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  1. Stu Faulkner

    Axminster mini lathe

    Bumpty bump.
  2. Stu Faulkner

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Needs an orange stripe.
  3. Stu Faulkner

    Axminster mini lathe

    Thanks Dave. I've gone from being an Electrician to a Engineering Technician. I basically hit things with hammers until they work.
  4. Stu Faulkner

    Axminster mini lathe

    Axminster C2-300 mini lathe. I'm considering selling my new toy as I have access to a full workshop in my new job. I've only had it around six months. I paid £620.00 for the lathe and another £80.00 on the chuck and tools that do not come with the lathe from new so it owes me around £700.00. I'd like £500.00 but would need collecting as it weighs around 40 KG. A link to what it can do is here. https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-model-engineer-series-c2-300-mini-lathe-101356
  5. Stu Faulkner

    Spal fan

    Spal fan for sale. VA18-AP10/C-41A This is a pull type so sits on the back of the rad. Bought in error as my polo rd is too small for this fan as its 410mm across. Cost me £80.00, asking £60.00 and I'll post to the UK included
  6. Stu Faulkner

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    On the contrary, I'd pay to get you there Scott.
  7. Stu Faulkner

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    Bumpy bump.
  8. Stu Faulkner

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    No problem, if Nic doesn’t want them there yours.
  9. Stu Faulkner

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    PM sent.
  10. Stu Faulkner

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    So what’s the new plan? another build?
  11. Stu Faulkner

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    PM replied.
  12. Parts for sale All prices are including postage to the UK. WF supplied LED front indicators, left over from the LED upgrade. £25.00 FW rear indicators, fog and reverse light. Non LED. £30.00 Upper front ball joints, Not matching pair but brand new £10.00 7 1/2 inch Diff 4.27 ratio LSD (Standard Ford viscous type) Front oil seal leaks. £170.00 Inc postage to UK. Engine mount rubber £7.00
  13. Stu Faulkner

    IVA 1st February !

    Disappointed for you mate. Hope you sort it soon.
  14. Stu Faulkner

    FW400 owners wanted.

    Fantastic, thanks Quinten
  15. This year is the 20th yer of the FW400 model and I am after anyone out there who has one. The club is hoping to have a parade lap at the Silverstone classic and it would be nice to have one lead the parade. Also, If one was available we could do with one in the marquee at the Stoneleigh Kit car show to display for either or both days. So, shout up or PM me if you wish. You only get one 20th birthday.

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