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Found 12 results

  1. Well after a visit to the factory its only taken a week for Mr Westwood to work his sales magic and so deposit is paid with delivery scheduled for early December (no body or trim as I can't make my mind up on colour) So as the title suggests its another Honda powered machine. Pretty standard options list I think, LSD Wide track Performance Calipers Protech Dampers Digi Dash Windscreen, half hood and heater as I want to use it for longer journeys Trim LED Lights (not headlights will swap post IVA) FW rear. Looking forward to getting the build under way and I'm sure I will be pestering plenty of members for advice. Just need to break the donor car whilst I wait.
  2. Tim.McKeegan

    Tim's Mega S2000 Build

    So, having spend many months following this forum and reading the excellent build threads I visited the Westfield factory in August and the kit was purchased. I am picking it up in 10 days (not that I'm counting) and plan on keeping this build thread as up to date as possible. I have learnt a lot from reading everyone's build threads, and not being too mechanically minded I know I will be posting lots of questions!! So having spent yesterday tidying up the garage, Thank you to my girlfriend Lynda for helping me, and allowing me to hoover the floor!! I have purchased an F20C with 50k miles, Full Service History, and similar to most I plan on a tidy up and a replacement of ancillaries. Today was time to split the engine and gearbox... Nothing too difficult in the transmission removal, other than trying to get at the bolt just above the starter motor, which I eventually got off with lots of extension leads and undoing the top alternator bolt to slide it out the way. So with the engine now on the engine stand, and transmission on pallet I will now start the clean up and further disassembly to be able to paint it up properly! So I suppose the build has now started!!
  3. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Chairman

    Build Thread. Mega S2000

    My first visit to the Westfield factory was December 2003, for the usual tour and a test drive. A few short hours later, I was on my way back up the M6, a build manual on the passenger seat and a cheque left safely behind as deposit for my starter kit. It;s been a great ten years of ownership in the meantime, with a car that's gone through quite a few changes and a lot of development. From the simple aeroscreened, stripped out road/track car with throttle bodied Redtop Vauxhall power, seen here near the end of it's build: It then saw a couple of short seasons in the Speed Series, where the car developed at an exponential rate, gaining straight cut gears, and considerably more horsepower than it left Vauxhall with: Not quite it's final look, but here's where the car has roughly got to: Still love driving the car now, as much as when I first built it. I use it even more in fact, but...
  4. Hi all, Does anyone have any guidance posts or videos/images and process to shorten the Honda S2000 gearbox down? Muchos Gracias Andy
  5. Reluctantly selling my Mega S2000. Carefully built by myself over a 3 year period. (This is my second kit car build having built an MK Indy (R1 engine) in 2007). IVA passed 7th June 2018, registered 1st July 2018. Only driven for 246 miles. Link to PH advert for photo's Spec as follows:- Honda S2000 VTEC Engine with Honda 6 Speed Gearbox (44000 miles when fitted) 7” 3.62 Cosworth LSD (reconditioned as new by Dave Rae Motorsport Transmission). Engine un-modified except for removal of the sump to fit baffle plate. Black Powder coated chassis with lowered floor and single hoop roll bar Widetrack 3rd gen suspension FW Front and Rear Bodywork, with V8 Bonnet Protech gas adjustable shock absorbers front and rear Westfield Big Brake upgrade kit – large discs with 4 pot calipers all round Gloss Black 15” Team Dynamics Pro Race Alloys with Toyo R888 tyres Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Westfield tinted Aeroscreen Westfield Embroidered Sports Turbo Seats with white piping 4 Point Schroth Race Harnesses Carpeted interior with vinyl side panels Carbon effect dash with Westfield electronic instruments Alloy Billet Savage Switchgear £22,500 PM for further info and contact details. Genuine reason for sale.
  6. Last year my fan stopped working after removing the dash to tidy up the wiring. As a temporary measure the guy who rebuilt my engine wired in a relay which works but the fan is constantly switching on/off at 85C. I now want to remove the temporary fix, revert to normal setup and try to trace back why it stopped working in the first place. Can anybody help with a wiring diagram please or explain how it should be wired up. Thanks in Advance
  7. Shane2me

    Westfields in Australia

    Hi Everyone! My name is Shane, I live in Perth, Western Australia, and I have been casually looking at kit cars for a few years. Then, by accident, I came across the Mega S2000 brochure, and I have fallen in lust with this car. I have owned a few Hondas over the years and I reckon their best engine in a lightweight sports car would be amazing fun. I've read a few build threads on WSCC already and I'm so tempted to get started on a kit, but I want to do things properly so I'm here on a mission to gather as much information as I can before I take the plunge. Firstly, I'd like to know if there are any other West Australians on here that have built a Mega S2000? Or any Westfield for that matter? I've never driven one or seen one up close before, and I'd love to meet some locals and chat about the whole process and hopefully have a look at your builds Secondly, roughly how much extra did it cost to get your build "on the road"? I'm trying to set a realistic budget and I'm certain that by the time I factor in tools, parts, consumables, coffee, late nights, divorce settlements, etc that the "real" cost of completing the build will be quite high! And is a "starter kit" better than a complete kit for someone who has never built a kit car before? I would have thought that the more parts you get supplied in your kit then the easier it would be, as you wouldn't spend so much time on ebay and auto wreckers websites looking for parts? Any info that people are willing to share would be greatly appreciated, I'm really looking forward to hearing from people who have completed such a cool project, if I manage to start a build then I'm sure I will be relying on your help and inspiration over the journey. Cheers!
  8. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Chairman

