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Hannah's Moulettes

Onliest Smeg (David Richings)



Moulettes are an English eclectic Art Rock band that combines elements of Rock, Prog, Folk and Pop. I first came across them at Rammy Festival (Head for the Hills).


The band was formed in 2002 in Glastonbury by Hannah Miller (aka Hannah Moule) and are multi-instrumentalists who experiment with the interplay between electric and acoustic instruments through effects & distortion. Notably led by either a 4, 5 or 6 String Cello; the band use 3-part vocal harmony and often incorporate orchestral and progressive elements into their music.

They occasionally play with a chamber orchestra, or in larger ensembles.


Their main influences include Björk, Kate Bush, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. They have received positive reviews from mainstream press which has acknowledged the band's original sound. The band have been nominated for several Best of The Year lists, and won Spiral Earth's Best Band and Album categories. 


Having toured extensively and played at many festivals since their inception, Moulettes have shared the stage and studio with Seasick Steve, John Paul Jones, The Ting Tings, Mumford and Sons, Band of Skulls, Paul Heaton, Bonobo, Liz Green, The Unthanks, Arthur Brown and many more.


Definitely a unique sound, and imo a fitting alternative blog addition.
















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Have had their 'Constellations' album since it came out.  Found them via Jim Mortimore's Dad, Malcolm, who was once drummer for superb 70s prog band Gentle Giant.  Don't think Jim is in the band any more though

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Onliest Smeg (David Richings)


Constellations is imo by far their best.

Live they're great, with a little bit more 'heaviness' added.

Their recent work feels a bit contrived, like they're trying too hard to creative.

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