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  1. AdamR

    Nearside rear wishbone

    That would be ideal, yes, but it only needs to be rudimentary - eg. a bit of plywood. Simple job, definitely better than a whole new wishbone! You could maybe even helicoil it?
  2. AdamR

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    I think these details make a big difference actually, 15kg (a set of lights and wiring, full passenger seat) on a 600kg car+driver combo is 0.25s per minute, or 0.5 points at Blyton Outer. That's without the drag factor of a high backed seat and the lights. What was that this year, the difference between 1st and 4th in the overall championship, or 5th, 6th? I completely agree a road going car should actually be road going!
  3. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Didn't check the first hub, but checked the rotor. 4 thou run out, hopefully won't be too bad. Cross the bridge if it comes! Yeah, expected 1 or 2 thou at most on the hub, I'll check it on return!
  4. AdamR

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    I think its the nature of entering a competitive event, Stu. In some minds (mine included, although this is softening as I age) there is no point competing if you aren't going to be competitive! Might as well spend the same amount of cash and do 30x the amount of laps on a track day.
  5. AdamR

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    A 200bhp BEC will be at least as quick as a 300bhp CEC. Agreed old 1Cs will be similar in performance to brand new 1Bs. I think the phasing time is a good thing, but perhaps muddies the waters and creates extra unnecessary classes going forward. Perhaps final year for 1Cs?
  6. AdamR

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Unassembled in my case, as you said probably for the better!
  7. AdamR

    2019 Trackday chat

    No plans at the mo but but keen when car is built!
  8. AdamR

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    I've never seen a disc warp. It's almost invariably pad pick up (rust spot from being sat while wet, pad material transfer from the car being sat with hot brakes) which makes a thick spot on the rotor. Feels like warping and gets worse as more pad material is deposited. Sanding back usually does the job, as does using the brakes HARD, a skim always cures it. And as you found, it feels like a wonky disc! Just discovered one of my HiSpec hubs has exactly this issue.
  9. AdamR

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    So that also means minimum 6 and a bit inch headlights, if we're going by the book?
  10. AdamR

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    That same car I mention went round the ring in under 8 mins easily after my ownership. Something else is awry. What's the current brake setup? If you say it has Mintex 1144 pads I might scream
  11. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Two steps forward, one back... Got one side hub, disc and caliper fitted and torqued up. All good. Run out at the edge of the disc 0.10mm. A bit more than I'd have liked but within spec. The black studs need chopping down a bit before I can fit my wheels. The adaptors are to go from 4*108 to 4*98, allowing the Formula Student wheels I have to go on. They're also 800g each so I may machine them down a bit. Still, added to the wheel weight of 3.9kg that's still some pretty light 'wheels' (and spacers) for not a lot of money Pad clearance is unequal at the moment, and with the disc being 4.3mm thinner than standard one set of pistons will come out about 4mm more than the other side, so I'll make up a spacer to go between the pistons and pad. Machined the other disc up: Then fitted it and had a shock. A few mm of run out. Hmm. Checked my machining on the disc, fine. Put the hub in the lathe, disc and wheel mounting faces parallel and true. However... So I rang HiSpec today, seems I got through to the tea boy who filed my castellated nut washers (remember him from earlier in the thread?). He didn't have a clue what day it was and said someone would call back (har har), so I've bunged it in the post hoping a new one will be here when I get back from holiday. Oh look, a flying pig
  12. AdamR

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    Why do you want massive brakes? 265 solid discs will be more than you need when fitted with decent pads. A previous car of mine at 600kg and 260bhp was fine for 45+ minutes on track with 247mm solid front discs.
  13. AdamR

    Geo set up - what to look for

  14. AdamR

    Geo set up - what to look for

    All with car laden: 1.8-2.0 camber front, 1.1-1.2 camber rear, 40 mins toe in rear, 10 mins toe out front, front ride height 100-140mm depending on damper length, spring rate, sump clearance and other factors, rear 20mm higher than front, damping ratio approx 0.8 front and 0.9-1.0 rear (wouldn't be taking my car for setup anywhere that doesn't understand that). Corner weights not important for a road car.
  15. AdamR

    Geo set up - what to look for

    Yep sack off the ARBs. One of those silly buzzwords (like wide track) to get people spending money on things they usually don't need. Blunt but true, sorry. Alignment - anywhere can do the work but settings need experience with Westfields. Which tyres are you running? I can suggest a baseline setup.

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