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Yet another clearout SOLD

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8 years after the engine swap, I still have a 2 litre Pinto engine, and a Westfield Pinto pre SVA/IVA stainless exhaust.

Supplied as a recon unit by Westfield in 1996.  About 6,500 miles.  Hand gas flowed big valve head.  Kent RL32 cam, extended ball studs, vernier pulley, balanced crank & lightened flywheel.  ARP rod bolts, RS2000 alloy sump, spare sump pan somewhere, Kent high pressure oil pump, fuel pump. Clutch, cover (balanced to flywheel)  It turns, but needs a bit of TLC.  Exhaust is without clamps etc, and the manifold section could do with a clean.  Located in Reading.  Buyers to collect. Engine £50, exhaust £25


Exhaust 4.jpg

Exhaust 3.jpg

Exhaust 2.jpg

Exhaust 1.jpg

Engine 2.jpg

Engine 1.jpg

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Hallo Lawrie,

I would like to buy these from you.  I will send a personal message with my details.


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