappy interior before the bucket seats arrived on slightly later models

Subaru Impreza WRX - frogeye headlights - bought new and this car never really did it for me -- too rolly in the corner and too refined ... but a very good car --- both Imprezas never let me down and never spent any money on either of them (other than plenty of trips to the fuel station)

Ok it all goes t**s up here, mainly to the arrival of children

Renault megane - good cheap runaround with 1.5 diesel engine - for the missus

Honda accord tourer - diesel - good car but dull

Citroen C8 - our family motor

finally the westy arrived the back end of last year and has brought the joy of driving back into Clegg's world thumbs-up.gif

So not all that glamorous tbh, but not a bad selection of cars in 23 years ... a few howlers I will admit

Edited 30 05 12

Subaru WRX STi Hatch - 300hp :t-up: I liked it but slated by the press - still a bit of a rocket ship regardless

Porsche spyder replica- you know that thing that by rights should have shares in the british steel industry

BMW 530d - not picked it up yet but I am sure this will be the best car I have ever owned ??? (Edited - It was the best car I have ever owned)


Edited 20 07 15


TVR T350C - 4.3 litre straight 6 death trap


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - went all Mr Beardy


Morris Y Type 10cwt 1946 van in the Howsafe Colours


That's me up to date

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Here goes........

Mk1 fiesta ( I built it from scrap :p  )

Vw Polo

Nova SR

Cavalier SRI 130

Vauxhall corsa

Citroen AX GT

BMW 316I

Nova GTE

Fiesta RS Turbo

Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9

Nova GTE

Nova GSI

Renualt 5 GT Turbo

Another Nova GSI

BMW 318 Conv

Mazda mx3

Audi Coupe

Saab 95 aero

Subarau Impreza

Vectra GSI

Mercedes C class

Mini cooper S

Jaguar X type 3.0

BMW 330 CI Sport

Landrover Discovery

Another Landrover Discovery ( off road prepared )

Mercedes ML 270

Landrover Defender

VW Golf R32

Astra VXR

Landrover Defender


And thats in only 9 years  :bangshead:  :bangshead:

There could even be a couple more....................

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Nova 1.4 SR

Nova 1.4 luxe with sr engine and interior

Nova 1.2 merit with 1.4 injection mongrel engine and latterly 1600 16v

Cavalier 1.8

Corsa 2.0 16v (160bhp)

Cavalier 1.8

Vectra Sri

1600 nova will go soon to release funds to get on with the seven project :)

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pretty sure ive done this thread before  :oops: someone do a search and recover it save my memory as I had a very long list  :blush:  :blush:

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Vw Polo 1.05

Vx Cavalier 1.8i

Dax Rush Cosworth (still own)

Ford Capri 1.6LS

VX Cavalier 2.0CDX

Purgeot 406 coupe v6 (still own)

Fisher Fury (no engine yet) (still own)

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Austin Healey “Frog Eye” Sprite
 Changed for more power to
Triumph TR3A
 Which was execrable, so changed back to
MG Midget Mk2
 Wrote it off, so went “sensible”
Ford Cortina GT Mk1
 Wife hated it, so changed for
MGB roadster
 Chris arrived, carry-cot room needed
Austin Mini Cooper S (970cc)
 Got job with car (but wife kept Mini)
Vauxhall Vector estate
 Changed job to company promising 1600 Cortina, but
Austin Allegro 1500  down.gif
 Moved to Germany
Peugeot 504
 Very unreliable, so, when miles were up
Opel Kommodore 2.5
 “promoted” back to UK
Ford Cortina 2000S
 Miles up, slight promotion
Ford Cortina 2.3 Ghia
 Changed company, but same again
Ford Cortina 2.3 Ghia
 Got promoted
Rover 2600 (SD1)
 Moved to Paris (no company car  --  bit of a blow)
Renault Fuego 2000
 Liked it, so upgraded
Renault Fuego Turbo
 Started chasing general management jobs, so image change
Renault 25 V6
 Got first GM job, back to UK and company car
Rover 3500 (SD1)
 And again
Rover 3500 (SD1)
 Picked up big order from Land Rover
Range Rover Vogue 3.5 (Mark 1)
 Changed company, moved to Hamburg
Mercedes 300E-24
 Miles up
Audi S6 4.2
 Miles up
BMW 540i
 "promoted" back to UK (again)
Range Rover Vogue 3.9 (Mark 2)
 Bl**dy unreliable
Audi A8 3.7
 Gordon changed company car tax, decided to opt out
Audi A4 2.5TDi
 (nice, but not big enough)
Audi Allroad 2.7T
 Nice, and tows well, so
Audi Allroad 2.7T (still got it, Margaret uses it mostly)
 Time for an additional toy (nth mid life crisis)
Raw Striker 1600 (still got it)
 Another toy
Subaru Impreza WRX with Prodrive pack
 Wife didn’t like it (and not as much fun as Striker), so go sensible
Audi A8 4.2 TDi (love it, still got it)
 Family need for more practicality
VW Touareg V6 Tdi (love that too, and tows brilliantly)


