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Q - The Hu too? A - Not the Hu two! Tengger Treasures

Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO


Harken back to a previous blog entry on The Hu, and you'll know that this transcending genre Mongolian band were formed in 2016.


Recently I had them playing while working and a 'listening suggestion' popped into my streaming periphery 'Tengger Cavalry'


Audio impressions are of a heavier metal version of the Hu, BUT...

Tengger Cavalry was formed in March 2010 initially as one-man project by Nature Ganganbaigal. The band originate from inner Mongolia and is named after the ancient Mongolian and Turkic deity Tengri. They combine elements of the traditional music of Central Asia and music of Mongolia with heavy metal into a kind of folk metal that is refer to as nomadic folk metal. The band also recorded game soundtracks for Civilization and Doom Eternal (@Alex Gaskin)


So in fact the The Hu are a lighter, more consumer orientated version of Tengger Cavalry and it appears The Hu clearly followed their influence.


OR did they!!!


There's another folk metal group founded also in 2010 with members mostly also from the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. The group combines traditional Mongolian music with heavy metal, notably using traditional instruments and overtone singing techniques 'Nine Treasures (九宝, or jiǔ bǎo)' . The name of the group refers to the nine materials evoked in ancient Mongolian poems as favoring luck (gold, silver, bronze, iron, agate, amber, jade, pearl and coral). The name was proposed by a former member of the group who currently plays in the group Hanggai; the group considers the name auspicious.


Av'a gander at both:


a mad gallop with Tengger Cavalry.......



explore the valuable find....



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