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  1. wizzer

    Tonneau poppers

    I've just used these for my hood Black Press Studs Pack Of 10 - Car Builder Solutions - Kit Car Parts and Accessories https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/black-press-studs-pack-of-10 With this tool Press Stud Setting Kit - Car Builder Solutions - Kit Car Parts and Accessories https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/press-stud-setting-kit Tony
  2. wizzer

    Engine not turning off

    Just put a diode on the small wire conning from the alternator to the warning light to stop feedback, you can put it anywhere on that wire just before the light if you want. If the diode is the wrong way round the engine won't stop .its the easiest option. Tony
  3. wizzer

    Engine not turning off

    If you disconnect the alternator warning light wire from the alternator will the engine turn off with the key . My ecu has a permanent 12v supply as well . Tony
  4. wizzer

    Engine not turning off

    Not sure if this is it but i had to put a diode on the alternator it was keeping the ecu live with feed back. Tony
  5. wizzer

    Midget Gauges

    This was my fuel sender it had two connections ground and 12v Think it was from a triumph ,the gauge on my dash was above the full Mark when I filled the tank so I fitted a 10v regulator and it made it read correct also my water temp was always high and the regulator made that read correct to ,the water temp was a single wire to the sender , sounds like your fuel sender has ground, 12v and signal wire, is that how a more modern gauge would work, Tony
  6. wizzer

    C20xe cam cover restoration

    Ok the bloke doing my cam cover has just text me, he's blasted the outside but he says it looks like the original powder coat is flaking on the inside and do I want him to blast it, so I said yes, the question is do I now get it powder coated inside as well or just leave it bare ally. Thanks Tony
  7. wizzer

    Midget Gauges

    Not sure if this applies to you but my old smiths gauges had to have 10v supply to make them work properly . Tony
  8. wizzer


    Haha know how you feel ,
  9. wizzer

    C20xe cam cover restoration

    Thanks Dave Didn't do the caustic dip, they said it wasn't good for ally. I've taken it to a place where they do powder coating and blasting the firm's called Trevon in colne Lancs, he said they would chemically clean it then blast the outside, mask it off and powder coat the outside not touching the inside. Should be ready next week £60 probably a bit on the high side but I'm not bothered if it's done right, Tony
  10. wizzer

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    Red line it
  11. wizzer

    Type 9 speedo blank

    @syman84 Jeff's right you don't need one , if I'd have known I would have bought one I'd have just cut the cable to leave a small stump. Tony
  12. wizzer

    Type 9 speedo blank

    Think I got the last one, it says to order on burtons
  13. wizzer

    Type 9 speedo blank

    Thanks Jeff It's sticking out about 5mm , i was just worried about the worm gear moving around . Found this on the net Speedo drive | Project Cyana https://projectcyana.wordpress.com/tag/speedo-drive/ I'll just chamfer the edge off Thanks Tony
  14. wizzer

    Type 9 speedo blank

    Any gearbox experts help please. Thanks Tony
  15. wizzer

    C20xe cam cover restoration

    Thanks everyone My lads going to take it to work tomorrow, they've got a caustic tank see if it cleans the inside, I'd rather it didn't get blasted inside, I've removed the baffle . Tony

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