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Found 9 results

  1. Mark (smokey mow)

    Spot the Difference – Bodywork

    How to tell the difference between a Narrow Body and a Wide Body If you don’t have a tape measure to hand then the two most visual differences between a narrow and wide body car are around the rear lights and also the shoulder panel next to the seat. Starting with the shoulder panel, a narrow car will have a flat, vertical internal panel next to your shoulder. On a wide body car the GRP tub is extended into the cockpit to create a scalloped or chamfered panel to give more shoulder room. These first two pictures show an example of the shoulder panel on a narrow bodied car. Whilst on a Wide body car, the first of these pictures shows the chamfered tub used with ZK bodywork, whist the second shows the scallop of the earlier “kit” wide bodywork. The second method of telling the difference between a wide an narrow is the shape of the bdy tub around the rear lights. The wide body chassis was available with either fixed or detachable rear arches; whist the narrow was only available with fixed rear aches. Therefore if the car has detachable arches, which can be seen with a join line between the tub and arch as in the picture below then it will be a wide body car. If the car has fixed arches then it could be either a wide or a narrow. These first two pictures show examples of wide body Westfield’s. Note how the rear lights are partially recessed into the tub on their inside edge in a square recess. On a narrow however the arches are slightly wider and the arch has a smooth contour into the main body with no recess for the lamp. Note: I am aware that there is also some wide body tubs they may have rear arches similar to the narrow and therefore it is wise to also check the shape of the shoulder panel also to help with identification.
  2. harrypotter

    Black body parts

    Not sure that's the best title to have!!!! Wanted Black nose cone, rear wings, bonnet for 2004 seiw. Ideally black but that's probably a big ask.
  3. Helloooooooo. Does anyone need a heated screen package? Due to my strange aversion to the heating wires being visible (something to do with my varifocal glasses) I'm not going to go down the heated screen route. It's not new, I bought it from another member who had only ever test fitted it and it's near spotless, I've just pulled this out of the garage and wiped it down with a bit of liquid autosol... a couple of years on the shelf haven't been too kind to the uprights / Pillars, they would benefit from either an hour or two hand polishing or five minutes with a mop to get them back to super shiney, but the screen surround and glass are v-good no cracks or dings in the glass and only some very minor marks from the shelf on the surround. The Electrical relay harness is included as are the , uprights / pillars and mirrors. I'm never going to trust carriers with this so it would be collection or meet half way sort of delivery. I can't Whats app pics I just tried and it didn't work ! so I'll do my best to get them up on here. Any sensible offer please? I'm Looking for about £240 Regards Nem.....
  4. CrisisWolf

    Westfield Sport Seats

    Blue Westfield Sport seats with yellow pipping. No runners. Slight tear on one of the seats (shown) Removed from my Westfield SEiW. Blue. Located in Bristol. £150
  5. Andy Banks

