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Testing my Avatar


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To add your Avatar:

Get a picture

Size it to a max of 150 x 150 pixels (see previous post) (take a note of the width & height values)

Get it uploaded onto some web space (e-mail me if you don't have any, I can host it for you)

Take a note of the url (the http://... bit)

Log into this board

At the top of the screen click on control panel

Click on Personal Info

Click On Avatar Options

Enter the url into the box beside 'your avatar'

Fill in the size properties

Click on 'add my own image as my avatar'

That should be you sorted.  :cool:

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Two people have asked me to host avatars recently and I'm afrais my desktop pc is bust

I will post them but it may take a while.

I've just driven the blade through two trees and into a ditch after going airbourne off a curb. ( no I didn't spin it this time)

That is somewhat more urgent for me to fix than my desktop I'm afraid.

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My pride is quite badly bruised and the car is a bit of a mess.

Hopefully Footman James and, more importantly, Westfield can sort it though. Can't wait for next year's insurance premium renewal!

Cheers for asking though Mark, I really apopreciate that.

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stueyboy2 - is that a navy blue sport carbon?  It just looks remarkably similar to mine.  Wheels are different though.  Great Stu's think alike, obviously.  I'll sort an avatar out soon.


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