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Last run of 2017



Put Christmas back in the loft today, and decided to get some mundane tasks done.

Needed a new 2D bulb for the porch and some bulbs for the living room.

Take the Westy to Toolstation seemed the obvious answer.

Off with it's wrappers, started it up and off we go, it's only a quick 15 minute run, and the weather was just nice enough to enjoy the roof off without feeling too cold.

By the time I leave Toolstation, the sky had turned grey and the first spots of rain were landing on the interior !

That's it, long way home it is, if I'm gonna get wet, I might as well get wet having fun.

Couple of pleasant hours past, people pointing and laughing ( not sure if at car or me getting wet ) saw a few bikers on vintage machinery, waved and got some nods back, nice to see there are other idiots about !

Got home, unpacked my stuff and threw the roof and cover back on, just in time for the sky to turn blue gain !

Fitted my bulbs at home, then uncovered the Westy again.

I have a half hood, and am about to fit a boot tonneau, and want a neat solution to all the poppers and don't really want to use gypsy double studs as I find the don't hold well.

So moved the poppers for the side hood loops onto the roll bar, they actually work better here too, and don't pop off as easy when tensioning the hood.

Still awaiting a reply form SBFS about boot tonneau, so not fitted that as of yet.

I'm thinking of adding a 2nd set of 4 poppers to the rear tub just below the stock ones, so the half hood can be deployed with the boot tonneau on without disturbing it.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I'll do first run of 2018 and look into that I reckon.


I've really enjoyed the end of 2017, and getting a Westy is one of the main reasons, I've had faster, comfier, quieter cars, but none with quite the sense of occasion that the Westy provides, and none of them that were quite so scary at speeds that you have a chance of retaining your license doing.


Roll on 2018




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