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  1. Hi Chris and Liz, The prop catchers yours if you still want it, pm me if you would please. Wayne
  2. Got just the thing for you...........a Westfield assembly manual!
  3. You have second dibs Griffith, should have an answer of Wowblaauw by end of play tonight. thanks
  4. Hi Chris/Liz. to be fair I’m just waiting a decision from Adam who made the first enquiry. If he’s not having it then “yep” it’s yours. hope that’s ok.
  5. 10 inch fan. £10 Type 9 Clutch release arm, very slight wear. £10 Type 9 gear lever extension. This was given to me by another member on here, so in good faith I'll offer this for free (+ postage). I never fitted it, but am aware of very slight wear but might not be noticeable once fitted. 2 off. 4ltr petrol cans suitable for FW boot. £5 each Carbon Fibre Cannards. Some slight marks. Never fitted. £20 Carbon Fibre pedalbox cover. Please check the size/fit. (I bought it for my FW but found it interferes with the steering column) £40. tems could be picked up from Stoneleigh (on the Sunday) or posted at cost. Wayne.
  6. I'm not sure of the fit to be honest Henry, it's come of my FW. I could get some measurements for you but it'll be tomorrow as the roll bar isn't at my house but at my garage. Unless someone else on here can help? Regards Wayne
  7. Prop Catcher £15. SOLD RAC Roll bar £75. SOLD
  8. Hi Alfascozzesi, I think Pantherman's having the screen and mirrors. If anything changes I'll be in touch
  9. Hi Jim, Firstly I must just point out that I failed to notice that Pantherman started this post so I have PM'd him to take a look at this thread (seems only fair). I'm not sure of the size of the widebody but I measured the span across the bottom of the pillars which measures approx 935mm. If you want to PM me your e-mail address I'll send the photos on to you.
  10. Hi Jim, I have a screen, pillars and carbon look mirrors that sound like the ones your looking for. They came with my FW when I bought it but they've never been fitted during my ownership and going off the condition I doubt they were ever on much beforehand. I'm not sure how much these are new/secondhand but if your interested and we can come to an agreement let me know. Wayne
  11. Wondering when you'd get around to changing them squeaky bushes!
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