    Important (good) news for those considering Mega S2000 builds

    I had Richard from Omex round this morning to collect my car so that Omex could sort out a final niggling issue, (been fixed in current throttle body kits since late December 2016). While I had the chance, I asked about the second generation fly-by-wire S2000 engines, (everything post 2006, if I remember correctly. Fantastic news; Omex have already done one with a throttle body kit. So essentially, if you buy a 2006 onwards drive-by-wire engine, you need to let Omex know, they will supply the Mega S2000 ecu already configured for the DBW engines different trigger wheel patterns on the cam and crank, (actually, Honda changed them to K20 pattern wheels, according to Richard). As usual, you will also need to supply the Honda engine loom, so that they can raid a few of the connectors, and then Omex will supply you a set of throttle bodies and ecu plus loom to convert your DBW engine to normal cable operation with their ITB's For anyone that already has an engine, but needed to change, then your existing Omex S2000 ecu can be reconfigured by Omex for the DBW engine. You would also need a couple of the connectors off the newer F20C engine and have to swap them on to your current S2000 loom. If you already have Omex throttle bodies, that's all, if you haven't, then you'd need to upgrade to their throttle bodies at the same time! So suddenly, the 2006 onwards engines are available to us, without having to mess around with internal trigger wheels.
  9. Well here goes, my favourite pass time over the last few months has been reading all of the fantastic build threads on the forum, so I'll do my best to document my build as I go along. All feedback, pointers and general banter gratefully received! Having spent months pondering over the various 7 type cars available along with the various power train options, with help from you guys on here I eventually realised that building a Westfield ticked most of my boxes. Having looked at other engine options and the costs associated with getting a Zetec or Duratec over or even up to 200bhp, the Honda S2000 engine really made sense to me. A visit to the factory in July impressed me in terms of the quality of components used in the cars and the backup that should be available from such a well established company. So decision made, I ordered a complete kit. Since July I have been stuck down by upgraditous on a regular basis, with the reasoning that it is cheaper to upgrade some parts now rather than later!! So at this moment the spec stands at: Mega S2000 kit - white body work - carbon effect front arches Powder coated panels LSD - this will be a Mazda unit (the first customer build Mazda LSD chassis!) 3.727:1 Wide track wishbones Protech shocks Hispec "Race" front callipers & rear Hispec callipers Wheel package - 8" rears 7" fronts, 205 T1R's Digi Dash Windscreen FW Rear MSA half cage Sport turbo seats - white piping 3" harnesses Carbon effect stone guards Black rear diffuser Heater kit and the latest edition.......Omex throttle bodies (something for the wife to wrap for Christmas!) So having ordered the kit at the end of July, delivery should have been end of October, but is now looking like being the middle of this month. Having spent some time looking for an engine and gearbox from a breaker I decided to buy a complete car instead and hopefully break what I don't need and recover some cash (to spend on more upgrades!) So here it is, it's a 2003 Cat D write off with 52550 miles on it. I bought it in an online auction without seeing it which was somewhat of a risk. Once the car was delivered, I put some fuel in it and charged the battery and to my great relief it fired up and ran really nicely. Once I'd removed some of the bent bits, I was able to take it for a quick drive on the "private" road near where I work. It drove very well, all the gears work and it also does pretty good donuts! The strip down to follow...
  10. Scotty72

    New member - first post

    Hello Joined the WSCC a few weeks ago and just recieved my welcome pack! Had my FW for just over a month now and cant wait to get in it every weekend (big grin) Car is a 2013 plate running on 2.0 zetec blacktop with webcon tb's and alpha ecu tuned at Northampton Motorsports and pumping out 170bhp. Would like some tips/advice about any track days, hillclimbs etc in the East mids. Also any tips on extracting some more horses (as cheap as possible) from the zetec. Cheers fellow members
  11. (Below are contents of letter sent to Westfield Sportscars Ltd and sent to WSCC by Simon Westwood with request for us to post in this section on his behalf - PDF of actual letter attached. WSC Ltd have sent this letter to all purchasers on this Omex S2000 throttle body kit.) 9th December 2016 Westfield Honda S2000 Throttle Body Installation Letter of instruction on Behalf of Omex Technology Dear Customer, It has been brought to our attention that there have been some instances of rev hang up with our Honda S2000 Throttle Bodies in the Westfield Mega S2000 application. We have investigated this fully over many hours of rolling road testing and have been able to reproduce the issue that some of you have been seeing. We have now changed some of the internal clearances to remove the problem. Testing with two customer's cars has shown a complete fix both on the road and on the rolling road. We are therefore operating a rebuild of all the kits currently sold. They will be fully rebuilt with new butterflies, bearings and O rings etc to the new specification. Please note that even if you have not had any issues with your Throttle Bodies it is most important that they are rebuilt to the new specification. We will arrange collection by carrier from any UK address of your Throttle body assembly. We will then rebuild them and return them by carrier to yourself. We will carry out the rebuild as speedily as possible but please allow one week for the work to be undertaken. Please could you contact Simon Joyce, Business development Manager, at Omex Technology, ideally by email stating the address you wish to have the throttle Bodies collected from and the address you wish to have them returned to. Simon.|@omextechnoiogy.com if you wish to discuss this please feel free to contact Simon on 01242 260656. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and look forward to correcting this issue. if you have any queries whatsoever please feel free to contact us. Best regards Richard Wragg Managing Director Omex Technology Systems Ltd. SKMBT_C28016121214050.pdf
  12. JamesR

    New member, new motor!

    Evening all! So after a long talk with myself about my plans to start a new build at the same time as renovating / extending the house, common sense (Ha!) and laziness got the better of me and I bit the bullet and purchased the new car with all the hard work done for me. Unfortunately since it's arrived it hasn't stopped raining for more than a few hours to be able to take it out beyond the end of the driveway and back again! Looking forward to a long hot summer! Here she is being kindly delivered by the seller. I gather some of you on the forum around the Midlands might recognise it??
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