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SOLD SEiW 2002 "The Boghouse Blue" 265bhp/193lbft 2lt n/a road legal


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After much sole searching over the last few months I have reluctantly decided to put up for sale my Westfield.  Simply the only motivation behind the sale is that I don't use it anywhere near enough and with my daughter being 17 months old I want to spend all my spare time with her and my wife which means the car will end up going to waste and I can't have cash tied up in something I don't use enough.

I've had this car since November 2017, it's truly a well built car with an engine and gearbox that are superbly matched to give a superb drive and exhilarating performance on road but especially on track days. Since completing its rebuild in June last year I used it once on a run out with a fellow member for 75 miles and drove it to the club track day at Blyton mid July where I did three short sessions on track. This car is a very fast track tool and is fairly well known by members of the Westfield Club.  In the right hands it would be blisteringly quick!

When I bought the car I wanted to use it on track and I wanted the confidence that it wasn't going to break down on me.  I therefore set about rebuilding as much of it as I could afford.  The front end was completely stripped and the chassis prepared and repainted.  The top elements of the rear end received the same treatment although I have not yet gotten round to doing the lower elements of the rear side.  During this time I renewed the wiring for the instruments, replaced the instruments, the engine was rebuilt by its original builder Ash Mason (ARM on this forum) who needs no introduction.  Whilst rebuilding the engine we converted to dry sump, upgraded the pulley system, had the injectors cleaned and inspected, new ITB's, new ECU, new alternator, new oil cooler and thermostat, new gauge sensors, new coolant pipework.  No expense was spared.  The braking system had a new upgraded master cylinder, new HiSpec bigger brake conversion kit on the front and some of the pipes were replaced.  The hubs were replaced with refurbished ones.  The front top and bottom ball joints are new as are the bushes at the front.  The geometry has been set late in 2018.  The tyres were replaced and the carbon side wings and cycle arches are new.  Theres a new lightweight battery, new kill switch and the engine ECU wiring harness has been tidied up at the same time by Luke at Playskool.

After the engine rebuild the car was remapped to ensure all was okay.  It had previously had a tweak to make it a better road mannered car and was running 224bhp.  The remap saw it making 242bhp and 180lbft although Ric Wood stated that it would benefit from a new ECU as the old one was limiting ability to properly control things.  The ECU was sent to DTA for testing who confirmed it wasn't working as expected and a new unit would be beneficial although not essential.  I opted for a new S40 unit from DTA and at the same time I decided to go for brand new Jenvey ITBs as I was having trouble with the spindles on the existing ones.  Following the new ITBs and ECU I had to have the car remapped.  This was undertaken by Ric Wood again on the Friday before Xmas just gone.  The car now delivers 265bhp and 193lbft. I have all the original dyno charts from its first build (242bhp) its tweaked map (224bhp) the remap after the rebuild (242bhp) and the final map with the new ECU and ITBs (265bhp).  The main reason for the big hike in power is likely that the mapping after the rebuild was done this summer in 34 degree heat whereas the last was done in the winter when it was about 6 degrees.

I have a large folder of receipts and paperwork for the car as well as all but one of it's MOT certs. It’s mot runs out June 2019.  The receipts and info go back to the original build of the car and include all receipts for several thousand pounds I have spent one rebuilding things over the last year.

I am the fourth owner. The car was SVA'd in 2002.

Mileage since being built is c. 42K miles although since the rebuild it’s done less than 300 miles.

The gearbox was out in 2016 checked over by a specialist and at the same time a Playskool roll cage was added.

Below is listed the parts that make this car what it is....


2002 Westfield SEiW 2ltr red top. Fully stripped and refreshed Feb-May 2018 by Ash Mason (ARM on this forum and Vauxhall XE guru).

265bhp @ 7,676rpm Vauxhall XE engine. I have set rev limit to 7,200rpm as it’s plenty fast enough and will give ultimate reliability at those revs - to change this is simple with a laptop and I can supply one with the car if necessary. The engine is built to take 8,200rpm so a cam swap and remap could release more but would be less reliable obviously if revving higher.

193 lb/ft torque @ 6,262rpm

Standard Crank

Uprated ACL bearings

Steel conrods with ARP L19 bolts

Omega High Intruder pistons

Standard Valves

Titanuim valve caps

Piper double valve springs

Heavy duty spring seats

QED 450 Camshafts

Vernier Pulleys (new 2018)

Arrow solid lifters

Dry sump system (new 2018)

DTA S40 ECU (new 2018)

DTA wiring and connectors to connect ECU to laptop (new 2018)

Jenvey TB’s (new 2018)

Ramair filter (new 2018)

Bosch 803 injectors (fully cleaned, checked and tested by Blink Motorsport 2018 with print out of results)

SBD heavy duty idler kit and cam belt (new 2018)

SBD fixed cam belt tensioner (new 2018)

ARP heavy duty flywheel bolts (new 2018)

All bolts and gaskets renewed 2018

All bearings etc new 2018

Engine stripped and rebuilt replacing anything necessary 2018

External crank trigger wheel to eliminate weakness with internal ones which can break up at revs (new 2018)

New crank sensor 2018

New throttle potentiometer and wiring loom 2018

New Denso lightweight alternator 2018

New coolant hoses 2018

New oil and water sensors 2018

New water pump from SBD 2018

All new external bolts for rocker and all ancillaries 2018

Large Setrag oil cooler and thermostat (new 2018)

