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  1. Happy birthday Alex  have a great day Steve& Margaret ps new car looks well excellent colour.


    1. Alex Gaskin

      Alex Gaskin

      Thankyou to you both, I still prefer the colour of your car, looks mega 

  2. Would be bl**** impressive for it to be under 400kg and road going... Phil Newall's Speed Series winning Blade car, was only just under 400, and that was with a half cage and a lot of titanium and Magnesium, and was a fully stripped out Class-G car.
  3. Hi Jim, I'd like to take these please
  4. Reviving a bit of an old topic here, but after a little bit of digging around, I've come across some coverage of the 1996 British GT round at Silverstone that the Westfield competed in, with some good shots of it at: 1:06 4:44 6:04 and some pre-season still shots of it before it was yellow. 0:17 5:20
  5. My dad and Keith discussed the future of 1C tyres for them at the first Hethel last season, and they both agreed that they'd be fine with a swap to 1B's. My dad is pretty much set on moving to B next season as he wants to move back to a Synchro Box for better road driving, as such tyres will be changed for 1B's (Not 100% on which Make/Model). I feel like people in E/F may have a different view, however there are all too many about at the moment; we've had time to decide on tyres after the 1C road-going ban, and it seems like as good of a time as any to move over, anyways I doubt my dad's 4-5 season old ZZR's have all that much of an advantage over a fresh set of 1B's.
  6. I don't see much of a fall in the car culture, more of a shift from one thing to another, in the recent years, I've seen a huge rise in the amount of people buying Nissan S-Chassis cars for drifting. At the moment, drifting seems to be the 'in' thing, and I'm seeing more and more people having the Mk4 Supra, FD RX7 and Nissan Skylines as their dream cars, and there are no kits for them around. As for 7s, I feel like people would only know Caterham from Top Gear and the like, but to anyone who isn't massively into cars wouldn't know what a Westfield is. It'd be good to see at what age people first heard about Westfield/Bought a Westfield, because I'm pretty sure there will be less that 5 people under 25 as current owners (and mine is still being stripped down). The 7 shape isn't as cool as it used to be, people would have seen the 7 shape in The Prisoner and gone on to buy because of it. And on the price front, I played £1,500 for a rolling 93' SE chassis, with bodywork, ali panels, axle and suspension, all of it in, not exactly optimal condition, (bodywork needs hours of cleaning or painting...) and of all the original stuff I'd be looking at using the Chassis, axle, uprights, and some of the bodywork. In all the build will probably cost around, maybe a little bellow £10k. Not many 18 year olds can afford to do that, not to mention, I'd expect a lot of people my age to turn their nose up at a chassis that is 25 years old (even though they're the better chassis), and want a newer one, which would cost a hell of a lot more...
  7. Recently I've had a real soft spot for Bike V engines; The cheapest option would probably be the Ducati Panigale V4 R- 221hp at 15,250rpm, 998cc However if you've got more money than sense, you could attempt to get either the: KTM RC16 (V4)- 250+HP, 19,000rpm, 1,000cc Honda RC211V (V5) - 240+hp, don't know the RPM, 990cc
  8. PJ- Welder's initials WSE- Westfield SE 86- Year of the chassis 090- number of the chassis constructed Feel free to correct me if needed*
  9. Well, my Chassis has never been road registered, so it would be easier to go in G for the time being, may road register it in the future, but G seems the best option for now.
  10. G is looking like it'll be a good laugh in the coming years
  11. 7x13" fronts are common within the speed series, however people in D and F have been running 8" fronts as well as rear. If you're set on ZZRs, then you'd either want 215/55/13 on all corners, or 185/55/13 for fronts and 215/55/13 on the rear. For rims you'd either want Compomotive CXR, or Force Racing Wheels. Force are lighter and (In my opinion) look nicer on Westfields, however they will cost a bit more, you'd be looking at spending around £850 for a set of new Force wheels. Whereas the CXRs are about £500-£600 for a set.
  12. From the looks of the times, it may have been John Hoyle, he got a 110sec run which is upwards of 30 seconds slower than normal.
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