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  1. As above it takes about a day. I had a cage to remove and had a good clean while I was at it but half the job is accepting that it’s a big job and won’t take five minutes. Break it down into bite size chunks with A few tea breaks and it’s not that bad.
  2. Thanks. I will still be at Stoneleigh but in a large van full of show gear. Hopefully done for the Silverstone classic.
  3. IVA booked about six weeks ago and after two phone calls they have finally cashed the cheque but still no date. I guess it won’t be ready for Stoneleigh.
  4. I thought as much but its always best to ask.
  5. I know this has probably been answered before but do you need to fit an exhaust shield to a stainless exhaust for IVA?
  6. A reverse speedo. That will take some getting used to.
  7. M10x1.5mm. There the standard M10 bolts that you would normally find.
  8. I’ve got a 7 1/5 inch lsd diff with 100 mm flanges and in 4.27. I had the crown wheel and pinion swapped. Front oil seal leaks though so I’m only after £200 PM me if your interested.
  9. Hi Martin. Thanks for the reply but I’m going old school and wanted the padded ones.
  10. Is the oil filter full of oil? Oil pumps really don't like pumping air.
  11. There’s a bit of a theme building here.
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