Edit to come up to date:


VW Touareg V6 Tdi (mark two) (black, of course)

BMW X5 40d SE (E70) (black, of course)

Added BMW 635d MSport convertible (blue  --  second hand)  --  loved it as R&R wheels

Changed to X5 40d SE (black, of course) + BMW 640d MSport convertible (red  --  second hand)

BMW X5 40d MSport (F15) (black, of course) + BMW 640d MSport convertible (red  --  second hand)

BMW X5 40d MSport (F15) (black, of course) + BMW 640d MSport convertible (black, of course)

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Cleggy the Spyder Man
blimey loadsa vauxhalls for many of you ... and a renault fuego   :laugh:

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Renault 4 GTL - 1.1 litre 34BHP but fantastic fun. Wish I still had it, minor issue of trailing arm coming off.

Fiat UNO 70S

VW Passat GT 16v

Renault 5 1.7 - b****y leathal, throttle pedal had habit of sticking and master cylinder failed.

Peugeot 205 1.8d

Vauxhall Astra SXI -  damn uncomfortable.

Westfield SEIW (still own)

Skoda Fabia VRS

Skoda Octavia VRS (still own)

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Mark (smokey mow)

Crikey, there's some long list's there  :0

From the age of 17....

Renault 11 GTL 1.4L - Red (A375 OPU) - It was actually my mums but I rear ended another car on a dual carriageway and wrote it off about 6 months after my test.

Ford Fiesta 1.3 LX Sapphire - Caymen Blue (M422 TMT) - The first car I bought, it was 3 years old and I paid £6122 for it.  Had it for two years and then traded it in for something bigger.

Renault Laguna 1.8 RT - White (L546 VBK) - It was a great car but plagued by electrical problems, traded it after 8 months of ownership before the warrantly ran out.

Citroen Saxo VTR - Woodland Green (V571 PPU) - I'm from essex! Bought it brand new in 1999 and kept it for two years and sold it for half what I paid!

Renault Megane 1.6 Sport - Blue (R753 XNO) - My most relaible Renault but it ended it's life after two years burried under the back of a people carrier on a country road.

VW Golf 2.0S Estate - Blue (V995 JKN) - The tow barge, only sold it last month after 5-1/2 years of ownership and 90,000 miles.

Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Sport - Silver (T47 RNT) - Used as the works car, bought it 2-1/2 years ago with 50K on the clock and sold it in January (2 years later) with 80K, only depreciated by £500.

Westfield Mazda SDV - Crimson

VW Golf GT TDI 130 - Green(03) - The current tow barge, bought it last month at 6 years old and only 20K on the clock... Not bad for a Diesel.

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Gonna add in the bikes as well:

Honda moped

Lambretta LI150

Fiat 850

HA Viva

Honda CD175

Mini Marcos

Mini 1275GT

Honda CX500

Morris Marina pickup

Morris Ital saloon

BMW 316

Couple of Ford fiestas

Cavalier 1.6D (most gutless car ever driven)

Sierra Sapphire 1.8

Sierra 2.0GLX

Vauxhall Carlton 1.8 estate

Mazda 626

Rover 418

Audi A6 1.8 (old box type)

Audi A6 2.5 V6 diesel

BMW 320d tourer

BMW 520d saloon

Honda Civic 1.8 sport

BMW 330d Msport saloon


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It Almost Looks Like A Car

Austin Gypsy..... (Painted it myself, it was converted from a tow truck, i kid you not)

Citroen 2CV x 2 .... (yes i know...i was young and cheap!)

Citroen Dyanne ..... (I had just crashed one of the 2CV's and was skint it cost me £25!)

Riley 1.5 ......(Loved burning of boy racers in a classic car!)

Ford XR2 .....(White with a red stripe....need i say more...)

