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Standard Rear Roll Bar

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Having just finally fitted and riveted my 2 side panels and rear tub i then put in the 4 point harness eye bolts in to the top of the rear tub, I next wanted to fit the rear roll bar.

In the fitting manual I have it suggest this should be 70mm in from the back edge, and this feel like its in the centre of the flat steep plate on the rear of the chassis i though I'd just check, does this look correct?

I realise that most people fit a better rear cage, but this is what i have ATM, and I found that the FW manual for the rear eye bolts was way out,and fortunately i had a better way of lining these up, so they are all in OK, but the FW manual does not see to have anything about the rear cage in it.

Marked out ready to be confirmed


then too the distance between centres of my roll bar


Much appreciate any help


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Nick Mace

The only advice I can give is to make sure that you will have room to put the bolt in from underneath.

I had measured the fore/aft distance but when the bodywork was on my measurements did not tranate well and I ended up with the roll bar a bit too far forward. That meant that the bolt head was VERY close to the chassis bulk head. I just got away with it.

Side to side, I very much had to do what looked best - a bit of a compromise between the bar being central, and the gaps to the seatbelt harnesses looking OK. 


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Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

Fitted mine on the same centre line as the harness eyebolts front to rear, and equal distance out from outer eyebolts, if that makes sense.

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Right, finished some other jobs so back to the roll bar.

Having spoken to Mark at WF who advised the distance from the rear of the passenger compartment should be 40 to 45mm I marked this out on my chassis.

But then when feeling around under the wing through the wheel well I think that the bolt if drilled there is going to clash with some of the box section under the tub.


So on the above you can see 40, 45, in-line with the eye bolts and 70 that I found in the FW manual.

Be interested on others opinions on this, as TBH I am not sure the 40, 45 and eye bolt lines are going to be very close underneath when it comes to fitting the bolt from underneath?


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Gary Taylor

I’m only thinking out loud here ....

but if I remember did you move your rear tub forward to give clearance for the carpet ? If so this would need to be added to marks 40/45 mm measurement putting it in line with your eyebolts, as if measuring from the bulkhead not the tub front edge

sorry for playing devils advocate here and throwing another option into the mix

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