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January 2021

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster


January 9th, 2021

Spend: £0.00


Looking at the results of my spray painting and tears are welling up.  It's just the wrong time of season for spray paint; unless you can do it inside in a warm room maybe.  Cutting my losses and ordered some black vinyl wrap last week instead.  It's too cold in the garage to do this, so am moving into the dining room this weekend ;)



January 10th, 2021

Spend: £13.48


Wrapped the panels and am now waiting for a delivery of rubber edging, as I'm not sure if I want to go with a glossy edge or something a little more matte.





January 15th, 2021

Spend: £11.40


The edging finally arrived, but it was too small to fit, so went with the glossy edge instead.




Then quickly tried it with the roll bar in place to ensure it all fits (just!), but I forgot all about the seatbelt eyebolts, so I have to fiddle a bit to get that fitted on the left hand side underneath the diagonal bar.




That's this weekends job 👍



January 16th, 2021

Spend: £12.69


It took 3 attempts and many many profanities before my son pointed out that the roll bar was actually resting on the eyebolt.  Doh!  Shortened the collar and it is finally on.  Have only loosely fitted the rest of the bolts as I ran out of light in the garage (left the flashlights on overnight.  Doh!).  Tomorrow just tightening everything up and then we can call it a day...





January 17th, 2021

Spend: £0.00


641891498_2021-01-1713_42_31.thumb.jpg.0cf14bb5749a82dda69162e903742d60.jpg 174110989_2021-01-1713_42_40.thumb.jpg.da01e1a178d42e150a3b9b44cc9090ce.jpg  1570430842_2021-01-1713_43_00.thumb.jpg.041a4143ce23d437adbada2c5fc3b5e9.jpg


Done.  Secured the middle section with some heavy duty velcro so there are no fixings on display, but I can still remove the middle section if I need access.



January 23rd, 2021

Spend: £0.00


Finished off the wiring for the 3rd brake light and removed the rest of the carpets as I will be changing from blue/grey to black.


118124831_2021-01-2313_17_06.thumb.jpg.fbf9990d57e6de39291b5e9ae0bf0b93.jpg 1383669036_2021-01-2313_16_15.thumb.jpg.bfc4a73f99d040369ac1c0170de066b3.jpg



January 24th, 2021

Spend: £0.00




Continued with stripping out the interior by removing the tunnel top and side panels.  The tunnel top is going to be remade in a single piece of aluminium covered with fabric and attached to the top with some poppers.  Carpets, fabric and aluminium sheet ordered, along with new gaiters.  It's going to look lush!



January 31st, 2021

Spend: £11.70


Marked the outline for the tunnel top using the old pieces and then cut it with the tin snips.  Perfect fit!


2021-01-31 12.07.33.jpg 2021-01-31 13.58.04.jpg




Last month: £   329.37

This month: £    49.27
Total:      £   378.64

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary


Looking great! Will you be making any opening for handbrake adjustment, or just popping the whole tunnel cover off?

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Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster


I'll take the whole cover off.  Although in yesterday's testing, I may decide to make two panels instead of a single panel as the gubbins underneath the scuttle make it difficult to move the panel forward enough to clear the handbrake.  I just think it will look neater as a single panel.


Got the whole month of February to decide before you lot will find out ;) 

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