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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283131587640
  2. gee_fin

    8" and 10" Wheel Offsets?

    Can anyone help? - looking to find out the offset for 8" fronts and 10" rears on an SEiW? Searched but can't find the info
  3. gee_fin

    Sunglasses - Your recommendations please

    Maui Jim *glass* lenses hands down. Big difference when you get the glass ones - plastic ones good/great, glass ones stunning. Cut through all the glare, super contrast in all light and depending on the colour you want striking saturation can be had too. There are some decent after market lenses for them too... and some not so decent ones (avoid Lens+) /voe
  4. gee_fin

    Formula 3 wheels

    Does anyone know the offsets for these (front & rear)?
  5. gee_fin

    Aim mxs info thread

    Can anyone share the electrical diagram using the standard VDO ohm tank sender?
  6. gee_fin

    Aim mxs info thread

    Where do you check that?
  7. gee_fin

    Aim mxs info thread

    Interesting, the fuel sender reading on mine died about a month ago. Ordered a new sender box and I'm waiting for that to arrive... wonder if something has changed in the dash?
  8. Engine mounted up. No real places to front or top mount, but been assured base and back is strong enough by Synergy. Car is now off at Edwards Motorsport getting the turbos mounted and exhausts made. Full stainless going in, but fun will be the angle of those exhaust ports, damn near straight down and yet still need to find space to fit in the twin Borgs... Likely take a while to get the car back, so may be a month or so until it can then start being built up.
  9. gee_fin

    [SOLD] TRS 4 Point Harnesses

  10. gee_fin

    [SOLD] TRS 4 Point Harnesses

    If UK, then yep, no problem.
  11. 60mm deep. Supplied with fan. 100GBP + postage or pickup from County Durham.
  12. Used, pair of TRS harnesses. Aircraft buckle release, clip on ends and reverse lap adjusters. 175GBP new each from Demon Tweeks. For sale at 100GBP for the pair + postage or pickup from County Durham.
  13. Swapping out the back housings on the turbos. The standard ones might give some issues at the 12kRPM we're aiming for... both turbos are water cooled, also running the speed sensors. Quite looking forward to hearing these things sing.
  14. Tbh, mine was pretty extreme, not quite anti-lag but getting close to sounding like it...Along with a gunshot of a flat shift. Potentially made worse by addition of boost. Signs were that the idle just rising, and rising, every few drives. Until it became ridiculous at which point the culprit was obvious. Swapped them out and not had an issue in the two years of driving since.

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