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Newbie questions - sorry


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been looking for a Westfield for a while (just started looking a again)


Am looking at a 2nd hand (1992) factory built 1.6-litre Ford CVH  sewi , it’s all a bit complicate with lock down so am contemplating the ridiculous idea of buying one and having it delivered (will then resale if I dont like it and hope I don’t lose too much) - silly idea but have my heart set on a Westfield (have owned other more sensible sport cars) so going to buy one sooner or later. The one I’m looking at has just had an MOT so assuming it must be mechanically sound.


I know it’s a bit like a piece of string but what would the performance of a 1.6 be like , clearly not up there with a bike engined insane machine but given the weight would it be enough to get the heart going , I’m looking for something around the 0-6 5 second mark 


out of interest what’s the annual car tax on a Westfield , have lost track of car tax costs as have a lease vehicle with Tax includes 







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...............  apart from at this point 😂  

Thanks everybody   taking your advice , think at 5k to 6k  it would have been worth a punt, but think by the time you have added £600 buyer fee on it would be closer to 7k when the auction e

...........which was hindering our progress!  lol

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Somerset Jim

Hi Toby,

    There are lots of knowledgeable people on here so lots of good advice inbound.


    I bought mine in Dec and my advice would be:


 - post up a link to car advert then you'll get more info / comment.

 - decide which engine you want before you buy (you don't want to buy a CVH then wish you had got a X flow (for simplicity) or a zetec / duratech /bike engine for more performance).  

  - my tax was £270 for a 2002 1.8 Zetec

  - there is a thread on here about average power outputs for the various engine options. 





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Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

Hi Toby, firstly welcome and your in the right place here.

post a link to the advert or some pictures, what area the car / you are in , someone might recognise it.

nowt wrong with a 1600 my white one has a 1600 mx5 engine and has taken us fro Scotland to Switzerland and back just fine , quick enough on the single track/ back roads, not a rocket ship but certainly gets the adrenalin going

good luck with your search 

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Rory's Dad

Firstly a warm welcome!


Secondly, there is no need to apologise for asking a question. There is no such thing as a stupid question but there is a stupid answer. 


Thirdly, you've got two sensible answers above - good luck!! 

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Chris King - Webmaster
17 hours ago, ybotcoombes said:

The one I’m looking at has just had an MOT so assuming it must be mechanically sound.

Not necessarily! An mot is not a guarantee of being mechanically sound - but better with an mot than without of course. 

I know it’s difficult, but you really will be better off waiting until you can actually look at the car preferably with someone who knows what to look for. 

There will be some cars that look ok in photos and turn out to be built poorly and have all the “wrong” bits. And there will be others that may not “look” great but turn out to be just the sort of car you would hope for. 

There’s nothing wrong with a CVH engined car and it will suit many of us perfectly, but it’s not the most powerful engine, so really depends on what you want to get out of the car? (Touring, track days etc)

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22 minutes ago, Chris King - Webmaster said:

There’s nothing wrong with a CVH engine car and it will suit many of us pertinently, but it’s not the most powerful engine, so really depends on what you want to get out of the car? (Touring, track days etc)

Hi Toby and welcome 

My first car was a 1992 seiw cvh factory built, it had twin 40 webers, type 9 box , sierra dif, the one your looking at will probably have kit bodywork nothing wrong with it but it's not made anymore if it got damaged,  mine had the old ford edis unit but because of the twin forties there was no vacuum advance on the ignition timing  so I changed to omex ignition made an improvement in power .


Not sure on your budget but this car is possibly at the lower end ,it would be a good car spec to give you a taste of ownership, then if it's somthing you like you could sell on and probably for the same money, then get somthing higher spec, to be honest it wasn't quick enough I got used to it quit quickly,  it was definitely fun enough. 

I ended up changing the engine to a zetec track sport type 9 box upgrade brakes and wheels etc and ended up with a really nice spec car, for me the upgrading and mechanicing is part of the enjoyment. 



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12 minutes ago, ybotcoombes said:

Thanks for advice everybody


this is the car I’m looking at (at auction so depends on price)




would be interested in views on the car / what you think is a reasonable price and also if anybody has come across this site before




Newbie here myself, brought my westfield November 2020. I know very little about these cars but did look at a few prior to buying mine. That looks ok to me, I’d reckon between 6-7k would be about right. The vinyl wrap will be an issue, what’s underneath is anybody’s guess. It’s done some miles the last few years, which I’d take as a plus. Tricky decision isn’t it. Good luck 😊. Should add, I don’t know that auction site, and I’m going to try and forget it quickly. Some nice items on there. Ian.

