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3 2 1 Ignition

The mighty crossflow runs great, I have the tickover a little higher than normal to soften out the lumpy cam, but once on the cam it goes really well.

However, like a lot of crossflow uprated motors it can be an A*** to start.

It's got some nice ignition parts ( for distributor style ignition at least ) fancy coil, Accuspark electronic dizzy, Accuspark leads. So it's not an out of the box 70's setup.

So I've started collecting parts to update it a little


Whilst I could easily crawl over scrapper for a few weekend collecting used bits, I've just been collecting parts as my fuel expense claims have gone into work, so via man maths it's costing me nothing ( yeah yeah, forgetting the wear and tear on my own car I'm doing work miles in )

The last trip to Scotland for work, has ordered the Nodiz electronics section, which should land soon.

Pulley looks slightly smaller, not a bad thing, anyone any idea what size belt I will need now , before I get the string out ?

Best donor car to get a coil bracket from, if they do one that's nice it saves making one ?



My Westy lives outside all year round, as have all my previous 'toys'

I've never bothered to SORN them, as I do enjoy a run if the sun is out, even if the temp doesn't match the outlook.

And SORN doesn't mean I get to lock it in the garage and work in the warm, so I pay the full years road tax, and hope to get some winter use.


And so we decided to have a little run today.

Spent 3 hours out and about without stopping so plenty of smiles per gallon, even if the might xflow does drink more juice than my Boxster did !


We went form Southport over to Horwich, up to Rivington, back via Chorley , Croston and top end of Southport.

Nope, not the most exciting roads, nor the fastest, in fact we didn't breach a single speed limit all day ( some facts of this story may have been changed )

No roof, no doors, just the wind deflectors.


Mrs asked what I was wearing against the weather, I said a fleece, wooly hat and gloves, it's a lovely day out. And a balmy 7 degrees.

She then set about like dressing as an extra from a winter catastrophe movie.


The wind deflectors do a great job at deflecting roadside mud ( lets just agree it was mud, and not cow related )


And nothing a quick wash couldn't sort out.

And we enjoyed blue sky the whole time





Having seen some really nice tidy engine bays,  I decided to take a look at mine, and see if I could improve in the view that already contains a mighty xflow ;)

Main thing I always got drawn to, was the return pipe from the thermostat to the header tank, basically a bit of hand bent copper tube running over the exhaust header.


So, had a think and looked at other cars, and a nice hardline properly clipped down as per a photo on this forum was the way to go.

This was the inspiration picture




Bit of 10mm alloy tube, some blue silicone pipe, couple of P clips, and a hand pipe bender.





Also routed the plug leads differently, need to source some nice clips for the leads now.



So my Storm Cap arrived form soft bits for Sevens

Now I can return my Halfords car cover that has split on the seem !

Storm Cap goes on easy, though I can probably spend a bit more time adjusting it to fit nicer.


And now the cat has a really expensive bed !



Boot Lid

I'm awaiting a boot cover price from Soft bits for Sevens ( great kit, but their customer contact is shocking, still awaiting delivery of my storm cover too ) so thought I'd knock up a temporary boot cover.

Got a sheet of ABS form Plays Kool ( It took ages to arrive, which for £10 delivery charge, is also a little lacking, but blamed squarely on the carrier, DPD, I'd have demanded a refund from my carrier and passed that to the customer in my business, but everyone is different )

Anyway, I digress, got the boot box, dremel, hand tools, and bit of trim out today, and knocked this up.


Bit of cosmetic trim I had knocking about later


Then back on with the half hood bag ( the real reason for doing this, so the bag doesn't disappear into the boot void ) !


Still need to look into making an opening to get into it for use, and some fasteners, but for the couple of hours I had spare, I'm OK with progress.



So we went out for a quick run Sunday, had to be at the inlaws in the afternoon, so just out for an hour to buzz about.

Would give me a chance to observe the temp gauge after fitting a new sender, see if I can fill the fuel tank ! I have to go really slow and point the nozzle up, might have to investigate the tank filler situation at some point !

Anyway, had a fun run round, temp was all good, tank is full, gauge reads about 130% full, lol, none of the gauges are very accurate !

Half doors made the better half feel less like she was about to fall out of fast corners, I found them useful if a bit restrictive. Wind deflectors do a decent job too.

About a mile form home, I heard a little noise, difficult to define but one of them, I 'm sure that's not right moments.

Then the lumpy running started.

Tickover was fine, but really down on power.

Limped home, let it cool, cover back on and out we went for dinner with the inlaws.

Didn't' really have any time to check anything, but have spent a couple of days pondering.

Ignoring the big ticket items. I sumized that as it was ticking over fine, and was down on power, how about 1 carb not working.

