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Waiting in for a delivery




Being financial precautious ( my mrs calls it tight :nope: ) , and not wanting to pay £40 extra, the new sofa we were having delivered today was due sometime today with no specific delivery slot. It arrived about 3:45 for those interested :d

So rather than risk a run out in the crisp sunshine, I decided to get a few little jobs done.

Got round to fitting my SBFS boot tonneau.

I has to use the poppers already fitted to the body, and in reality they could have done with being placed a bit lower down to make the location of the clips on the cover a bit better.

But it's all fitted, reasonably tensioned, and I also added another row of poppers so my half hood can still fasten easy.


I now own most of the SBFS range ! Sure there should be a sponsorship deal in there somewhere !


I also replaced the gear gaiter, as I suspect the original one was a 60's survivor, and I use the term survivor loosely !

Here is the old one prior to removal


And the new one, a generic Aliexpress special, I suspect pleather rather than leather, but it looks fine.


And then, I've missed not having a rear view mirror, tried one of the stick on jobs on the screen , it fell off, not not until it had vibrated so much it was unusable.

So I've gone for an old school dash mounted one.



Just hoping it doesn't obscure too much vision.

Other job ticked off, was to refresh the seal on the scuttle and nose that the bonnet seal against.

The old ones were in poor condition and letting the panels rattle. Gone for something a little more D shaped that compress, hopefully that'll sort it. 


Not a bad way to waste a day.


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