Nylon solid engine mounts (new 2018)


Simpson Race Exhaust

Re-packable (redone feb 2018 with acoustafil)

Bonnet exit


BGH Geartech heavy duty type 9 with long 1st, (rebuilt 2016 receipts available)

Helix heavy duty organic clutch plate / cover (replaced 2016)


Sierra viscous LSD. 3.92


Radtec Alloy rad        ..................  July 2014

Blue silicone hoses new 2018

Kenlowe High Boost fan


Kingfisher blue bodywork (quite a rare colour)

V8 Bonnet

Carbon nv carbon fibre cycle wings (new 2018)

Carbon nv carbon flared side panels (new 2018)

Detachable rear wings

Westfield Aeroscreen

Removable half doors

LED rear lights

Full front end strip and rebuild 2018 including clean and re-coating of chassis


Front. Hi Spec 4 pots with larger discs. Mintex 1144 pads (all new 2018)

Rear. Sierra standard calipers. Mintex 1144 pads    ...................July 2017

Westfield large bore master cylinder (new 2018)


Pre peg Carbon dash

Stack Pro instruments with oil pressure, oil temperature and fuel (new 2018). Stack ST700 dash display and performance monitoring system (new 2018).  This gives water temperature, battery volts, revs, speed, acceleration/deceleration meters, lap timing and oil pressure warning along with programmable shift lights.  It's a neat bit of kit.

GRP shell seats with removable pads

Alpha leather steering wheel

SPA quick release boss

Carbon cill protectors (mickmade) and carbon scuff protectors to go over the chassis by your feet (both available but not yet fitted)


Caterham Anthracite alloys 6x13

Nankang AR1 trackday tyres (new July 2018).  185/60/13

4 spare Toyo R888 but not much use left in them.


Refurbished the front hubs and wheel bearings 2018

Standard track wishbones

Protech Alloy Shockers

Front springs 300lb

Rear springs  200lb

All front bushes new 2018

All front upper and lower ball joints new 2018


Quick rack 1.9 turns lock to lock


Longacre rear view mirror (new 2018)

New Westfield filler cap 2018

New Varley redtop racing battery 2018

Somewhere in the paperwork the car was once weighed at 582kg so will be there or thereabouts that figure giving around 455bhp/ton.

Think I’ve captured most things but likely to have missed something. Ask away if you have any queries.

The asking price is £14,500.  Pics below and more to follow once I get some better ones over the weekend.  Theres a short video of the car being driven by me at Blyton last year.

Call or text me on 07875 715293.










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9 hours ago, John Williams - Blyton Organiser said:

Yes seen it John.  I was talking to the owner at Blyton and jumped in for a nostalgic passenger ride but the throttle linkage broke before we two laps in.   

There's been an awful lot of work done since my ownership and I can't imagine there's a great deal more to do really, someones going to get a good motor.:yes:

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Had the first visit today following the advertisement. The buyer has left a deposit and is taking the car subject to a test drive which we couldn’t do today due to weather and we can’t do until 23/2/19. So for now the car’s provisionally sold.

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17 hours ago, jimbobtcc206 said:

subject to a test drive

Well that’s it definitely sold then! Nobody would be dissaponted with the way  Boghouse Blue drives!

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57 minutes ago, Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO said:

Well that’s it definitely sold then! Nobody would be dissaponted with the way  Boghouse Blue drives!

Yes I’d be shocked too Chris. Yesterday I was quite upset really. I don’t want to sell it but it’s for the best for my family.

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Sorry to see it go, but not surprised it sold so quickly. 

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41 minutes ago, Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said:

Sorry to see it go, but not surprised it sold so quickly. 

The buyer is part of the Wscc I believe as he knows quite a few folk on this forum. I’m not sure of his username and I wouldn’t want to name him as that’s his business but I suspect it will still be part of the club in the future.

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One of those cars which would never be an issue to sell in my eyes. Its a well built/ loved and well maintained car. Sad to see you selling Jimbob, but the family always take priority. I sold my last one because I had a young family and seemed pointless it sitting there and was too loud for mini TJ's ears , so it went within a few days in December , weirdly. And then I came back now he's older and not sure I am wiser though :d 

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‘Tis me’ - could not keep away from the Westfield bug. It’s the 3rd one I have owned & looking forward to having great fun with it. I would like to thank James for accommodating my 1001 questions & patience completing the purchase. He has done a marvellous job with the upgrades.



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17 minutes ago, Rossins said:


‘Tis me’ - could not keep away from the Westfield bug. It’s the 3rd one I have owned & looking forward to having great fun with it. I would like to thank James for accommodating my 1001 questions & patience completing the purchase. He has done a marvellous job with the upgrades.



Thanks Simon. It’s always an easier experience with like minded people. As sad as I am I did say to Emma that it seems to be moving on to a good new home. Speak to you soon.

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On 20/01/2019 at 17:52, Rossins said:


‘Tis me’ - could not keep away from the Westfield bug. It’s the 3rd one I have owned & looking forward to having great fun with it. I would like to thank James for accommodating my 1001 questions & patience completing the purchase. He has done a marvellous job with the upgrades.



Ooooh good news it’s heading back up here!

We hope to see you out in it Simon. 

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