So tonight, as the windy weather has passed, I decided to take a look.

Nope all linkages fine, everything doing as it should.

OK, what about spark then.

Plug leads all on plugs fine, reach down to dizzy, one lead fully off and just floating about. 1 lead about ready to do the same.

Pushed them back on, but they are really a loose fit, so a bit of manipulation to the ends and back on nice and tight.

Didn't' have chance to run the engine up, but it looks like the obvious cause.

Now what made them decide to come off ?

Were they just loose all the time, and the couple of hundred miles I've done since purchase ( more than between it's last MOT ! ) is just showing up all the little niggles ?

Anyway , feeling a little brighter that it's not a big ticket item, looking forward to another run.

Though looking at the forecast, it'll be a damp one !




Bit of a hectic last weeks with work, so Friday was work form home day, and slightly early finish :)

Mainly timed to coincide with the arrival of my latest Soft Bits for Sevens order

Got my drill, poppers and rivets ready and spent about an hour fitting the first door, the 2nd much quicker as you get the hang of it.

I fitted the doors where I though they looked good, not sure if the is a correct height or angle etc.

Anyway, I think they go with the half hood quite nicely.


Still have a popper or 2 to fit, but thought I'd await the boot cover, so I can align the rear ones to match both. or do gypsy poppers or the like.

Hope the weather is nice this weekend, think I deserve a run out :)




Not much to update,

Big work project has kept me busy evenings and weekends, but I did find a little time to internet shop.

Then before heading off to Milton Keynes ready for an early start Monday, got these wind deflectors fitted.

Need another bend adding at the top to clear the half hood cleanly, hopefully have time to do that next weekend.


Soft Bits for Sevens are also sorting me with some half doors, and a rear tonneau cover.

Be ready for Winter fun drives on no time :)



Hot or Not ?

Thought I'd check over the cooling side of the car, as the gauge was always showing it as running hot, even without any physical symptoms.

And I've never heard the electric fan running.

Ordered a few bits, new thermostat, new fan switch, and a gasket or 2

Got round to looking today.

Quick taste of the water, left little lasting impression on my taste buds so probably not much antifreeze present.

Off with the thermostat housing, and the usual bodge reveals itself, no thermostat.

Fitted my new one and new gasket.

On with the ignition and bridged the fan connectors, fan runs fine.

So change out the fan switch on the thermostat housing too.

Drained the coolant and refilled with the correct type and percentage of anti freeze and begin to heat cycle top up and bleed.

check the temp gauge, showing hot.

Retrieve my infrared temp gun ( misspent youth, Ok misspent midlife of playing with RC cars )

Thermo housing showing around 84c, gauge showing 130+c

Let it warm a but further and leccy fan kicks in, and all seems well.

So I'm going with dodgy sender or gauge.

I'll order a cheap 52mm gauge and sender, and see how that gets on.

But if anyone has a spare SW gauge and sender that works and matches this one, I'd be interested to hear.





Took a punt on a half hood on Ebay just before I went away for a weeks hols.

Spoke to the seller, and from his description, the roll bar etc was the same on how written off car as my bar, so there was a decent chance of it fitting OK, he was offering collection only, and down in Kent, so I managed to persuade him to wrap it up and I'd send a courier in.

Sale agreed, and I arranged courier, paid and went on holiday.

Got back Friday afternoon, and unwrapped the hood, for a guy who wasn't keen on posting things, the wrap job was amazing.

Inside was a nice soft bit for sevens half hood, all neatly stored in their heavy duty bag, and also a full nylon indoor car cover thrown in.

Tried it on the car quickly, and apart form needing a couple more clips sorting to help with the tension, I'm very pleased.



Catch Can Tme

Was pretty much finished messing for the day, and thought I'd just take a look at my heavy breathing catch can issue.

I'd been collecting bit to have a go at it.

This is what I removed


The large  tank ? was bolted to the motor mount, well with 1 bolt anyway, the other lost !

The smaller tank was bolted to the inlet manifold in a heath robinson kind of fashion

And a lot of home made plumbing was evident.

Anyway I just ripped it all out.


I fitted a Burtons blank in place of the home made one, in fairness the home made one had a baffle on it, so this probably wasn't needed, but as I'd removed the old one to check, thought I might as well whilst I had it.


Alloy rocker has 2 unions fitted now.

Block breathes into rocker, rocker breathes into catch tank


Just need to mount the catch tank and vent tomorrow.


Then try it out.

Quick trip to Toolstation turned up a suitable bracket, I wanted the emptying plug easily accessible.



So for me, tinkering and messing with cars is a lot of the fun, and simple cosmetic changes, make the car feel a bit more mine.

