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  1. AndySheldon

    Mega S2000 Build - By Andy

    Well for years I have been after a hobby and to build we Westfield. I first thought of building a SEight. I got the engine, I build a dedicated 52sqm garage. My wife then wanted to move, that was eight years ago. I then got my new house extension sorted and finally I managed to build my new garage, dedicated to an unhealthy obsession with Volvo R cars and a new project. The mega S2000. This is my stage four S60R at nordschleife. I almost purchased a kit whilst at Stoneleigh, where I go every year. In talking to some folk who have bu
  2. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Ian K's S2000 build thread & life thereafter!

    Hi Yesterday I bought a 48K engine and gearbox (+loom, ancillaries etc). I was able to compression test the engine and hear it running too. Car was a 2004 plate. Car had light damage to passenger side (looks like it had spun). One of the half shafts was out so couldn't move the car under it's own power. Though all gears tested as okay with no load. Oil was clean, coolant and air filter looked healthy too. Four good same brand tyres on car too, so looks like it had a good life until it spun! No timing chain rattle on cold start up either! Based o
  3. Jim cunliffe

    Push button start

    I am going for a push button starter after the Allegro one failed ! Flea bay has plenty at all sorts of prices but how good are they !! Can anyone recommend a good quality reliable switch please ? Thank you Jim
  4. AndySheldon

    Which LiPo Battery for - Mega S2000?

    Hi folks, I am looking at batteries, conditioners and associated tray to mount a battery on my build. I was looking at getting an Odyssey battery for my car, however, if they are cost effective I may just go to LiPO instead. Pros and Cons? Where best to source and of course what model would be best to put in my mega s2000? Thanks for the help! Andy
  5. Barnsley John

    S2000 2005 belt tension pulley

    just been finalising some winter checks and took the drive belt off the tension er pully seems to have some ware and i can wobble it about side to side so i reckon get a new one typed it up on e bay but see plenty of pulleys but arent saying specific to my engine so before ordering and getting it wrong any help please belt as 6 ribes and here are a few pictures any help will be great-full thanks john
  6. AndySheldon

    Mega s2000 WhatsApp group?

    Hey there all. Was wondering if there was a mega s2000 WhatsApp group that was out there, or if anyone wanted to be part of one? Get in touch.
  7. SOLD Don't let the winter weather put you off! Having driven safely to and from the Classic Vehicle Restoration Show in the most adverse weather conditions, maybe it's time to grab a superb full factory kit Mega S2000. Considered by many as an exceptionally well crafted and detailed example. Genuine reason for extremely reluctant sale, but an excellent opportunity for someone to take on this sought after Westfield model, which is in excellent condition and built to the highest standards. First registered in November 2016. Current mileage 4622. FULL 12 MONTHS MOT to 31/1
  8. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Mega S2000 interwarmer and ECU Temp logging- do I need a splitter plate?

    Given I've not got an imaginative bone in my body and I like all things shiny, the next mod I'm shamelessly planning to copy is DaveMK1's air inlet splitter plate to feed the air filter with ambient air rather than air that has been mostly heated by the radiator seen here: It's also been copied and improved with gold foil by CraigHew: Today I've had the great pleasure of an early morning two car sortie round mid Wales courtesy of the excellent guide that CraigHew is. Before I left Craig's to head home, I hooked up my laptop to my unlocked Omex 600 Ecu and set it up to log air
  9. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Westfield MegaS2000- Omex ECU serial data enable request

    I've been trying to convince Omex without success so far, to enable the serial data port on our 630 ECU, which will then enable those of us with a Dash2 to display ECU parameters on the dash. This would also mean I can loose one of my 3 water temperature probes! It's not so much that they don't wish to do it, it's just they would need to test it etc and the more of us that require this may help my cause!
  10. I've been planing to remotely locate my S2000's oil pressure sender for a while and also incorperate a low pressure dash warning light. This easy job involves unscrewing the sender unit, inserting a length of suitable braided hose into the sender location on the engine block and attaching a suitable T piece to locate the sensor and a low pressure warning light sensor. Pushed the car out of the garage this morning into the sun to start the job telling wife @'d be done in an hour, 2 tops. To cut a short story even shorter, the sender snapped off as soon as I t
  11. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    FW S2000 at Siltech

    Which lucky SS competitor's car is currently at Siltech Racing having their lovely suspension fitted all round? It would be great to see some pics on here.
  12. Morning all ! I have had an interest in building and owning a Westfield for around 15 years but life has now provided me with the opportunity to carry out a build. Looking for a little advice really ! I will be buying a new kit from the factory and cannot decide wether to go for a mega 2000 or Classic special edition.... What are the tuning options available if I go down the zetec route with the Classic ? Where do people source good quality S2000 engines and gearboxes ? The Westy will be replacing some two wheeled fun so it needs to be fast and capable on som
  13. Peter (Monty)

