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Newbie with Westfield aspirations....and therefore questions

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I am new to the Forum - Hello - this may be apparent if I have failed to post this note correctly.  I have joined on Trial Membership for 60 days, but hope that will turn into full membership soon.

I am a long term car enthusiast, particularly classics, but have never owner a Westfield - the time has come I feel.  I have driven them on the track a few times in my past, but never owned one.  My other cars, in case this helps gauge my weird tastes are a '69 MGC, a Saxo VTS, a Riley Elf and my daily driver an Audi S3 - all are fun in their own way, but I feel the need for simple driving pleasures, and open motoring, and the Westfield seems the car - something I have always promised myself to own, but never have - I have garage space.

First, I suspect mid July is about the worst time to buy one, I realise, but I would like to buy a car this year, but only to buy the right one, and if I have to wait, I will.

From the (very) little I have learnt so far, I want a car that I can be proud of, and enjoy for regular but not every day use, with weather gear, albeit I shall try and keep it in the dry.  I want a swift car, car engined, but I want a classic set up, so not looking for an Seight, or anything wickedly fast. So, some questions, for anyone out there who can help:-

1. My budget was originally c. £6-7k, but it seems I shall need to stretch this a little - I want a nice car, so can I do that for c. £8k?

2. For that money, what Spec should I be looking to.  A friend has a 2 litre Zetec and says this mis the engine to have - I expect this alone could spark a hundred differing views.  I am not sure this is within my budget, but am I going to disappointed with the power from another car.  MY gut feeling is to go for an older SE or SEi (or SEiW), with a cross flow engine with webers, as this seemed like a good compromise - views?

3. Are there dealers out there to trust, or avoid, and that the Club approves of that I can seek out?

Ultimately, I want a car that I can take to shows, drive in nice weather and have short weekends away in with a small overnight bag - and just enjoy simple fast handling, un-fussy.  I am not very mechanically minded, so I want a car that is ready to go.

Finally, I would say that I had originally considered having a car to race with - I have a race licence and have recently stopped classic racing in an MG.  I do however want a car that would be both a road and race car, and I am not sure if that is realistic?  If so, is the Speed Series worth joining, competitive and friendly for a Westfield novice, and can I enjoy owning a race car, and use it also at weekends or for a fun drive to work?  If sense dictates these should be two separate cars, I shall probably invest in a road car and look for racing thrills elsewhere.

Help and pointers much appreciated

thank you


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Andy (Sycho)

:ww: All of the above should be achievable, but you may have to wait for the right car. If you want to join the speed series then you need a car with a compliant roll bar which may not work with wet weather gear, but you can get a half hood etc.


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Kit Car Electronics

:ww: Since you've acknowledged that you're not very mechanically minded (not necessarily a problem in general as the cars are pretty simple and the advice on this forum is first class), I'd recommend trying to find a car running fuel injection rather than carbs - this should actually keep the engine side more straightforward with minimal maintenance - £8K should be enough for that.

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Thank you for such swift, and welcoming, responses!

I have seen both 1.8 and 2.0 Zetec engines mentioned - is there a big difference (other than the obvious 200cc)?

Have seen one car at just over my budget, but that is an SEiW with a 1600 engine and single carb, which seemed an entry level spec only, and therefore expensive.

I guess I may need to decide between track car (with roll bar etc.) or road car.


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Chris King - Webmaster

Hello and welcome. 

You can certainly have a car that will do both road and track. If you want to compete in the speed series then the important bit is to have an MSA roll bar. 

Now, that said, once you have an MSA roll bar, the std wet weather gear won't fit. So as Andy said you would need to go down the half hood route for touring. This is something that many have done successfully and would be a workable compromise. 

Diffrence between 2.0 and 1.8 Zetec is mainly the 2.0 will have more power and torque but the 1.8 will be more freely revving and many feel suits the car better. Also the 1.8 puts you in a different class for sprints. 

A budget of £8k should get you an injected Zetec if you are patient and prepared to travel. 

Good hunting!

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Welcome. Seems like you have a clear idea of what you are looking for and that in itself is an achievement with the seemingly endless variations of Westfields available. Be prepared to be patient and I'm sure the right car will find you, in the meantime enjoy acquiring knowledge from a great club

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I have a 2ltr Zetec on GSXR Tbs and Omex 600 ecu. I'm selling mine and it would be within your budget. It's a Red 98 SEIW, 5500 miles, lightweight wheels, swept wings and chromed suspension so has a classic look. I have wet weather gear but it's not fitted as I don't use it in the wet.

 I haven't advertised it anywhere yet but I'm only up the road in Leicester (south wigston). PM me if you fancy having a look and a little drive.




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Rory's Dad

You would IMO be better buying from a club member to avoid the premium charged by dealers. Toybox have a reasonable reputation but the cars will be more expensive and some of the cars they have in stock are not.

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Rhett - Joint Black Country AO

I would not worry too much about full hood etc, a set of doors and a half hood will suffice, the half hood does a remarkably good job of keep out the weather, plus it's simple to store and quick to put on. I'll use mine sometimes when travelling long distances. 

The other thing to bare in mind is that with these cars they are infinitely configurable and changeable but some things are easy to change and others less so and you probably won't know what you really want until you've driven it for a while. The key is to get one close to the spec you want but with the major elements correct.


Good luck and welcome


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