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    • I don't think victor bought it in the end then? or he did, and he did not have it long. I just recognised the seats.  welcome to the club. Great fun cars  I was looking at ebay at ones for sale (we all do it) this is in north wales so near you. Its the end of the scale but it will be quick!, but worth a look if its close? Get a feel for what you might want.  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Kit-Car/192433856978?hash=item2ccdf3a1d2:g:QU0AAOSwODFaZJVi    
    • I'm still struggling, where do I  find my location etc. on the map?
    • The great thing about oil to water heat exchangers, as per  The Stoats installation, is that it works in not only cooling the oil to a temperature the water should be at sensibly , but will also act as an oil warmer when the oil is cold and warms it quicker , which is helpful in getting the oil into a temperature zone that will help to lubricate quicker and better. This and also not blocking the rad with an air to oil cooler must be better, although there is negatives , with getting water nearer to oil , should the exchanger split, but thats pretty rare. One negative is a bit of plumbing and a sensible cooler location. I had an air cooler fitted to my old pre-lit , as the crossflow was running a decent HP. I mounted the cooler behind the rad onto the chassis rail behind and fabricated a ram to lift the air into the cooler. This didnt affect the rad and also meant it had un heated air going into it. Remember that you will need a thermostat with this air to air, but with the laminova water to air you wont need it.
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