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Legs too short

Mrs Westy

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Boys,Boys,Boys is there nothing sacred in this club? men women and cars don't mix. The only time men mix with women is when their raving drunk on stella and following a pair of women's baps round a pub. :p  :love:

Women should use their special qualities(cleaning,cooking,talking collecting u from the pub on demand and looking after the "beasts from the womb") in the right environment.... and thats why my dear friends, the seats in westfields are not adjusatble ;)

I thank U ;)

Buzz :cool:

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Sounded awesome at it's maiden outing at the Brighton Speed Trials. But it wasn't running perfectly.

They had plugs and ECU to prime it, plugs and ECU to warm it up, etc. etc. Not sure what the problem was (didn't want to hassle them) but they seemed to be breeding DTAs in there, there were stacks of them!

Then the car went into the wall on one run (I was queuing for my run so missed that too *groan*). Don't think they had a good day. Can't wait to see it when it's 100% though, nothing will touch it.

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Apparently they've now overcome those little niggles and it's running much better.  They've done a couple of events at Curborough without any significant problems from what Dick was saying a couple of weeks ago.

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...well if men, women & cars don't mix, why don't you give us our own chat room?  Password protected of course, we can't have you lot knowing what we're saying about you...

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