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Westfield 1.6 race car *Full rebuild with Honda K20*


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Thanks for the kind words chaps.

Really can't wait to here it at full chat with the throttle bodies and straight cut gears.

I got the bell housing from a company called mcgreggor Motorsport in New Zealand and it really is a work of art.


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It's starting to take shape now, latest pics;







Windscreen has now turned up so I can get that fitted. Need to get some arch protectors, tunnel top and boot cover ordered then it's engine in time.


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Overdue update!!!!



As per normal the Westfield has been sat and not getting any attention, que the nice weather and realisation that I need to get this on the road this summer.



So its time for the biggie, engine in...


Obviously the engine mounts etc are all been custom made with the help of a friend who owns 'finneys garage' in Conningsby. I'll let the pictures do the talking....























Engine fits ok-ish... it literally only fits in one place as the dry sump pump is very close to the front wishbone mount. The gearbox is further forward than before thus I will need to make/buy a remote gear linkage, I don't fancy reaching under the dash to change gear! The prop shaft strangely needs shortening, had me confused for a while but I think the diff we are now using has a longer casing.There isn't much room for an exhaust manifold and the alternator is going to be a push and may need a smaller one. (I think someone said this may be the case!)


The floor clearance is going to be fine with the dry sump, and I'm hoping the throttle bodies and filter will fit under the bonnet with no holes no keep induction sound down for track days.


I do however have not much space left and lots still to fit.....Dry sump tank/hoses, oil cooler and hoses, engine ancillaries, exhaust manifold, radiator etc.....needless to say its going to be a tight squeeze and busy engine bay!



We are going to look to see if the engine will need further support to stop it from twisting once they are complete.


Overall its going to be hard work but possible, which I am really happy about!


In other news after much deliberation I have decided and sourced my cams, it was between the drag cartel, TDI north and Skunk2 Drop in cams (all retaining the stock valve train but adding circa 10hp and a slightly nicer aggressive feel to the engine characteristics.


Truth be told it seems that the other two both give slightly more peak hp but are double the price. I'm not chasing peak power as for my driving ability I will hardly be exploiting it to start with anyway! So I'm hoping for a comfortable and exciting 250bhp.



I have also got a friend Aaron (owner of AJ restorations) to shave the Honda of the rocker cover and spray it gloss black, he's done a great job.




Will need a custom exhaust manifold making along with an exhaust (mine is currently 2" and wont be sufficient, does anyone have any recommendations for this?




Many thanks



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Missed this update;


With the extra grunt upfront I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to improve the stoppers.......but then I thought nope let's save money and get it on the road.

Then Matt got some awesome looking bright red brembo brakes for the mx5 conveniently delivered to me, so I couldn't resist!

I had seen that Westfield had been supplying some hi spec race calipers designed for use with 13" wheels and lightweight cars... So on the look out I was.

The end result some 280mm discs, hi spec r114-4 calipers and fitting kit. Unsure of what pads to go for as of yet.

I got them home, un-packed and test fitted  :shock:

Will these fit!!! It was close, as in wheel weight removing close!

But I have one side on and they rotate with no clearance issues





















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'Magic' I've only offered them up, I think I will be making some brackets for them so I can take them on/off.


I'' update when I fit them properly.



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'Magic' I've only offered them up, I think I will be making some brackets for them so I can take them on/off.


I'' update when I fit them properly.





I'm looking at doing the same, it will be difficult to get in a caged car with them fitted.

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Defiantly in from the top!


Yup! Bit of skateboard griptape on the side impact bar ;)

Looking good so far!

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