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  1. Sure you'll have factored in this.... But just in case: Food grade plastics - the lemon bottle will not have been tested under high pressure but more importantly with heat. Some plastics change back into pre mould shape at relatively low temps (I've had it happen with just boiled water) so make sure you test to over your expected operating range.
  2. Yey! I can make this this year! (Is this usually on WSCC track day Fri? Which is 12th this year.) Might head to Harewood after, camp over to watch sprinting Sat.
  3. Yep, brill. Result! Go poor yourself a fruity fake cider!
  4. Keep the white, it'll go with your new colour scheme and clothing line..... How are these to start you off: https://www.retrogp.com/collections/heeltread-grand-prix-socks/products/mp4-grand-prix-socks-by-heeltread
  5. Mines a carbon knob. We all know they are extra stiff, but I had a problem with a loose screw being and coming off. So had to cover end in silicone. Now things are very tight and I am worried about not releasing when required.
  6. Curborough is great for the nervous as there's only one car on track at any one time. Wendy has since driven at WSCC track day Blyton three times, and sometimes when we're out on our own on quiet country roads.
  7. Wendy wasn't at all keen on drives out in Westie.... This much improved after she'd driven it herself on track at Curborough.
  8. .... I thought this thread was about music
  9. No!!! ................. Still have ALL my 'forgotten' albums on vinyl &/or cd, and the means to play them & still sit down and listen to them in Hi Fidelity.
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