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  1. It’s funny, I started a post about a nice text and an 87 year old lady enjoying herself and look how it’s turned out.
  2. I just received that text. Today I took a lady of 87 out in Buttercup. She loved it even though she was a bit cold. She got in and out ok. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately but will next time, as she wants to go again.
  3. I wouldn't want to take anything less than 1:80 for a 110mm diameter pipe but you can go to 1:150 for a 160 mm pipe. It depends on what size pipes you have to what minimum fall you can go. Can you lift a chamber lid to see. in fairness though coming from your house it will generally be 100 / 110mm until it drops into a chamber further downstream. With regard the "zig zag", you really want your drains to be straight. Can your local building control advise as they will be on the job to see what you have.
  4. What size drain is it. Generally a 110mm drain is laid at 1:80. 12.5mm per meter. What is the drain taking. Top water or foul.
  5. Pictures now added. Thankyou to @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO @Dave Eastwood for your help with the pictures.
  6. Not tried yet Chris. I deleted the pictures I had so have asked Rob to send me some more. I will have a try then. Thankyou for your help the other day.
  7. Hi Maurici. Please can you contact Rob who's details are at the bottom of the advert please.
  8. Shame you are not in the car. We could have gone out for a blast.
  9. No but you will soon get one for Buttercup, if I can find a side on picture.
  10. Thanks Dave. I have been turning the resolution down from from 70 or more to 15 and still only managing 1 picture. A second picture was so small you couldn’t see it. Do I need to do something different.
  11. I used to be able to post pictures on my posts. I was told I had to resize them. I am on a MacBook Pro. I open the picture. go to tools, go to resize. I then keep lowering the figures until the forum lets me post a picture. I am having a lot of trouble posting more than one picture. What am I doing wrong.
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