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Meet Barney, the Mid-Life Crisis

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster



November 3rd, 2020

Spend: £12,000


Whilst on holiday in France, with very little to do, I started to reflect on life and really missed having a V8 in it.  So a plan hatched; sell the Westfield, and buy a Seight!




I present to you: Barney


I'd spotted him on Ebay, but the auction disappeared before I sold my car.  On the off-chance it wasn't sold, I messaged the seller.  And as luck would have it, the original buyer had pulled out.  So I agreed to meet up today and with the help of @kenton made a deal.

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Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO


Fantastic colour!  Glad you scratched that itch...

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