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  1. I got the club entry form today for the Fleur de Lys classic car show at Thornes Park in Wakefield. The show is on Friday 5th July starting around 3 pm and finishing at dusk, and costs £3 per car. We have until 24th of June to get the entry in, so plenty of time. Please let me know who's interested and I'll add names here. @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO @Breakable? and Debs, @tuonokid58
  2. This is what I always think after watching Car S.O.S. Who actually pays for the car.?
  3. Robin Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. 

  4. Breakfast club meeting this Sunday, 17th at 10:00 at the Red Kite on Denby Dale road. I've booked some good weather, hopefully.
  5. Coming home from work tonight, I saw a Westfield XI on a trailer driving through Sherburn in Elmet. It was BRG and on a Q plate, so wasn't new. I didn't know there were any locally, if it's anyone on here, get in touch and come along to our meetings.
  6. You're still welcome at all the Yorkshire meetings, but we'll have to make you sit with my mate Gary, so you can have your own Cobra section.
  7. Do you have a neighbour who doesn't use their garage? I know that on a lot of new build housing estates cars are left outside and garages used for storage, I know my brother does. Perhaps one could be persuaded to rent out their garage. Looking forward to seeing the Cobra. I knew it was coming!
  8. The Yorkshire summer meeting on July 2nd, will once again be a BBQ, this will be a free event for members and families.
  9. I've had my crossflow for over 5 years, and neither me or the previous owner have had the engine apart. As far as I know it's a standard 1600 GT spec. As others have said it leaks oil and uses a bit of water, I just keep it topped up. I would jump in the car and go anywhere in it.
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