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  1. Yes. Matt Lewis Racing. Be prepared to snap the hard line by the rear offside wheel and need to replace it!
  2. Ideally yep, or at least a close estimate, probably 55% rear weight in your case.
  3. BTW, on a previous car I ended up with 0.625 rear and 0.75 front - completely the opposite to convention & the normal advice - and still not enough rear bias, so it pays to do the sums
  4. Head to www.brakepower.com and figure it out properly, the only way to get the optimum result
  5. AdamR

    Duratec woes!

    Yeah that looks absolutely adequate!
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222422225163 Or a cv boot. Or silicone steering rack gaiter. Edit: bought these, can let you know what they're like when they arrive if you like Gary @KugaWestie? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-X-HQSilicone-16-35-25-Ball-Joint-Dust-Boots-Suspension-Replacement-Rubber-Boot-/222124976211?hash=item33b7ae2853:g:AEsAAOSw71BXQF8d&vxp=mtr I reckon you could also use them for passing cables through the bulkhead...
  7. The grinder got involved, new midget edition dipstick should clear now Finally got round to leak testing the fuel tank properly. Had some leak detection spray left over from capping off a gas line at home (couple of quid from Screwfix, well worth having in the shed just in case!), with 4-5psi in the tank it allowed me to find these... No way I'd have found them without the spray, and sod welding a tank after its has fuel in, so this was well worth doing. Ummed and aahed about how to lay stuff out on the scuttle panel, decided it would be much easier if there was actually a panel there My favourite material, of course! Makes drilling holes easy, no guesswork or fancy tools... Slots into the back of the scuttle, and I figured the bent lip acts a bit like a labyrinth seal and will keep wet stuff out nicely. I'll cut the whole front of the scuttle away and replace with a sheet of lexan All this plastic panel making and chat of scrutineers made me feel a bit nervous, so I decided to get all caveman on a few test pieces. I'm happy the fire resistance is hotter than fibreglass and it will withstand more heat than any of the fluids will ever reach, but to confirm impact resistance... this is 2mm polycarb. And thought I'd better test some of the old panel material too, 1.2mm aluminium. Good enough for me, would be tempted to ask a scrutineer to get his hammer out if ever there was an issue! Also finished clips for the fuel line, getting busy in the tunnel now. Still more clipping to do! Ordered bits to build a fuse / relay board, hoping I can then just connect some switches in and plug feeds to the live out and the engine will magically fire up. Or something like that.
  8. What do you find so much better about them Rob? I'm about to buy some and was tossing up between these and superseal... What's the price difference like? Thanks in advance!
  9. A few more hours done, but slow progress. Really not familiar with this electrickery lark, I keep defaulting to 'mechanical' jobs subconsciously! Got handy with the label machine and got the dash and engine looms labelled up. Bought some pipe clips from Screwfix which hold the fuel lines nicely. There's also a channel in the bottom which will take a wire or two. Only a few pence each, but rated to 100lbs pull force (I could do pull ups on two of them!) and over a million cycles for the clip! Can also be piggy backed and will hold other wires nicely. Here's the oil pressure sender solution I mentioned before, now earthed. Had a good chat with Andy Bates about all things oil, got some tips for priming the engine. Then while I was playing with the dipstick found out it won't clear the radiator fan to get it out! So I'll need to find a way around that Probably involving a grinder, or dremel, or both.
  10. Still got a rad kicking about @maurici?
  11. AdamR

    Duratec woes!

    There's a common theme emerging... this is why I like totally OE standard bottom ends from scrappies. The fewer times engines are opened up, the less chance someone will dangler it up!
  12. Thanks Don, that's the site I usually use, mostly very accurate Car is probably at least a month away, but I have done a fair bit of mountain stuff, running and triathlon training recently, so at least that part is getting there
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