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  1. This particular screen always throws up the warning icon for me in the software. Tried setting all channels on it to blank and it still throws the warning .Something is buggy with it. Removing this screen (even when set to show no sensors) removes the warning...
  2. I'm now having a new issue. All firmware on latest. My check display screens aren't showing the background colours they should be. This, along with a small warning triangle appearing on the config screen that I can't seem to get rid of and the odometers are all showing blank. Warning sign on dash config screen :- I tried creating a new display config from scratch, the warning sign still appears. Odo readings showing blank :- Background color/lines not showing :- Anyone come across this or is it time to ask Aim?
  3. Got the fuel tank, dry sump tank and potentially a fire extinguisher back there. It's pretty full. Would also mean much longer plumbing runs
  4. Hens teeth. 1.5 turns lock to lock, centre drive, all alloy Titan rack for Westfield with mounts. 250quid.
  5. Not a bad suggestion, would keep the piping lengths down a bit... The only question is would mean no V8 rad ducting out the top, but could always divert that out the sides...
  6. Yeah, trying to see if anyone or anywhere has stock. Not really interested in going through the process of registering a whole new drawing/design with them.
  7. Can anyone help with a source for these?
  8. This can fit under the legs, sideways in the cockpit?
  9. I bought an LMP rad, pretty much seems a perfect fit and short of F1, I doubt I'd be able to get a better core than this!
  10. Mocking up some charge cooler placements. They're a fair size, but as the engine only takes up half the engine bay, there is room. A small rad for each of these is going to be tricky to place though... The Caterham Levante had coolers hanging outside the body behind the front wheels, wasn't a huge fan of that though, have to see what falls out. Caterham setup (see the vents behind the front wheels).
  11. They're Borg Warner 6758s, as recommend by the engine builders through their sim. They're not small, photos make them look bigger than they are, certainly seen much bigger on Evos and the like... should do the job though, back housings have been changed to allow them to work at the higher than usual RPMs.
  12. Swung through today, no major progress yet, but discussed some ideas. Hopefully now we can start seeing major movement. One half of what the setup will be. Turbo's hang out side the bodywork, need some form of short, waterproof intake filter. Oil and water lines to come off each turbo. Intake going to two barrel charge coolers in front of engine is the plan. 3" system all the way through, will need to fabricate some carbon exhaust shields. Diff in place, fits nicely, but still need some removal of bars and a bucketload of triangulation. Lovely mounting points on the diff though, so that bit should be relatively straight-forward. Gear levers are so 2002. Because coz (Harley Davidson LED headlights in MOG carbon pods).
  13. Shirley a charge light is as simple as setting up a warning alarm to come on when the voltage dips below say 12.2v and the revs are above 800rpm? About 60s work to do in the software.
  14. Used and complete with all fixings/necessary bits. Came off SEiW running widetrack. Can post or collect from PKM, Crook, County Durham. £85
  15. https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheel-accessories/podium-advanced-paddles-module-eu.html Can't be long until someone puts these on a car...Sim gear really is quite amazing.
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