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  1. The ECU powers up fine, just says it sees 20v and all the sensors are maxed out. Is there a document that tells you what each pin should be seeing? Because if that Pin 4 should be seeing 5v flat then there is clearly a loom issue. I would just like to know what each pin should be showing...
  2. Get's weird. I found a photo from the initial failure of the chip. Can see the heat/failing of the arms into the chip (Dec 2015). I have a receipt for the ordering of a replacement chip for (Dec 2015) it but then the trail goes dead. Furthermore, examing that pic above, to the current pic below an extra capacitor has been put in. I literally have no recollection, or idea of who would have the knowledge to do this. I'm totally confused :-/ Can't find any emails/messages for who did this work, if it was sent out, etc.
  3. Loads of them on eBay. Will see if I can get the solder/pins cleaned up and if that doesn't work, new chip time, if that doesn't work, urgh, new ECU...
  4. Do you have that datasheet handy? Would like to see it.
  5. That can't be good...
  6. Hmm, on inspection of the board, I can see a broken/melted pin on the TLE 4470 G, says that is a "Dual Low Drop Voltage regulator"... Semi sure that was replaced about three years ago. Think it might have gone again.
  7. Long shot this, but does anyone have a list of what voltages they see on their loom with the 9A4? I've tried wiping the ECU, disconnecting the 24v start system and still no joy. I get the below, 5v earth has me sceptical but just would like to know what each pin SHOULD be seeing...
  8. Have an MBE 9A4 that after a number of years or relatively trouble free running just decided to crap out. All the sensors into are reading max readings and the ECU itself says it's receiving 20.00v (presumably the max the channel can display). Multimetering the wires it's getting 12v as expected. Has anyone come across this before and can shed any helpful light on it?
  9. Oh, and some bl**** nice sensors too - a couple of Indycar DW12 brake sensors - $700USD each when new! (but thankfully, 1/10th of that from a friendly source) along with steering angle and a McLaren high-speed air temp (will the car go fast enough to qualify for a high-speed air temp sensor tho? :-/ ). The brake pressure sensors handy not just for data logging but I want to have launch control ala the WRC cars where you arm launch by standing flat on the brake, arming it, go flat on the throttle (ECU controls the clutch) and then just sidestep the brake and away you go...
  10. Still amassing parts as the build slowly edges forward. More carbon... never pass up the opportunity to grab some MickMade when it's available Grabbed the PDM, just the ECU itself to go (M150) now as the last expensive item left. Changed the rack (again) to go for an offset Titan 1.5, the offset will just allow easier routing of the column with less knuckles. Gussets being made up for the chassis strengthening (going to be a lot of these)... Plate for the mounting of the pedals, would still ideally like carbon pedals but the adjustment and detail on these Tilton's is pretty impressive.
  11. This particular screen always throws up the warning icon for me in the software. Tried setting all channels on it to blank and it still throws the warning .Something is buggy with it. Removing this screen (even when set to show no sensors) removes the warning...
  12. I'm now having a new issue. All firmware on latest. My check display screens aren't showing the background colours they should be. This, along with a small warning triangle appearing on the config screen that I can't seem to get rid of and the odometers are all showing blank. Warning sign on dash config screen :- I tried creating a new display config from scratch, the warning sign still appears. Odo readings showing blank :- Background color/lines not showing :- Anyone come across this or is it time to ask Aim?
  13. Got the fuel tank, dry sump tank and potentially a fire extinguisher back there. It's pretty full. Would also mean much longer plumbing runs
  14. Hens teeth. 1.5 turns lock to lock, centre drive, all alloy Titan rack for Westfield with mounts. 250quid.
  15. Not a bad suggestion, would keep the piping lengths down a bit... The only question is would mean no V8 rad ducting out the top, but could always divert that out the sides...
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