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Mighty Mart

Agree - looks a pretty good example to me.

Don't get too hung up on power - unless you really need it!

Sitting 6" off the deck magnifies the experience and makes the speed feel a lot quicker than it is.

The CVH could be more than enough power and enjoyment for you, but only you will be able to tell!

I've got an old '89 SE (narrow) with a tuned x flow, but substantially less power than the majority of 7 type cars out here, but have never been embarrassed by more powerful cars - however, imho this is a 6-6.5k car max - plus side is you could get this amount back on resale if you decided to upgrade, which is cheaper (if maybe less rewarding) than engine swapping....



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7 minutes ago, Mighty Mart said:

imho this is a 6-6.5k car max - plus side is you could get this amount back on resale

I'd have to agree with this ,there's £600 in fees so max bid wants to be 5 and half to 6k. Back in 2008 I paid 6k for the same sort of car looks identical apart from the wrap same wheels just been painted black.


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Somerset Jim

Have to agree that I wouldn't be buying one I couldn't see in the flesh or drive in advance. 


The extent of any damage to the wrap is difficult to see in photos, could be oil leaks everywhere and if the carbs aren't set up properly it could run like a pig (but still pass the MOT).


If you want to drive one in advance, there is a 1700 xflow in a garage in Yeovil (advertised on Ebay) they are open by appointment and he let me have a booked test drive when I was looking in Nov. It's hugely overpriced at almost £10K but will give you an idea of how they drive and what to look for.


Standard car buying advice is never buy the first one you see - or in your case the first one you haven't even seen! 


Unless you're getting one £2K or so less than normal value I'd wait til you can drive / view properly.  You won't want to drive it much this weather anyway - far too much cleaning involved. 



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Not sure where you are based but I'm in Somerset - so subject to restrictions permitting - could have have a look for you if you are not local etc.



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Hi Toby and welcome to the forum.


I'm a member of many car forums and WSCC is by far the most tolerant of questions from newbies. It really is an extremely welcoming place and as mentioned above, there is no such thing as a silly question (unless it's something like "is the US still a gleaming example of democracy?"....)


What you will find when you ask a question is one of two things:-

  1. A near-universal opinion wich will normally give you the answer you're looking for - this doesn't happen very often!
  2. A huge range of opinions and preferences. There's (almost) no such thing as a standard Westfield and most owners have their car how they want it, so it's an extension of their own personalities and preferences. Whether that's body style, colour, engine, wheels etc is all down individual taste.

With that said - here's my opinion on the car you're looking at:-

  • I'd be suspicious of the reasons for the wrap - is the bodywork as good as the advert claims it is?
  • It needs new tryres, as the current ones are seven years old (although reviews of the Kleber Dunaxer are surprisingly good).
  • The wheel size is in no-man's land. Some owners like 13", some (like me) prefer 15". 14" will restrict your tyre choice.
  • The power may be sufficient for you, it may not. Clearly a CVH on carbs is never going to be hugely rapid, but Westfields aren't necessarily all about power. That said, if you like a lot of grunt, you may be disappointed after the initial rapid launch that all Westies give.
  • I wouldn't buy any Westie without a very close inspection. The true value of most Westfields is in the quality of parts and attention to detail in the build. I bought mine without understanding this, but I was lucky to find later that "money had been spent in all the right places".
  • I think it's already at the upper limit of its price band, especially with the unknown factors of build quality and bodywork condition - you have to factor in the buyer's premium (6%) and the cost of new tyres - it wouldn't surprise me to find that it turns into a £7k+ car by the end of the auction

I'd wait until you can see the car you're looking to buy - with a bit of pleading and the offer of beer or cake, you might even be able to get a current owner to accompany you on a viewing.


Regardless - good luck!

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I suppose it’s as true as ever, that the cars worth what someone is prepaid to pay. I see it’s up to £5,800 now. I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of buying on a whim before, present car included. Sometimes you have to go with your heart. Guess that also depends on what you can afford(to lose)? I reckon it’ll go for £7150. Anyone else care to guess? 

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Chris King - Webmaster
1 hour ago, NigelO said:

I wouldn't buy any Westie without a very close inspection. The true value of most Westfields is in the quality of parts and attention to detail in the build

Absolutely spot on. 

I certainly wouldn’t be paying over £5k (let alone £7k) for that particular car without a thorough inspection, even taking into account the very comprehensive photos and paperwork that accompany it. 

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