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Westfield 1.6 race car *Full rebuild with Honda K20*


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Good evening gents,

I thought it was time I introduced myself, latest few cars and most importantly my first Westfield.

The background, Big petrol head. Old cars>new cars.

Started life driving classic mini's with my dad having 30+ years building a series race engines. None of them were standard! Moving onto Honda crx's offering a reliable and better performance. 5 crx's later I had an itch for trying a rwd car, so the mx5 was chosen. The first of which was a 1600 with a welded diff(interesting) and the second a supercharged variant. Both great cars but after seeing my friends westfield and having to wind the supercharged mx5 to within an inch of its life (literally) I decided I needed one.

My choice, a Mk indy with a nice Duratec engine, many modifications and a few track days later I decided i wanted to go into a Westfield.

So I purchased Mark Lammond's1.6 sigma engined race car. And what a great car it is.

I will upload the small project thread and updates below copied from a different forum.

Hope you like it and look forward to getting on track with some other forum users.


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A few of you may have been following either Matts great Mx5 track car or my Mk 7 kit car thread, well we now have another to play with!

It will be the replacement of the Mk but will swap the best bits of each to start with!

It's a full on race car with quite a proven record, championship wins so if it's not quick on track we know it's me!!

Here's a picture and the spec;

Westfield Sei Widebody

1.6 Sigma engine

Fully forged

SS5 race cams

Jenvey throttle bodies

Omex 600ecu

Formula ford 3 stage dry sump

Laminova water oil cooler

AP Suretrac LSD

Bara 4.4 CWP

Caterham 6 speed box

202bhp @ 8,100 rolling road tune

Aluminium Hubs

New Sierra calipers

Drilled grooves disks all round

Caged full race cage

Full flat bottom floor

Racetechnology dash 2

There is probably more, just can't wait to take it out now.


First job was to put it onto smaller wheels, I've always been a believer than smaller wheels make the cars feel a bit more 'on their toes' helps with gearing and has a better variety of tyres for a reasonable price.

I had a spare set of team dynamics pro race so I up these straight on. Cleaned the car and took a few pictures of my new purchase.








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So after a few months of ownership I still have not driven the westfield. I in fact have done the opposite and locked it away in my partners garage so I can't tinker with it.

Your probably thinking I'm mad but I did not want to start playing with it until it's predecessor finished and sold.

I have now got the Mk finished and some coming to view it this week so fingers crossed May get it insured next week.

I did however get to have my first days work on it, first job was to replace the tatty looking seats with some more appropriate and focused ones.

Current seats;



And the replacements;



Next was the job of a) removing the race car stickers and b) restoring the paintwork.

Numerous of hours with a few pairs of hands and old debit cards later the stickers were removed. Leaving luckily not too much sticky residue.

My friend who is quite keen on cleaning cars had some citrus tar and glue remover which accompanied with some elbow grease sorted the job.

Next job was to give the dull paintwork some shine, que the orbiter and some wax.

I was really pleased with the results and think the car looks a million times better.











Hopefully the next update will be one with an mot and some driving experience!


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Finally got a chance to get this mot'd/taxed and take it our for it's first drive.

First impressions are I love the engine, revs so eagerly but yet pulls strongly from 4.5-5k all the way to the limiter.

Idle is a little lumpy and it's abit of a dog around town but nothing like the old mini's used to be so no issues there.

The gear ratios are dare I say it perfect! The pickup is breathtaking dropping it back just over 6k when changing at the 8kish.

First impressions on the chassis are also good ones, very stable and direct with next to no tramlining or struggle for traction.

Brakes feel solid and have a nice pedal feel, clutch is Rudy hard but I'll get used to it.

Only niggle so far is it's far too low, scrapping on pretty much everything and the gearbox takes some work on the down changes. Rev matching is a must.

Next few developments;

New shocks/springs to raise the ride height and allow for the suspension to have some travel (currently v short and hard springs)

Anti Roll bars to aid with the rigidity with the softer springs

Re-worked air induction to try and get more/colder air

Then it will be a trip to blink Motorsport for a geomtary set-up and dyno.

First track outing should be touch wood at cadwell on Saturday with the time attack boys.

Got some late nights booked in the garage doing a home made geo/corner weighting set up. Could go well, could not!

Picture from the test station;


And got a chance to have a look at and get a quick picture of the flat floor;



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Got a chance to have a full day on the westfield last week, got a few parts from the close ones for my birthday so had to get them attached!



First of the jobs was the front lights, the current ones are/were chrome with as much power as scented candle. Que a new set of 'dominator' headlights in black and a set of super bright bulbs.




One of each;






A quick and small change was the steering wheel, the current wheel was a 305mm racetech, which although nice I prefer a little smaller on a kitcar, the replacement was a 270mm SPA, well priced and feels nice.




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The next mini project was re-vamping the current induction set up, currently supporting broken trumpets and old battered k&n filters, the plan was to get some slightly longer trumpets to maximise the midrange whilst spacing the air box out from inside the bonnet to into the free flowing air, thus more and colder.





First job was measuring up and making a template for the bodies, so an old box, a screwdriver and a marker pen sorted the job...




I then went onto marking a drilling the carbon airbox...


And trial fitting with the new trumpets....



Everything all sorted so tightened up with some loctite just Incase.

The air filter then needed some minor modifications and it was on...



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Then just a case of enlarging the whole in the bonnet for the larger filter and were all done..


