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  1. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Hmm. Righto, bit more serious than I thought then. Best gaffer tape my left hand to the shift lever More cradle work today, slow and fiddly... the idea behind having the top front mount attached to the cradle is that all the front mounts come away from the chassis, so engine will be easier to get in and out (thanks @tkm_dave). Not finished yet, the angle will bolt to the top chassis rail, which will have a bit of angle welded to that for strength, and captive nut inside for neatness. Needed a little kink to clear the clutch slave. Chuffed with how the cradle has worked out, all the holes in the bushes are drilled to 12.0mm and the bolts are M12 (about 11.8mm OD), yet they still all go in and out by hand Bodywork... unsure really. If it looks good then I'll probably keep it red, if it doesn't come up too well then either a new set of bodywork that's a bit thinner / lighter, or spray it some funky metallic colour!
  2. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    You guys are funny (and thanks) My response was going to be that I have two spare starters just in case! Hoping to get a few more hours on the car today, so will post a small update later.
  3. AdamR

    14000rpm tacho

    No wonder your engines keep blowing up Terry
  4. AdamR

    14000rpm tacho

    2008 onwards are 13,000 as standard.
  5. AdamR

    Half shafts replacements english axle

    Yeah you could do it. Either bash and then machine the 'hub' back to square, or if it's the axle 'nudge' it back into shape with a pipe bender, bottle jack, etc.
  6. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Haha, thanks Ben. I'm going to build it non-road legal first and give it a shakedown, then add all the lights etc afterwards as I make a few tweaks (there will undoubtedly be some). Chassis loom... not sure yet. All I really know is that I hate wiring / electronics so I don't want to think about that yet
  7. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    All in hand! Plus it has a slipper clutch so that will make things easier. Exactly. I figured the whole system is designed to be used by hand, it's only convention that makes us hook it up to a pedal...
  8. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Thanks Maurici... no pressure then Had a busy week due to something unexpected, but worked on layout at the weekend with Maurici's help did a little bit of machining today. This is one of the 'odd' item he mentions, and the work today involved an M2 tap (scary going into steel - I snapped one ) and a nifty little pull type slave cylinder. This will be mated to a hydraulic mountain bike brake lever and that will be mounted on my gear shift lever. That means only two pedals so I can fit them either side of the column for a better driving position (I left foot brake), and a small weight saving The maths all works out nicely (slave is 11mm diameter piston with 15mm throw, lever 14mm and 10mm throw), I just need to select which exact lever to use now, there are various lever styles and hose outlet angles. The pull rod was 13mm too short on the slave so had to make a new end nipple. Also have another idea related to this, but needs a bit more investigating before I know it will definitely work, so staying under my hat for now Got a few bits for making front wishbones and also the shift lever thanks to @tkm_dave, those are down the priority list at the moment though!
  9. AdamR

    SOLD Carbon Diffuser SOLD

    I'll take that. Cheers.
  10. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Slow progress today, lots of fiddly bits done. Various lathe-y items for making engine mounts. Recycled an old chopped up mount @mark.anson gave me Making sleeves for the bushings. This was a bit boring (couldn't resist ). Not a lot of extra tubes gone in, and kinda hard to see what's going on, but happy with how it's coming along! The top front engine mount will be tied into the cradle as the next job, then the bottom rear, and finally the other side direct to the chassis. Looking forward to doing a bit more and having some company from @maurici tomorrow
  11. AdamR

    Avon ZZS 245/50/R13 tyres

    Have a look for ex Ginetta junior tyres (Michelin), usually got for around £120 a set with only a couple of sessions use.
  12. Fair play, enjoy the hunt! Final tip, remember that the value of a kit car is more more about the quality of build than the spec sheet. I've fallen foul of that one before and the 'cheap' £12k car with mega spec suddenly became a £19k car by the time I was done sorting it out, and still only worth £12k... Cars known to / built by certain clued-up club members are always worth considering even if the spec list doesn't tick all your boxes. Bolt on bits are easy to change, a dog rough original build is a nightmare to sort out.
  13. AdamR

    Brake Pads

    Pop some Ferodo DS Uno in the front and you'll never have to think about brakes again. Call George on 07830750950 and say I sent you, or contact him through www.roadtrackraceparts.com
  14. Don't forget to factor in gearing when doing bhp/ton numbers Appreciate you are used to M3s etc, but a car with 300bhp/ton but geared to 125mph will be a lot quicker than one that's 400bhp/ton and geared to 180mph. You don't need a lot of power to go quick in a light car! Not sure if you've been to Blyton, but even with 130bhp and A048s a sub 500kg car will easily lap in 1:11ish, for example. I'd offer to take you out with 'only' 300bhp/ton and scare the **** out of you, but sadly my car is barely more than a chassis at the mo Perhaps wasting my breath (fingers?) but Ross's car is definitely worth a look.
  15. AdamR

    Avon ZZS 245/50/R13 tyres

    You will need a lot of water for the ZZR to be useless in the wet. Compound and temperature is king until you have puddles on track. Depends what you want... to feel like a hero going 1s a lap faster, or ensure you have tyres that are safe in almost any condition. Dave, when was the last time you tried a high quality road tyre in a car like ours? I think you'll be surprised how good they are, I was!

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