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Duratec SVA and weigh-in

Glen H

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I am proud to announce that my Duratec SEI passed first time on saturday morning (well, after a few minor mods)and is now taxed and registered ready for some fun (Holmfirth tonight with the Manchester and yorkshire boys and girls).

My biggest suprise was the weight, or lack of it, when it came to the weigh in, 510 KG with fluids and full tank of fuel, my previous Zetec( loaded with goodies) weighed 650kg at the same station.

Duratec spec:

Front axle 240 kg (260 with driver)

rear axle 270 kg (330 with driver)

Seiw chassis, 2.0 Duratec, Raceline direct to head throttle boddies, Webcon manegment systen, BGH type 9 box, Raceline alloy bellhousing & sump, steel flywheel, AP clutch, freelander LSD, AP 4 pots on front, Golf alloy rear calipers, alloy uprights, front and rear ARB's, Nitron shocks,  15" O.Z supperlegarras (no spare), Westfield padded race seats, powder coated panels (no carpert), windscreen/wipers/heater, RAC spec roll bar, standard boot box, Oddessy lightweight battery,ducted nose.


A few hints and tips I picked up for fellow SVA applicants are:

* lower the front trye pressure to assist in the 'Self centering' of the steering, after speaking to Procomp , I lowewed mine to 10 PSI and had no problems.

* At the Chadderton testing station the rollers for the speedo calibration need to be driven by the car/wheels, therfore fitting the speed sensor to the front wheel as advised by Westfield and Stack meant they were unable to verify its calibration and it had to be relocated to the rear prop-diff flange, luckily I had origionally fitted it here and the mounting bracket was still in place. Apparently there are some stations / rollers that can rotate the wheels automatically, may be worth a check when booking an apointment.

* On the emmissions check my car read 1.06 on the Lambda, this apparently would have failed the standard maximun reading (1.03 I think), however the test engineer searhed in the the memory / data bank of the test equipment and used the specific limits for the Duratec engine which allowed a maximum of 1.09, result.

* Make sure the bonnet is on when they conduct the noise test, this lowered my reading from the origional 108 decibels to 104, a further drop to below 101 was achieved by rotating the tail pipe upwards slightly to stop any noise bouncing /echoeing from the floor.

Hope this is of help / interest to others  preparing for SVA

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I seem to remember that there was some scoffing at the figure of about 500kg for a Duratec car on another thread. Hope there are some people about to eat their words. :D
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My biggest suprise was the weight, or lack of it, when it came to the weigh in, 510 KG with fluids and full tank of fuel...

bl**** hell! I think a few of us will be eating humble pie when Conibear sees this. His claims of a 500Kg car seem a little more believable now, especially as he has 13's, and no screen/heater/wipers.....

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You can all admire them next year when i'm in front for the M6 photo shoot :D

[/quoteGet back to work Seabrook]

I can't believe how quick you are all replying, does anyone with a westy do any work  :D  :D

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Cross posting.

Get back to work Seabrook......

F*** me I beat you to one  :D  just hope I am as quick on the 30th  :D

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Looks the DOG's :D:D:D  

& 510Kg :0:0:0:0

Do you recon that the Freelander diff saved much of that, I've heard there quite light. ???


P.S. What Ratio's the Diff. ???

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About bl**** time too, I've been busting a gut trying not to tell everyone, but i felt that should be your privelage, well done mate see you tonight  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:


Glen called round at my house on his way home from SVA on saturday morning to tell me all about it and Ive wanted to tell you all since, ;)

It looks FANTASTIC  :D  :D  :D

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