The result, it sounds better, gives a lovely snarl and snort from about 4-6 and then so nice crisp sharp sound all the way round. It does feel a bit sharper but that could just be the added sound portraying that.

Oh and it looks better;


And the final changes was the suspension, although it feels good with the current set up, it was all built around been used with 15" wheels, my plans un-fortunately only revolve around 13" wheels.

Personal preference but it makes the cars feel more 'on their toes' which shorter gearing and a better/cheaper tyre choice.

Problem I had was the shocks were at full open length and it's still far too low, Que. a new set of shocks. I went for the pro-tech shocks as I have used them before and found them to be very good.


All fitted and allowing a lot more sensible ride height.


And a few quick pictures;





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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the kind words chaps.



Having owned the car for 6months now, and loving every mintue of it its time for a change!!


Between me and my brother we are going to be building an mx5 race car and trying to do the occasional race day over the next few years so I want to make some changes in getting this car to a nice reliable package, so I can just jump in it at any time and drive it on the road or track with no worries.



It hasnt missed a beat at all, however with any highly strung engine I know it will need re-building more often, and around town driving is doing the clutch no favours!


So what do I do/change?!


I think the power and delivery is great of this engine and dont want to lose the high revving 'fun' aspect of the ca; Ive had a duratec engined kit car before and allthough the engine was fantastic I almost found it abit bland.


We have got a track mx5 with a f20 Honda engine fitted, which is totally standard bar a massively impressive tune from the blink motorsport chaps. Its a barrell of laughs and the engine works beatifully....can you see where this is going!


I've decided on using a K20 Honda engine, cheap to buy, plenty of them available, lovely free revving engine and bags of potential for the future if and when! I appretiate the F20 is probably and easier conversion and has a forged bottom end as standard, but they dont have the i-vtec and cost 2.5 times as much!



I have been speaking with Mcgregor Motorsport who can provide a bell housing adapter so I can mate the engine to my straight cut quaife box. Then I shall run the engine totally standard bar breathing mods to ensure reliability.


If im honest I dont need and think any more power than 200-210 for the tracks I will be using, and need to upgrade the squidgy bit driving it brefore then!!




It seems the chain and tensioner is a good part to replace on the engines so I will be doing this before fitment, as well and fitting a fully baffled sump.



Has anyone else on the forum used the K20 engine?


Would be interested to see and hear the inevitable problems we will come across before bumping into them!


Many thanks



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Does anyone have an email or phone number for Dan? Need to contact him urgently this weekend.

Thanks in advance.


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  • 11 months later...

A well overdue update! Copied from another forum so please excuse if all does nit read correctly.

Managed to get a morning on the Westfield today, plan is to completely strip the bodywork to make the engine swap as easy as possible.

Tidying the car up as I go, then re spraying or wrapping the bodywork before putting it back together.

I'm thinking Porsche Rivera Blue.

Some progress shots;










I have 9 days holiday to take so hoping to have a week making done good progress fairly soon.

Anyone have any feedback on wrapping?


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Thanks for the kind words Tim, thankfully it's only the car :)

And for the next phase of the journey...

'what lies beneath'

Got my holiday booked, 2 weeks to get cracking on the westfield, get the old engine and box out and get fabricating the new one into place, however there has been a spanner in the works...

On its way for engine removal getting a luxury ride in the shuttle..


On removal of the engine it reveals we have some more pressing issues....

The car has been involved it quite a big front end accident and the repair that was done is not great.

Thankfully we decided to remove the engine and got the opportunity to catch it before it let go and could have killed or seriously injured someone.

All the welds are very poor and the results speak for themselves, the alignment of the joins are all not straight and question how the heck the car handled so well!

Front wishbone mount - drivers


Front wishbone mount - passenger


Other pictures;





So what's the plan,

Get a new chassis ordered from Westfield.

Build the car up using the good parts and with the K20 from the word go.

I understand that this is going to take a fair bit of time and work but at least then it will be perfect and most importantly we will know things are done correctly.

First job then, make the garage a spacious, clean, light, warm environment to do the work in.

It's current state of affairs is some what cold, dark and a mess...





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Have spoken with the previous seller who is a genuine guy, raced the car for a year after doing the repairs and thought it was fine. Not a welder by trade but he is been very amicable and we will get something sorted.

In other news with the funds from selling the engine and gearbox I have purchased the following from Westfield;

Full starter kit compromising off;

SpaceFrame Chassis

Top front wishbones

Bottom front wishbones

Pedal box inc master cylinder

Brake lines aeroquip and tee piece

Aluminium panel set (floor plan, seat back, tunnel and scuttle)

Wing Brackets

Rear caliper uprights

Westfield bar shaft

Hubs with studs

Handbrake cable

Top rear wishbones

Bottom rear wishbones

Top steering column and lock 4x spherical joints

Body kit (rear body tub, scuttle, bonnet, nose, screen fillet, wings, boot box, badges

With time been of the essence I chose to have the following bits done at the factory;

Fit and sealing of aluminium panels

Fitting of brake lines and fuel lines

Supply and fitting of full wiring loom

Rivnuts fitting to the chassis

And the following upgrades;

Powder coating of chassis and suspension parts

Wide track front wishbone upgrade

Exterior aluminium panel set

V8/mega s2000 bonnet

After a lot of deliberation we have chosen White for the body panels.

Now a long 8 week wait, starting to get excited.


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