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  1. wizzer

    Wiper help

    Think they should be pointing towards driver's side Or maybe not looking at the picture again Tony
  2. That's excellent news ,just happy I could help, not sure if many peps know about that little spring and what it's doing Tony
  3. Hi can't help with what's gone wrong with it ,but this bloke might be able to have a look at it ,he's local to me and sorted my mbe 956 http://www.oddified.com/mbe912.php he's called Ian, he'll only answers the phone in the morning's Tony
  4. @Chris Brading Did you get this sorted.
  5. Hi Andy I got my box built by Paul @ first motion transmission he's a top bloke very helpful and knowledgeable you won't go wrong with him Tony
  6. Don't know if this is of any help but on my race technology dash it didn't record mileage for the first 15 or 20 miles, i thought it wasn't working but it must be so you can set it up with zero miles on it . Tony
  7. wizzer

    Suspension swap

    Plus vat another bag of sand
  8. Hi Tom I use one of these https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht222-ball-joint-remover/ As for tightening just give it a good tighten 38nm isn't to hard it should be a lock nut anyway . Tony
  9. Nice clean car and a good price GLWS Tony
  10. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cht713-fuel-injection-testing-kit-tes/ You should have about 50psi Tony
  11. I'll start it of between 5 and 6k imo
  12. Hi Chris I'm sorry can't help with the part in the photo but it can't harm getting a new one if you can , when you select a gear that ball end goes into something to hold it in gear ,on my box on overrun it would jump out of gear because the gears are trying to push apart and the pressure on that little ball wasn't enough to hold it in gear , i would try and get a stronger spring and see what happens Steve's the person to ring. Tony
  13. Steve perks https://www.tracsport.com/ Tony
  14. Not sure about your set-up but on mine there's a valve on the fuel rail like a tyre valve that you screw a pressure gauge onto , have you got an adjustable fuel regulator it should be after the fuel rail on the return fuel pipe going back to the tank , Tony
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