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  1. wizzer

    Cycle Wings

    I filled the holes in my old car they were red with gell coat ,as Dave says the car had faded a bit and you could see the round shade difference , the old bolt and washer had stretched the bodywork out to make it a little hump, putting the gell on was a nightmare and once on had to be flattened back with wet and dry working up to 2000 grit then cutting compound then finishing compound with a mop and machine, then super resin polish, once I started thought I'd made a massive mistake but eventually I got it back to looking ok but you could still see the old holes and it took me days to do. This time I put a nice stainless bolt back in ten minute job and as Dave says one of the bolts is an A*** to get to it's in the footwell, you could paint the bolt before you fitted them as well. Tony
  2. wizzer

    Cycle Wings

    I just put a round head allen bolt back in the hole ,its hard to fill and paint or use gel coat and make the hole disappear . Tony
  3. wizzer

    Cycle Wings

    Hi Ricky The bracket fits onto the caliper bolt and the drop link Tony
  4. wizzer

    Race technology dash 2

    Looking for a race technology dash 2 . ideally as new unused or trial fitted anyone having a change of plans etc. Thanks Tony
  5. wizzer

    filling /covering rivet holes

    You could Just put a rivet back in
  6. wizzer

    Greek red wine, local and drinkable. Such a thing?

    Haha you took the words out of my mouth, just got back from Rhodes 25 to 30 deg every day ,enjoy you holls Tony
  7. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    One problem solved now got another, the end that goes through the bracket and connects to the brake pipe is different thread looks like a different pitch
  8. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    I'll see you right when I get my glasses Thanks for the help Tony
  9. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Quick response from Richard @ wsc thanks Tony
  10. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Thats what i thought and maybe the copper washer is for hi spec calipers Tony
  11. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Can't work the other way the end isn't long enough to go through chassis bracket and then allow the hard brake pipe to screw on.
  12. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Yeah think they've give me the wrong ones told me they were for m16 or hispec calipers Tony
  13. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Yes looks almost same goes through chassis bracket
  14. wizzer

    Brake hose advice

    Help please with the brake hoses suplyed by westfield for m16 calipers. It goes in the tread ok on the caliper but it bottoms out before the copper washer is tight, the end is slightly different. Thanks Tony
  15. wizzer

    Terry its your month

    Eyup @Terryathome its your month great pic

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