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  1. How many are going? If there’s not enough to make it worthwhile then I’ll give it a miss and attend another (beer) event.
  2. Good run out and some great roads, thanks Jim for leading. _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. I should be there, not sure about time yet. Weather looks good.
  4. Should be at the meet Paul but not sure about the chippy run as yet, speak later.
  5. W Shep

    Lancashire Area Meeting (date change)

    Looks like the weather turned out to be ok.
  6. W Shep

    Big thanks to Ash

    looking good..........impressed! See you at Blyton Jim.
  7. W Shep

    Engine remapping today

    Lol!. I'm sure you'll be ok. Blyton's a good track to learn a car, by the end of the day I'm positive you'll be buzzing. I've been down to Blyton for the last 5-6 years but wasn't sure if I could make it this year, when I saw that you and the boghouse were going it prompted me to make further efforts. So BOOKED ON! See you there
  8. W Shep

    Engine remapping today

    being a previous owner......232bhp. Ric Wood may remember it from way back before my ownership. He did some tuning for the previous owner Scott Beeland.
  9. Yeah good night out and run. Terry and I managed to sort out a few of Paul's niggles on his re-bodied car with the help of our special squeaky spanners (Paul reported it's a lot better now ) Graham enjoyed the opportunity of solid food, the first in a week! Nice to see Bernie out.....it's been a while, still as good looking as ever (his words). Also a chance for Paul, Jim and myself to go over a few plans for Shelsey Walsh, looking forward to it. Bonus for the night?.............to hear the chap we'd been chatting to with the Aprilia V4 ,"gun it" away from the car park
  10. See you there, rain is forecast but that's about 10pm. Plenty of time for the run

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