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Recent snap of your Westfield

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New rims fitted.   

Got my Xtr2 road legal!

A French field with a little bit of England... And a couple of shots from a handy Chateau  (The blue car is me, maroon is Andy, @Greenstreak-Andy D And the white Ian, @IanK

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Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

Impressive! There’s me thinking it’s cold in sunny Somerset at 4deg. Well done Gary.

Your car’s a contrast to the tractor that’s been down the road before you!

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Another 80miles running her in. Managed to dodge the showers but with a full day of rain tomorrow she’ll be getting her widetrack and quick rack upgrade.  



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Simon Waterfall Syman84

Special Delivery from @Rush Motorspork today. Finally start getting things sorted for next year 


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Rush Motorsport
2 hours ago, AndyMM said:

Making the most of the December sun44B24C77-E5D7-46EB-AB24-2A64677E57A4.thumb.jpeg.c7d4e276397d168d984b2b9f3c0bb61e.jpeg

Ah, San Francisco 

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On 15/12/2020 at 16:03, Rush Motorspork said:

Ah, San Francisco 


I left my harp there many years ago....

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Somerset Jim

Made the most of a very wet day to go get ECU re-mapped. I thought the 160 mile drive in the pouring rain in the daylight required a lot of concentration this morning - the first 100 miles on the way home in the dark was far harder, the last 60 after the driver's wiper had flown off to go live in a hedge near Stonehenge was hardly any fun at all!   

My car / hood combo seems great at keeping the falling down rain out but rubbish at stopping the road spray coming up the gap between doors and side walls - resulting in a very wet right arm and liberal use of Tesco bags for life on the way home. Suppose it's my fault for not just borrowing a trailer. 😀


Full tech info in correct tuning / performance /rolling road forum.




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First trip out to Caffeine and Machine in Stratford on Saturday which was a decent run out from Bewdley and made a change from the usual drives out West.


COVID restrictions in place but they were really well set up to take orders and the shop was open subject to restrictions.


Very cool place and will most definitely be going again !



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