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Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO


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Thank you to the man in the photo below for organising this most wonderful day, same again next year?


We were not sure if Frank was driving or flying today


Not a bad view in the rear view mirror


The little beast


Does that sign really say 'please help yourself'?


Got you too @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO


Thank you Ron for covering the entrance fee and bringing such a beautiful car, it was lovely to meet you. 




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I would like also like to thank Geoffery for a wonderful day and to everyone for making myself and my friend welcome today.

We all really enjoyed ourselves.


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Cheers Geoffrey and I still can't believe I had forgotten you since our last meeting :laugh:

Barry (and Andrew)

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I would like to add my thanks to Geoffrey for once again organizing a terrific day out at the Elvington Air Museum, thanks also to the members that took and posted images for all to enjoy!

Despite the cold breeze, a top Westfield day out.

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Many Thanks @Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO, @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO & @Old Rocket Ron

18 hours ago, Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO said:

Here's yours by return Julie .....


And a few others...5ae718aa07754_IMG_7609(2).thumb.JPG.60e4f5a274b2f3ed6d9e2cac0bf6dae9.JPGIMG_7610.thumb.JPG.3e2a6b9c1d1c40194d59397436a8227e.JPGIMG_7613.thumb.JPG.b5ac5ec73c83acc5b043206d675182a0.JPG5ae718bf1136d_IMG_7634(2).thumb.JPG.7d1e17cfa54e15ff82538ca6560f4640.JPG5ae718a7a5dfa_IMG_7589(2).thumb.jpg.8fddeafb6278b74470fc3a8f396bd1b2.jpgIMG_7649.thumb.JPG.ccdb86a0e1dbcc1d0ab887103831e433.JPGIMG_7652.thumb.JPG.5504c0f10cfb346e0de57455bc10bf9c.JPGIMG_7654.thumb.JPG.e09606294f88d2c45687c84ab4d5a54c.JPG5ae718d4191d1_IMG_7682(2).thumb.JPG.9eb62017bd550b258e163ce71f317bd0.JPG5ae718d7b366b_IMG_7692(2).thumb.JPG.da84775a0f09d8be0c7431d04e8d5fb0.JPG


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