Citroen AX GTI ....(Rare and quick, it was rare because they kept falling apart when you drove them quick)


Fiat Fiorino Van ....(Drove all the way to the Sahara Dessert and back again during a year long road trip, it sat for month under a 3m deep snow drift and started first time while working a ski season in French Alpes )

Ford Escort 1.3 (It was crap)

Old shape Vauxhall Cavalier....(it was also crap)

Renault Estate thing....(it was so dull can not even remember what model it was!)

Triumph TR7.....(Orange, with a tartan interior......could'nt afford a MG!)

VW Scirroco 1.8 Scala.....(White, with a white interior, just like Miami Vice!)

VW Corrado G60.....(the one with the super charger...it was black.....i loved that car....)

VW Golf 1.9 PD GT DTI...(Got more points on license in this car than any other.....)

Westfield Siew 1.8 Zetec....(Built it myself!)

VW Golf 2L GT TDI...(The unluckiest car I have ever owned so far.....I have crashed it or been crashed in to 5 times since new in 4 years!)

Also had for brief periods or bought for the various SWMBO's.... or part share in..... Renault Clio, Honda FRV, MG TC, MG Y-Type, 911, Honda Civic and VW Passat....

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Dec 2001 (passed test aged 18)

2001 - Ford KA 1.3 (59 bhp)

2003 - VW Lupo Sport (100 bhp)

2004 - Audi S3 (225bhp)

2005 - SEAT Leon Cupra R (225 then later mapped to 280 bhp)

2006 - Ford Focus RS (212 then later extensively modded to 300 bhp plus)

2007 - Audi RS6 (later to be Custom Code remapped)

2007 - Audi RS6 and Audi S3 (280 bhp)

2008 - Audi RS6 and SEAT Ibiza Cupra (250 bhp) and Westfield powered by COSWORTH

2009 (current cars)- Audi RS6 (500bhp) and Skoda Fabia VRS (130bhp but 229lb/ft) and Westfield powered by COSWORTH.

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Talbot Sunbeam Ti - death trap scary

Capri 3ltr s - loved that car

MG Midget - completely rebuilt because it was rotten when bought.

MBT 1966 with chrome wires - looked good but went like a barge.

Escort RS Turbo mk2

Mini 1000 - snapped in half when i bought it but it kept going until the tax and test ran out.

Mini cooper S cos the first one was so much fun

Fiesta for the Missus

Citroen Xsara (co car) THE worst car ever built or owned by me.

Audi A4 (co car) better upgrade

Seat Ibiza for the Missus

BMW 325i - went self employed  and it was cheap and reliable.

Jaguar X type Diesel - just boring so lasted 9 months

Renault Megane scenic for the Missus

Mazda mx5 mk3 - last 3 years reliable and fun

Renault Grand Scenic for the Family

Westy -  so far as reliable as the Mazda and used for work whenever poss.

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Mark (smokey mow)
pretty sure ive done this thread before  :oops: someone do a search and recover it save my memory as I had a very long list  :blush:  :blush:

Here go Jeff  :D


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Norman Verona

I'll be here for weeks!

So here's a starter:

Mini (1964 first car and New!)

Ford popular (to try and keep my licence (1965)

Wolseley ?? (ex police car 6 cyl) (lost lcence!)

Morris 1100

Different car each night - on overnight road test

Humber Sceptre

Ford Lotus Cortina *****

Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior *****

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Datsun 180b SSS

Datsun 240Z (3, one after the other)

Datsun 260Z (2 ....)

Renault 18 Turbo (Bronze)

Renault 18 Turbo (Black)

Renault 9

Renault 30

MGB **

Trimph Stag **

Renault 18 (non turbo and heater didn't work)

Nissan ?? Twin Cam (not turbo version)

Something so boring I can't remember what it was

Lancia Integralle 8v

Lancia Integralle 16v (First in UK) *****

Lancia Integralle 16v

Lancia Dedra

Ford Escort Cosworth

Lotus Elan

Lotus Elise *****

And then HM's had a succession of 4x4's (why do small women like BIG cars?)

Now we're down to a Peugeot 806 (for taking the rubbish to the bins and picking people up from the airport), and an MG Midget.

And, of course a Caterham 7 which is now 20 years old, I've had for 17 years and has 4 non modified, original parts left on it.

I'll update as I think of the missing ones.

***** denotes the five star cars.  :D

** added when memory came back  ???

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