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Found 10 results

  1. kevip6

    Tachometer Wiring Help

    Hello, I have finally got my Westfield back on the road after over a year SORN. I thought I would tidy up the electrics as the last thing I did before taking it all the road was change to a Dash2 and Carbon Dashboard and the wires were all left full length to make sure it was working. There was an intermittent issue with the Rev readings disappearing but it's worked fine the last few times I've used it. When cleaning up the wiring connections I noticed the 1k ohm resistor had broken one side and guess this could have been causing a fault? the 1k Ohm Pull resistor was part of the Smiths Gauge wiring from the original gauge I had installed. The wiring is as below (I have a Shift-I shift light unit installed as well): The resistor was wired from the Green Westfield Tacho Feed (2 Green wires) into the signal feed connection when all was working correctly I have tried this on the re-wiring and I'm not getting any reading at all now? Can anyone enlighten me as to how this should be wired? On a side note, I had it working yesterday without the green wires or resistor wires connected at all but I think I touched them against the signal feed wire to test if this was needed so this might have "jump started it"? this worked for just the dash2, not the shift-i ? As mentioned, this was all working ok prior to me messing with the wiring 🤦‍♂️
  2. harrypotter

    indicator buzzer

    I'm thinking of fixing a simple buzzer into my indicator circuit, but don't know which wires to connect to. The buzzer has two wires. Can someone help with the correct way to connect it please?
  3. Kevan Purton

    Need help with speedo wiring

    Need help with the wiring on my speedo. A wire has come off stopping the speedo from working. The brown wire has come loose and not sure where it came from. The loose red wire came from the new spade terminal which was in the position shown in the pic but came apart when I pulled it. So dodgy crimping. I'm thinking the brown wire was connected to the same place. These are all on the speedo side and not the loom side.
  4. Last year my fan stopped working after removing the dash to tidy up the wiring. As a temporary measure the guy who rebuilt my engine wired in a relay which works but the fan is constantly switching on/off at 85C. I now want to remove the temporary fix, revert to normal setup and try to trace back why it stopped working in the first place. Can anybody help with a wiring diagram please or explain how it should be wired up. Thanks in Advance
  5. Dave Court

    Weber Alpha rev counter signal

    Managed to miss a gear on a track day last year and the rev counter died thought i must have killed it so sent away for repair, just got round to fitting it and it still doesn't work, tried tracking the wire back to the ecu but it was not connected to anything! no idea what has happened but here i am. can anyone tell me which output the rev counter signal wire is suppose to be connected to on teh ECU? i found the manual for the Duratec installation but it does not look the same as i actually have. i called Weber but was told almost everyone who knew about this product has now left
  6. Peter (Monty)

    Rocker Switch Pinouts

    I am not using the standard rocker switches and have been trying to work out what wiring changes I will need to do under the scuttle. I have wiper and washer switches so have been able to check the pins on these directly, but some assistance would be much appreciated... Washer, and I believe rear fog as well, are simply momentary push to make switches (wiring diagram) Lights and fan I assume are SP3T switches, with the three pins connected in pairs in positions 2 and 3, with no connections in position 1? Does anyone have one on hand that they could check with a multimeter? From chassis loom diagram: The wiper switch I know is tricky and have read other threads on here from people trying to swap it out (with difficulty). It is a 4-pin on-on-on SP3T, with adjacent pairs of pins connecting in each position. The switch I have is an on-off-on so I am not sure if I can get it to work. Here is the chassis loom diagram: And here is the wiring for the wiper motor - it looks like three pins connect directly to three pins on the wiper switch. Any advice would be fantastic, wiring is not a strong point for me! Peter
  7. Tim Essex

    Headlight wiring

    I'm changing my 5 3/4 inch headlamps for a pair of 4 inch ones I bought from Car Builder Solutions. Surprisingly no wiring diagram in box so was hoping that someone would be able to help me. I understand the standard wiring for the old lights is: Blue/white is main beam Blue/red is dip beam Red is side lights Black is earth The new lights have green, white and blue which seems to go to the back of the light and black and brown to the front. Thanks in advance Tim
  8. Hi Folks, I've gone an bought a set of venom 5 function lamps to replace the standard headlamps and indicator pods on our mx5 SDV. Has anyone got experience of wiring these up as they are a bit different to the standard lamps. Mike
  9. As some of you may know, my Westy died en route to the monthly meet last Thursday. The battery was fine (hazards worked) but there was no live feed to the ignition barrel. RAC got me going with a temporary wire bypassing some of my (ahem) loom. I found time yesterday to investigate and once I got behind the dash it turns out that the problem was really, really, simple to rectify. One of the wires going to the amp gauge had fallen off and connecting it back up completed the circuit providing power to the ignition barrel. I'm still learning about car electrics but it doesn't seem right to me that a wire falling off a gauge should stop the vehicle from working (I'd have expected it to just mean that the gauge stops working). Or am I being too simplistic? So I have spent some time searching the web learning more about how this gauge should be wired. Firstly, I have learnt a new word; the gauge is called an ammeter. It looks exactly like this product available from Holden: Mine also is a 60 amp version (not the 30 amp) but without the SMITHS logo but is otherwise identical. I then watched Holden's short video on Smiths classic 52mm voltmeter and ammeter gauges: It seems that ammeters are inappropriate for vehicles with alternators (or at least serve no real purpose) so I am now questioning the benefit of fitting it at all. I haven't really paid any attention to reading the gauge in the past as all it seems to do is flick a little bit whenever I have my indicators on. Any recommendations on how to proceed? My options appear to be: Do nothing (well maybe just tidy up the wiring as its a bit short at the moment which is why it fell off). Leave the gauge in the dash but rewire so that a loose cable falling off doesn't kill the car at 3500 RPM on the dual carriageway! I was lucky this time, might not be so lucky next. Leave the gauge in the dash (as I don't want a 52mm hole in the dash) but rewire without the gauge being connected as it is neither use nor ornament Replace the gauge with a voltmeter as at least thats more interesting to read and is better than just a red battery light. Something else Thanks in advance P.S. This might be the start of a number of wiring relating questions as I can see me no longer being able to ignore all the mess of wires under the dash.
  10. griffith500user

    Creating an XE loom

    I'm not pretending to know anything much about electrics and wiring, but somehow I've got to create an XE loom from a Pinto one. Having stripped it out of the car last night, the issue that sticks out to me is that of the wiring for the ignition amplifier module for the old pinto engine. Does anyone have any wiring diagrams etc. for an XE loom. What should I do with the amplifier wiring, I suppose strip it back and investigate where it originates from.
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