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  1. toys4x4boys

    ( SOLD ) Mazda Yellow 450cc Injectors

    Still available ?
  2. toys4x4boys

    Upset neighbour

    Get it converted to a sticker and have it on the car like a medal
  3. My son has just changed car so this is available. 2006 '06' Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Panther Black Metallic Just under 90k Miles Long MOT Original Handbooks Been a local car all of it's life. Central Locking, electric windows New Tyres all Round New Battery Just Fitted 1 or 2 small bodywork defects, but very presentable Ideal first car for Insurance Drives well New car has arrived, so this is ready for it's new owner. View in Formby, Merseyside No P/X or Swaps, cash on collection please. £1100 ono
  4. toys4x4boys

    Xflow breathing and oil catch tank help

    When I got my car, it filled the catch tank every run, the crank case was plumbed straight to it. I spoke to a few old school escort racers who ran xflows back in the day. Then spoke to Burton Power. I now run, baffled fuel pump blank, crankcase vent with no valves direct to one end of rocker cover, and other end of rocker cover to the catch tank. Catch tank is fitted with an internal pipe drilled at regular intervals and the can is packed with wire wool. The 2nd outlet on the tank vents via a tube with a filter on the end to atmosphere. I feel pressure coming out of the tank vent, so it's doing something, I don't get a lot of oil in it. However, my xflow leaks oil out of most of it's gaskets. And fitting a new gasket just moves the leak about. Compression test shows a healthy motor, and it recently made 100BHP at the wheels at a rolling road session and pulls well. It just breathes really heavy. So whilst perhaps not the only way to do it, it seemed an acceptable way to do it. http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/blogs/entry/365-catch-can-tme/
  5. toys4x4boys

    RAC Roll Bar - SOLD

    PM Sent
  6. toys4x4boys

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    TSW's ET35 with 10mm spacers in rear. 195/50/15 Yokohama tyres. Seem a pretty stock wheel, quite a few westys of this era have them.
  7. toys4x4boys

    Rolling Road

    So teamed up with the guys form NWKCOG again, and met for a rolling road day. Just a get together, see what your car ran and have a laugh, not a full day of minor adjustments to get the best. Great weather and a good turnout. Eventually it was my go Now being vertically challenged next to our rolling road supremo for the day Ade, meant I had to work the pedals in my own car. As he couldn't fit in ! Result ? Well all road vary, but those that had done it before got the results they expected, so I'm happy to think the 100BHP at the wheels ( 118BHP at flywheel ) is reasonably accurate. And I'm happy with that, specially given some of the other results on the day. But all in all a great day, great company, and good to know there is a small one man garage that knows kits and carbs locally !
  8. toys4x4boys

    Weber set up

    AB Garage, Chester Few of us taking kits, well 20 actually on Saturday for a rolling road day. Proper old school, knows carbs, and drivable even roughly form Warrington. Address: Unit 167B Castle Close/Manor Lane, Deeside CH5 3QX Phone: 01244 537701
  9. toys4x4boys

    Which engine discussion.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-MAZDA-6-2-3-SPORT-LPG-DUAL-FUEL-CONVERTED-12-MONTHS-MOT-UNTIL-03-2019/222896955431?hash=item33e5b1a027:g:1EwAAOSwWxxatncC You could probably get most of the purchase price back for the leftovers !
  10. toys4x4boys

    Nodiz, it's alive.

    It's alive. Its been a bit of a Saga, but the guys at https://motorsport-electronics.co.uk/products/ignition-only-systems/nodiz-pro/ have been great. Swapped to the Webcon trigger wheel setup, much happier with that, QED were good and refunded on their kit. Rolling road booked for 14th April !
  11. toys4x4boys

    Something for the weekend

    We went to supercars of Southport at the weekend. OK, so there were 1 or 2 supercars, and a lot of Focus ST's, but there were a couple of little gems too. I think we got the most viewers, though the supercar drivers might disagree
  12. toys4x4boys

    SOLD SOLD Contoured Dash

    Will do a deal if it helps. Currently after a Roll Bar with rear stays, RAC or MSA type. Or 13" Minilite style wheels WHY
  13. toys4x4boys

    SOLD SOLD Contoured Dash

    Westfield Contoured Dash, with top bumper/finisher. Never used. Includes sheet of Carbon effect ABS for clock and switch mounts. Some small storage marks, but will polish up nice. Been planning on changing it for a while, but now decided I like the dash I have ( honestly nothing to do with the amount of work needed and chickening out ! ) Prefer collection ( Home Southport Mersyside, or office hours Bolton )as it is an odd shape to wrap, but will wrap and post for £20 extra. £150
  14. toys4x4boys

    SOLD Full Tonneau for Narrow Body

    Next round of decluttering ! Full Tonneau for Narrow Body Car, came with a job lot as I wanted some other bits in the bundle. Suitable for low seats, or seats with removable headrests, proper old school Zip down the middle works fine Not full of poppers, so won't look bad if you need to change the locations of them. Clean and presentable. Use as is, or might be good to chop up and make a boot cover and half doors ? £50 + £8 Postage Yes, the Mrs is out, hence getting away with putting it on the bed to take pictures
  15. toys4x4boys

    Snowy pics

    Might need my gloves on for a run out.

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