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  1. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Room with a view....

    This proves I'm happy driving any time and weather! But I was clearly lacking in the planning department
  2. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Room with a view....

    Well, picked up the Lardy One from BLiNK after replacement bushes fitted & drive back was very very wet and slow! Several inches of standing water on parts of M60. Even with doors and half hood had an inch of water across floor and two inches in bucket seats. Luckily hadn't soaked all way through laptop bag to ruin work computer.
  3. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    You may need variability on the leverage actuation enabling adjustability for precision downchange rev activation.
  4. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Room with a view....

    a couple of hours outside the Crewe office.... before heading off for surgery. And now not such a good view for me at the Hotel
  5. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Speed Series Dinner

    As alternative accomodation there's a campsite a short walk away.
  6. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Room with a view....

    Yep.... A very carefully selected parking space! It'll make some friends at BLiNK Motorsport tomorrow.
  7. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Room with a view....

    Working in Crewe this week, view out hotel window is better than it was last year....
  8. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Toyo T1R's

    T1rs are not best tyre for our light cars.... But you'll certainly learn car control with them, being predictably wayward! Enjoyed my time with T1rs
  9. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Indoor Cover Recommendations,

    Probably better than white bed sheet I use, which is now many colours! A Fitted sheet of course.
  10. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Life with a Westy – the early days...

    A few more photos and that's an article for next Westfield World magazine
  11. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Sunglasses / Drivng Goggles

    I have these..... https://www.shadestation.co.uk/designer-sunglasses/adidas/Performance-Sport/A136-00-6064 They're fab - interchangeable quality lenses, loads of spares available, glasses or goggles.
  12. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Anglesey Oct Garage share

    We've had 2 single seaters and 3 Westfields with plenty of space. The number does depend on classes entered. So more capacity if everyone has similar running order.
  13. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Oldham St, Denton, Manchester M34 3SJ
  14. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    What about the Cheshire Crewe

    You have to pay big time to see the inner circles events. You are clearly not worthy
  15. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Manchester to Chester, sunday

    Gutted can't join you

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