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  1. Hi - could you also PM me please - I have the same marks on my carbon silencer as the OP, just not as severe. However, I imagine its only going to get worse unless I do something about it
  2. that discolouration is worse than mine, by some margin That said, I'm only running a modestly-tweaked Zetec silvertop, so I imagine the heat is a bit less intense I plan to take the silencer off and open it up before I do any serious mileage - I'm expecting to find a gap in the silencer material at the front of the can
  3. Mine has done the same - probably less than 1,000 miles on it. when did you buy yours? Maybe there’s a faulty batch im wondering if there’s a lack of wadding at that end of the can
  4. No chance of dropping in, sorry - I’m just north of Birmingham just think of it as £350 less £51.... if the weave isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t want it on show and in any event, I think I would want to retain body colour for the nosecone
  5. I'm interested, but I'll be honest - the defects mean that I'd have to paint it (can I also see another weave defect towards the rear edge - driver's side top corner? - shows up in the 5th photo) If the price began with a "2", I'd have it, simply to get rid of my slightly tired fibreglass cone I assume this is for standard ZK bodywork?
  6. If they're that bad, I'll give you £50 for them..... Alternatively, you could try a very gentle mopping to get rid of the dullness
  7. NigelO

    Help! - Electrics

    superb - thanks!
  8. my 14 year old British Short-Haired Tabby loves having his bed squeezed into the drivers seat Just as well we've got a cat, as the dog would never fit....
  9. NigelO

    Help! - Electrics

    Woohoo! I decided to take a couple of weekends off from the Westie which has helped my frustration no end. However, the weekends are getting warmer, so today, I decided it was time to get the wiring sorted to the last three Savage switches - after taking two full Sundays to get the hazard switch sorted out, the side, dip and fog went back together in a couple of hours. There's no way I'm repeating the episode though, so all the wiring has been properly labelled The next task is to connect the bundle of spaghetti, otherwise known as the Freewheel 8-channel receiver - I think I'll ask for a little help from @Kit Car Electronics as I want to keep all the dash switches AND I'd like them to illuminate when I use the steering wheel switches Getting there....
  10. silvertop (alloy) or blacktop (plastic)?
  11. I have one of these on my Zetec Westie - installed by the previous owner. Although I've yet to test any of the claims of faster lap-times, it is extremely useful as a gauge to engine revs without actually taking your eyes off the road - the LEDs are bright enough to always be in your peripheral vision and the colours are very obvious as the revs increase. It really doesn't take very long before getting the hang of waiting for a red light, then a flashing red light, then change gear. Great bit of kit
  12. Does the control switch control the relay, or the main power feed? I'm guessing the former In which case, find any switched live and power the control switch / relay and then take a direct feed from the battery, via the relay to the seats
  13. Interesting.... The aux belt I took off was so tight that I couldn't get it off the pulleys, even with the alternator adjusted fully back. I had to remove the alternator adjuster bolt to get another few mm of movement, which then allowed me to prise the belt off Fitted the new belt yesterday and despite it having the same reference number, I could only just get it tight enough with the alternator adjustment fully extended In much better news, having fitted the aux belt and re-filled the coolant, I decided to fire it up. After a minor head-scratching moment when it didn't start, I twigged the fuel pump wasn't priming, then I found a single stray earth cable that turns out to be to the fuel pump.... Still - all that cranking got the oil round the block before it fired. It eventually fired up (for the first time since about October) and spluttered a bit, but after a few seconds, it idled smoothly and cleanly. I'm taking this to mean that I got the TDC setting right when I fitted the cambelt, so I'm a happy bunny right now. Still needs a remap to sort out the throttle response though - it hesitates and spits back on quick throttle blips - all part of the fun
  14. NigelO

    Carbon NV

    He's definitely busy - I have a scuttle cover, pedal box cover and tunnel cover on order - it'll be another two or three weeks, I reckon
  15. I wouldn’t have thought so - the exhaust valves should be starting to open soon after bdc, so there should be no compression on the exhaust stroke
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