    SOLD :: Brian James Minno Max

    I'm looking to sell my trusted Brian James Minno Max trailer. It's got all the extras bar a Jerry can store and a tyre rack and comes with two attached spares (one blown). It had a service last year. There are some rubber marks and minor dents on the mudguard from the blow out, nothing that a fella with the skills could not rectify. Other than that it's as honest as the day is long and has served me well. You can't really get these anymore so a bit like hen's teeth! Brochure here... My car is a wide with wide track. All the info is in the brochure but the key bits: Load Bed Length – 3.40m / 11ft 2in Load Bed Width – 1.71m / 5ft 7in Fits in a standard garage so you park on it too Gross Weight – 1600kg Load Capacity – 1150kg Number of Axles – 2 Overall Trailer Length – 4.62m / 15ft 2in Overall Trailer Width – 2.05m / 6ft 9in Centre deck Locking hitch Locable storage Heavy duty jockey wheel Winch Extra long glide out ramps Wheel Stop chocs Four straps Replacement anti-slip I'm looking for £1600.00. I'm in no hurry as I want to use the money for a trailer upgrade and I prefer another Member to buy it so it's not going on any auction sites at present and if I don't get the funds I'll keep it. Please email or PM or call... Pics follow...
  6. 1999 1800 Zetec Westfield SeiW With regret I am selling my Westfield. This car is amazing, really clean and well look after. The car is built to a very high standard. The engine is a 1800 16v Zetec on twin Webers, producing approximately 150bhp, set up by Northampton Motorsport. It has a MT75 5 Speed gearbox, and a standard open differential. Interior is all black with Westfield bucket seats, it comes with wind wings, doors and full weather equipment that has never been used. As far as I know the car has never been driven in the wet. Tonneau cover and an indoor car cover are also included. If you are genuinely interested please get in touch for more information. More photographs available on request. Price £7950 ono Contact Matt on 07799 790899 or email matt@spotondesign.org.uk
  7. Playskool Cages Bulk buy Due to the recent announcement about RAC rollbars been non compliant for competition use I thought it would be prudent to arrange another bulk buy for cages. So here goes! What are you Buying We have narrow body cages which include Independant rear axle cars and live axle rear cars. We also have wide body cages. All cages come with door bars and fixtures and fittings. Fitting instruction are available to download from our website, via the download link at the top. Narrow cages the door bars need to have the right angles welding on. This is due to the fact that we’ve found inconsistencies with these on different chassis. If this isn’t something your able to do, if you post the bars up to us with where you want them welding on we shall do this Free of charge. However we won't be responsible for you not marking these correctly!! The cages also come with mirror mounts. Both cages are also compatible with Windscreens. How is this cage different to Westfield Cage These cages are slightly different to the Westfield cages. In the top hoops the hoop is a continuous loop. The side door bars have plates instead of round holes, which allows for misalignment and differences in chassis. The narrow cage has the same rake front to rear as the wide. The bars that run down by your sides are pulled out slightly more to allow more room for your arms in an impact. Will this cage fit a chassis with Westfield cage mounts Unfortunately not, when caged was jigging up for these, they discovered that on the orginal cage, the front legs of the cage which bolt through the side of the chassis aren’t actually the same distance from the rear arch on both sides. They therefore rectified this when rejigging for this cage. However if you give me a call direct a PlaysKool I shall talk you through what we can do for you. Is this cage competition compliant Yes, both the narrow and the wide cages are FIA Homologated and you can purchase the homologation papers for these as well from the MSA. Due to the cages been homologated its allowed caged to make these cages out of much smaller diameter tube, hence a small weight saving over a cage that was produced to blue book standards. Also been FIA homologated means that you can use the cage here in the UK and also internationally. What will it cost This bulk buy deal is by far the best deal you’ll ever see from us! All cages will be £695 + VAT so costing you a mere £834! Carriage will be £75 + VAT so costing you £90 or you can collect from us. (You’ll need to prearrange) Carriage is done by a pallet company, so someone will need to be there to sign for the cage and it’ll arrive in an almighty big box, so if it’s going to your place of work you’ll need to have a transit or bigger to get it home! Caged will be sending direct. The Terms & Conditions The above prices are subject to one condition! There has to be TEN buyers for these! To place an order you need to put your name on the list below, I will also need to know whether you need a wide or a narrow and if you’re a narrow I need to know if you have an independent or a live axle. If you’re at all unsure of what car you have then please contact me, I cannot be responsible if that cage doesn’t fit as you’ve told me you have a narrow and you actually have a wide. The closing date for orders is September the 30th 2015. There will be a 50% deposit required upon this time to secure your order. If we reach 10 people well before the cut off date of the 30th, then if you’d like to have early delivery of your cage if you give me this deposit I’ll have your cage put into production. Finally delivery time is around 4 to 6 weeks. This is very much dependant on numbers though. Pictures Attached are some pictures of the cage fitted to Ash Mason’s beautiful narrow car. QUESTIONS? Could all questions please be emailed direct to me at sales@plays-kool.co.uk as you'll have a much quicker response, i'll then update this thread if the question is relevant to others
  8. Now sold .. Very Reluctant sale of my 1800 Black SEIW, only purchased 8 weeks ago, but redundancy forces sale, i have done less than 100 miles so very sad. It is a very standard zetec car , it looks great in black and chrome, and runs and drives great, Viewing recommended in Surrey TW15 ( Staines) Registered on 01/08/97 Non Q Plate SEiW Zetec 1.8 115BHP spec 5 speed box Tweaked by Sheppard Racing some time ago 19450 miles Factory built Wet weather gear Minilight wheels ( Compromotive) Very good Toyo Proxes tyres all round Black bodywork ( Wide Body) Black and yellow piped sunburst seats Black and yellow piped carpets Yellow std dash and dials V8 ducted nose Std bonnet Chrome windscreen with Chrome pillars Std rollbar in chrome Chrome wishbones Std track Floor mounted pedals Ali wheel arch protectors Spare wheel On board fire extinguisher Very clean car inside and out Service and MOT history Years’ MOT as of March 2015 Fine example with limited mileage over the last couple of years Complete with Ful indoor car cover New CAT westfield exhaust It is now sporting its original reg number of R99 WLL with all paperwork in my name at my address.Offers around The only points i would do if keeping her would be replace or paint front shocks as they are Spax, but the paint is flaking, and front arches have usual spider cracks at the fixing bolts , other than that it is good condition. Pics to follow
  9. atl502

    SEiW Wanted £6k Max

    Hello all, New member here and Im looking for my first Westfield. My budget is £6k max and I am ideally looking for the following: - SEiW car - Zetec Engine - Full Screen and Wet Weather Gear - Disk brakes all round - Adjustable shocks and independent suspension - 5 Speed Gearbox (with Quickshift / short throw?) Other things that would be nice to have are an RAC Roll bar, Removable steering wheel, decent buckets with harness. Would also consider a well sorted Crossflow or 2.0L Vauxhall. I am based in Leamington Spa and am willing to travel for the right car, anywhere within say 3, maybe 4 hours. I appreciate this may be a tall order at this budget but if you have something that seems to fit or know of a well set up road/track car within budget, please get in touch! Many thanks, Adam
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