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  1. Last year when i joined i received a welcome pack that contained Westfield world some stickers and a key fob that i registered and lasted for one year if you lost your keys .now I've renewed my membership should i receive another welcome pack if not i want to renew my lost key fob Thanks Tony
  2. wizzer

    Whats yours called and why!

    My first one was called jenny after my mum it had her initials on the number plate hadn't realised until i got it it home. Second one was call jenson because he was more hard-core same reg. This one is called Dev spotted his name on the inlet manifold
  3. wizzer

    Legal Advice for dispute with invoice of work done on Westfield

    Hi Tim I can speak from experience, l was overcharged ,work done i never asked to be done and the work they did was very poor. I paid what they asked for and then slagged the **** out of them . That didn't go down to well as this company had its lovers that would defend anything they had done , some people are totally blinkered. If we're talking tens of pounds and not hundreds I'd pay them and move on. Tony
  4. wizzer

    Steering and wishbone setup help

    Yeah i had 7 inch and have changed to 5 3/4 inch .
  5. wizzer

    Steering and wishbone setup help

    Thanks wingnut Ive fitted lock stops and now it stops just before it touches the headlights but my turning circle is bad two turns lock to lock. I cant see that fitting a Westfield rack with lock stops or any other rack would change my turning circle the wheel has to stop before it touches the lights the only thing i can think is to go wide track but not sure how much difference that would make. I was thinking maybe my light are in a different position or something.
  6. Looking for advice on steering and wishbone setup please. My car originally had swept wings that i replaced with cycle wings .i bought cycle wing brackets from westfield for cortina uprights and they fitted straight on no bending or tweaking. I cut the old headlight/wing bracket and kept them for the headlights as they looked the same as the ones you could buy from westfield. My steering rack looks like an original ford escort mk2. The problem im having is my cycle wings hit my headlights and the bodywork so i fitted lock stops that gave me two full turns lock to lock the cycle wing is about 15mm away from the light on full lock ive just been for a spin and its not enough steering lock . From outside to outside of my front wheels measures about 1550mm and the rears measure about 1580mm should the front be wider than the back would wide track wishbones help siltec do some 30mm and 60mm wider wishbones .not sure there's any real performance to be had from wide track in my hands just need more turning circle few pics if anyone can see anything wrong. Thanks Tony
  7. wizzer

    MBE 956E ECU

    Sorry for the wrong info i thought there was a 956 and a 956e . E for ignition and injection
  8. wizzer

    MBE 956E ECU

    Fairly sure the e is for injection. Your probably better of with the one of mike he knows its history and its be checked by ian oddie http://www.oddified.com/mbe912.php Tony
  9. wizzer

    MBE 956E ECU

    One on ebay nothing to do with me item number 173349157813 it was on last night starting at £95 didn't sell so he re listed it try a cheeky bid Tony
  10. wizzer

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Just having a Mcflurry top of pendle hill
  11. wizzer

    A bit of woodwork

    The glue is the same stuff, its just easier in a tube that you can put in a skeleton gun. Belt sander should be fine just get some 80 grit belts. Tony
  12. wizzer

    A bit of woodwork

    First challenge Biscuit joint with pu adhesive glue Second challenge You could screw and plug or dowel or even biscuit joint the outsides and pin. and do a stopped trench on inner joints glued and pinned Third challenge Don't sand to much .blow torch wood dye black ink etc then wax its almost impossible to make a new board look old . Tony
  13. wizzer

    Halo Drls

    Cheers Dave is the drl controller something that fits inside the headlight shell .do you have a live feed to the controller that dims the halo when you switch side lights on .
  14. wizzer

    English axle gaskets

    Yes thats loud mines not like that Tony
  15. wizzer

    Halo Drls

    You got it they'll be able see me and ear me at the same time from quite some distance

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