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  1. Yes seen it John. I was talking to the owner at Blyton and jumped in for a nostalgic passenger ride but the throttle linkage broke before we two laps in. There's been an awful lot of work done since my ownership and I can't imagine there's a great deal more to do really, someones going to get a good motor.
  2. W Shep

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    I should be there
  3. As per link below. Waterproof coverall for sale. Brand New, only tried on for size (too big for the intended recipient ) Size extra small (under arm to wrist 20". Inside leg 28". Would guess it would fit someone up to around 5' 6" tall. Please note the one in the link is large this one is extra small. Ideal for poor weather Westy runs, waterproof, windproof and warm. £40 + postage. https://www.screwfix.com/p/dickies-waterproof-padded-coverall-green-large-44-46-chest-32-l/58449
  4. W Shep

    Lancashire Area Quiz Night and Social

    Sorry Paul/Steve, Gwen would have come along but she’s already made arrangements to go out with her daughter Amy. Pity, she’s the brains of the Shep household. Lol!
  5. How many are going? If there’s not enough to make it worthwhile then I’ll give it a miss and attend another (beer) event.
  6. Good run out and some great roads, thanks Jim for leading. _ _ _ _ _ _
  7. I should be there, not sure about time yet. Weather looks good.
  8. Should be at the meet Paul but not sure about the chippy run as yet, speak later.
  9. W Shep

    Lancashire Area Meeting (date change)

    Looks like the weather turned out to be ok.
  10. W Shep

    Big thanks to Ash

    looking good..........impressed! See you at Blyton Jim.

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