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  1. wizzer

    spark plug colour

    just looking for advice on the colour of my plugs thanks tony
  2. wizzer

    M16 brake caliper pad locator springs

    No photo but from memory there's a tiny hole on the inside edge of the caliper on both sides where the pads slide in .once the spring is in place pushing against the pads. slide the pins back in over the top to hold them in place. I might be wrong Tony
  3. wizzer

    Fuel Pump Bosch 044

    I've just got one of these for a c20xe Demon tweeks Walbro/Sytec GSL392 and a sytec bullet filter . the Bosch one might be a bit better but it's more money and I think it's a bit bigger Sytec Motorsport High Flow Fuel Filter | Demon Tweeks https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sytec-motorsport-high-flow-fuel-filter-243236/ Sytec Motorsport Fuel Injection Pump | Demon Tweeks https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sytec-motorsport-fuel-injection-pump-243297/ I got pump 3 Tony
  4. wizzer

    Side screens 1989 SEI narrow body Wanted?

    Some on ebay nothing to do with me item number 113192291540 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113192291540 Tony
  5. wizzer

    Help ! Miss fire back any ideas ?

    Could it be a loose ht lead . I had a misfire between 3 and 4k and it was a loose lead on the spark plug end Tony
  6. wizzer

    Type 9 oil amount

    Thats your breather tiny hole on top of the bump
  7. wizzer

    Type 9 oil amount

    This might help http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-type-9-gearbox-guide.html
  8. wizzer

    long time off the road

    Glad you've not lost your mojo i dont think there's any other car that makes people smile, take photos, and talk to you about
  9. wizzer

    Xe MBE Map

    As anybody got a sbd 208 standard mbe map that they could share with me ideally from a 956aa260 Thanks Tony
  10. wizzer

    Type 9 oil amount

    I put about 1.8 litre in mine filled up to plug hole never had a leak .did you put a paper gasket between bell housing and box. I put some silicon sealer on the gasket as well . P.s your right its a awesome box almost hit sixty in first . Tony
  11. wizzer

    How to edit add when item is sold

    Its at the bottom of you post it says quote. edit. and options. Just click on the edit.
  12. wizzer

    Help please - few little niggles

    Ticking noise could be fuel pump , i had a solid state fuel pump for carbs that made a ticking sound you could only hear it at low speed
  13. wizzer

    Easimap error

    Sorted it got a email from ian oddie told me my pc was probably to good and to use easymap 5 with config file 967ba46 worked perfectly on my 956 ecu. He did say last time i saw him somthing wouldn't work on easymap 5 but i wouldn't need it. Tony
  14. wizzer

    Easimap error

    Thanks Craig
  15. wizzer

    Easimap error

    Every thing looks as though it has download successful as it finishes it pops up with the fault . When you look at the parameters on the ecu everything looks like it should and on the startup page everything looks to be working. Is there a way to find the bit that is missing. Could it be that my pc is a bit naff and cant add up

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