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  1. If it's air bubbles in the gelcoat, then normal body filler will do, if you've gone through and got holes, then it will need glassing from behind.
  2. I'm looking to get something moved from Derek Hodders( @Delboy) near J21a/A46 to Leeds or close by. Anyone able to help please?
  3. Great turn out this morning, 8 Westfields, 1 Puma and John brought his neighbour in a Morgan 3 Wheeler. We had breakfast outside too.
  4. I can't join in with this as I car share and although it is my week to drive, I don't think the third person would be too happy hanging on to the roll bar.
  5. Yes, we normally try to camp together, first one there tries to get a plot big enough. Then infield we have a club pitch. Don't know where this year, entry passes are sent out a couple of weeks before the event, but as you're coming in with me, you won't need that. Unless we can blag your way in.
  6. It's the May breakfast meeting this Sunday, 19th May, see you at the Red Kite at 10.
  7. Almost forgot this with all the excitement of the Stoneleigh weekend, but it's the Yorkshire meeting tomorrow night, 7th May at the Fox and Grapes from 7.30ish. That's TOMORROW @Breakable?, not last Tuesday.
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