    Battery Options

    I don't want to start any fights, but what battery would people recommend? I've been thinking PC680 but it's not the cheapest. There are a bunch of 51913-sized batteries listed here: https://www.tayna.co.uk/51913-Motorcycle-Batteries-G83.html The CCA ratings seem to vary a lot although I gather this is partially as different standards measure it at different temperatures, making it hard to compare like for like...
  14. Peter (Monty)

    Battery Cable to Starter

    S2000 builders, do you run your positive lead to the starter along the left side of the engine bay or with the rest of the wiring around the right side? Do you know what length the cable is? I can't find any info on this in the manuals or on the forums
  15. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    I've enjoyed reading Peter Russon's excelent write up about his trip to Spain, in which he mentions changing from TPS based load map to a MAP sensor based map to cope with the higher attitudes seen on such trips. I'm curious how my fellow S2000 powered owners such as @Terryathome and @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO have faired on similar trips to altitudes not usually seen in the UK?
  16. phoenix66

    James' S2000 build

    Hi all, I made the trip up the factory last week to pick up my S2000 kit. I owned a second hand Marlin Berlinetta some years ago, but this is my first build. Having unpacked and catalogued during the week (there is loads missing), I started building today and had a pretty productive day. The first four panels are on, the loom mounts are in place and the loom is very loosely in too. I have come up against a couple of issues though, which seem mostly to be problems with the manual. E.g. the manual shows the rear end of the loom going passenger side first, then across to the driv
  17. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Hi! New member from Sweden here and i recently found this great site. Im very keen on building my own Westfield and has set it as a goal in life Don't really know what type to go for as a stumble between a Meg S2000 as a former hondafreak or go with bike motor. Will mainly use it on road but of course track it a few times a year. Any hint or tips on how to think when choosing object? Very new to car work so nervous on if/how to fix building one but as i said its a dream and a way to prove to myself that im not that bad in handy work as i always thought! Sorry for long pos
  18. kimptos

    Steve's S2000 Build in the USA

    OK, time to open this build thread. Ordered a Mega S2000 last summer and it should finally be arriving this week, having spent what seems to be an eternity sitting on the dock in New Jersey. Was hoping for it to be here at the beginning of the month to coincide with 2 months of leave to build it - best guess it will arrive on Friday and then I am off to New York for a week, so won't be able to get to it until the end of the month. Oh well. Will be looking forward to insight from others who have built LHD versions - I took a look at the first half of the build manual, which still doesn't s
  19. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    I've been published!

    My local rag have ran a feature on my car and I; http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/westfield-s2000-gives-ian-lightweight-fun/story-30428494-detail/story.html @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd You may recognise a committee Member in one of the pics too!
  20. jimbobtcc206

    S2000 query

    Hi guys, I'm looking into building a Westfield and current preference is the S2000. I've searched the forum and found a few bits relating to my query but no definitive answer as yet....... Now the Omex TB kit is out does that mean that post 2006 fly by wire engines are an easy option for this build? I've seen people thought maybe it would but are there any hard facts on this now? Thanks, James
  21. As I have now moved to 13" Wheels, I now have my used set of 15" Race Pro 1.2 Gloss Black wheel with Toyo R888 GG Wheels are 7x15 ET40 - Race Pro 1.2 Fronts (one of the wheels has a small scratch) 8x15 ET24 - Race Pro 1.2 Rears Tyres fitted are 195x50xR15 (Fronts) 205x50xR15 (Rears) Bargain at £400 + Delivery or Free Collection
  22. Having replaced my factory Omex ECU with an AEM Infinity II I have the original unit for sale, along with harness and applicable sensors. ECU has been reflashed by Omex to be accessible, so you can alter mapping, parameters etc. to your heart's delight using the MAP4000 software downloaded from the Omex website. As new, only 1,500 miles on the car. Price is negotiable, but direct from the factory it is £1,261.71, so no silly offers, as I have just spent significantly more than that on the AEM unit and tuning . . .
  23. GarethHD

    Honda S2000 donor wanted

    Been looking since August for a suitable pre 2006 Honda S2000 as a donor for my MegaS2000 build and so far been unsuccessful. Cash waiting. Want the whole car not just engine/gearbox etc; may consider rear end CAT D write offs or MOT failures depending on condition. Would be very grateful to hear if anyone has some good suggestions. Thanks. Gareth you can also email me 474gareth.hd@gmail.com or phone 07771 683133
  24. SteH

    Choosing an S2000 engine

    Morning all. I'm off work this week so I'm going to try and locate an engine and box for my Mega S2000 build. Looking around it seems that of the engines available there will be more and more fly by wire throttle cars as time goes by. Does anyone know what's involved in converting a fbw engine to cable throttle? Is it just the throttle body, the whole inlet side of things, or is it more complicated than that? Cheers
  25. Chris King - Webmaster

    S2000 dry sump kit

    Ntdwm http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/viewthread.php?tid=199627
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