Now, I know it's a Westfield and not a Lotus 7, but I like car because of it's roots.

So the clear rear lights, and stripes to the rear did nothing for me, and the tiny front plate the same.




So, stock rear lights, and fog light, chrome numberplate lamp, black and silver square plate and a selection of period stickers went on.

Round the front, the tiny plate was removed and a black and silver stick on has gone on, and yes, I've changed the Westfield badge to a Lotus one !




It's also gained a roof, not that I'll usr it a lot probably, but as I don't have a garage, and most of it's time its wrapped up under the car port and under it's cover, the roof and frame add another level of support and weather proofing.

I got the roof form a club member, and although used, it'll do the job just fine. I've not gone mad getting it aligned just fitted the poppers to the body to match the hood, and got it up and functional.

I'm hoping I've been good enough for Santa to bring me a half roof for Christmas :)





You know how it is,

The upgrades started arriving before the car, but ssshhh, she won't notice.

She certainly won't take a picture and send it to me on Whastapp asking me if I'm single handed supporting the post office next pay rise.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-13 at 12.00.58.jpeg


Play Time

So it's sunny if a little cool, so off with the cover and photo op

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 15.12.12.jpeg

Check it over, and go for a startup, I'd share the video but it's a little embarrassing, been a few years since I started a car on carbs, with no choke.

But I get it going before the battery is flat, so that's a win in my book !

It's LOUD and the Mrs says, that's better, that sounds like a proper toy ! And promptly gets in, and wants to go for a drive.


We run around for 40 minutes or so and she's smiling and enjoying the ride, I head back home, not wanting to overdo the first run.

Things need checking, the temp gauge reads high as soon as power is applied and the temp hits max within minutes, but the block isn't warm.

And a little oil smell.

Back home, motor is about the right temp, but gauge is still reading high, and the oil leak is actually oil pishing form the catch tank.

But overall impressions are good, and I'm taking this as a successful test run !


Just one last thing, does Dave like it

Out he comes in his best Tie, to try sitting in it.

I think that's a smile, don't you ?

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 15.12.13.jpeg


After a few false starts, including one Westy described as Mint and a perfect driver, an MOT check revealed it hadn't been tested since 1999 and on questioning the seller further, he agreed it needed MOT'ing and they would repair any failures, he couldn't actually tell me what number of miles he had done in it to declare it a perfect driver.


Next, and after a few more false starts, I saw this Westy, asked lots of questions and got back sensible replies, spoke to the seller a few times, he agreed to MOT the car ( even though it had plenty of MOT ) compete a service, and sent a nice dated video of the car being put through it's paces !


It had no weather gear, and given the 300+ miles trip home it would take, I was unsure.

I eventually found a transport company, that would also do a visual and drive check of the car, and talk to me prior to me paying the balance by bank transfer.

And the deal was done, the seller dropped the price an agreed amount to cover half the transport costs, and deposit was paid.

2 days later the transport guy arrived in Sunny ! ( nope, pishing down ) Scotland at 5pm and did the inspection and drive then spoke to me honestly about the car. I was happy that everything he pointed out had been covered by the seller already, and he said he even enjoyed the roofless soaking he got !

I spoke to the seller, made payment , and the car was loaded for the journey home.

10:30pm and the delivery agent rings to ask if it's OK to deliver, or he will happily take it back to base and deliver on Saturday, I tell him to crack on and deliver it, he's happy as his next pickup is near me and they have agreed a late night collection, so he is making more money by being loaded again.

He arrived with the West neatly covered under a plastic sheet, and he's managed to keep 99% of the terrible weather at bay, he apologised for the late hour, but said he'd stopped regularly to adjust the cover and keep the car as dry as possible, we unload the Westy and push it ( it's 11:30pm now and it's described as quite loud for such a small wee thing by the seller ) into the drive, and under my car cover.



Why a Westy ?

So, I had a Porsche Boxster, and it's the longest I've kept a car, just over 3 years.


The problem with them is value for money, they were expensive new, and that cost doesn't disappear as they become affordable to buy. 

Now I did all my own brakes and service jobs, but anything that involved getting near the mid engine, meant a big bill, so the novelty was wearing off.

I sold it onto the motor trade in June (  the trader is still trying to sell it on after adding £2k to the price he paid me ) not many people want a 99k miles Boxster.


What to replace it with, Looked at forums and went with an MX5, it lasted 1 month with me before I sold it on, at a slight loss, what an over rated vehicle. Raw driving pleasure, the closest to a 60's MG you can get etc etc, it was like driving my nans Datsun in the mid 80's !

On top of that, there was no sense of occasion.


I needed something a bit more daft.

Fire up the Ebay !

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