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  1. I made a suggestion to SSOT a while ago, along the lines that if an SS round incurred 1.6(d) then any individual competitor should not receive more than xx% of their average scoring or maximum scoring under normal circumstances. So if competitor A (say novice) usually scores 81 SS points, then under 1.6(d) being invoked they would still only receive max of for example 83 even if they were the only competitor there.
  2. Thanks @Paul Hurdsfield, just came on to post similar. Unfortunately can't make this meeting, but if others can and want to, please sort on here.
  3. A bike is very useful for getting about the circuit, although awkward to transport if travelling by Westie!
  4. @AdamR "And now for some brum brum bits:  " I do like the brum brum bit!
  5. @Brad StoneBrilliant... wondered how it went when Jamie told me you and Chris @Bigchris092 were off on the trip. Glad it was a successful trip. And I too want to do the full NW500 at some point, having driven majority of it up to Elphin. Was going to ask you to write up for magazine with photos and forward to Peter Osborne Westfield World editor.
  6. That looks a good one @BCF, admit to fancying something like that myself if I didn't have the Westie.
  7. To @Steve (stevel) - Lancashire AOthe very very very long serving Lancs AO.... Hope you have a great Westie Birthday.
  8. Muchly Ta all. Have man flu, so last night's special treat was cancelled
  9. I went for auto, very impressed with it inc. the flappy paddle on stearing wheel. Majority available were auto anyway.
  10. Can't remember how big your motor home is, but I know several who have been over there in theres. https://visitmullandiona.co.uk/guides/campervanning/
  11. Ta Terry. Been doing a fair bit of swotting up and I am planning Winter tyres for the Coldest Months.
  12. It's replacing my trusty Octavia diesel VRS time after over.... Something a bit smaller and quicker . After trying out lots of seats/driving positions and road testing the most suitable started to hone in on BMW/Mini. A few 24hr/48hr drives later, my Original preference was to look for a BMW 135 or 140. Then changes at work meant I will probably be doing much higher mileage, so..... a 125d M Sport found itself onto our drive last week! Had my first sprightly country drive Welsh side of Hereford - loved it, it's a very swift and capable motor Very Happy I did chat to a few.... appologies for not checking out all the recommendations on here!
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