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1800 Zetec exhaust


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I offered  my manifold up, in order to take some measurements for cutting hole in body later, only to find that one of the down pipes touches part of the block which sticks out. :(

Has any one experienced this before?

Can I just attack it with my grinder  :angry:  :angry:

Any feed back appreciated.

Ta muchly :D

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Are you using the standard westfield manifold?

It shouldn't really be anywhere near the block, mine certainly isn't, what part of the block does it hit?


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I am about to start building a Sport 1800, I asked Mark at Westfield about the positioning of the hole in the bodywork and he has sent me a diagram with measurements that suit the current exhaust manifold with the engine in its std

position mated to the mt75 gearbox.  I can't seem to post it here so if you would like a copy please pm me and I will send it to your email address.

Sorry can't help with the fouling problem though as haven't got there yet.



:D  :D

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There is a piece of the block below the breather housing that sticks out towards the front of the engine, possibly a mounting for something. Anyway it is the std Westfield manifold and mine is meant to be the 'Madness' Zetec package (std 1800 with FI).

I have a picture but how do I post it on here?

I'll have to talk to the factory tomorrow - AGAIN!! :down:

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Had a look at your picture and compared it to my Zetec install and there's something well wrong if the downpipe from your westfield manifold is hitting the cast part of the engine block


Rough measured my clearance and it's around 60mm.....

you do have the Westfield tubular stainless type  ???

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As far as I know it's the standard Westfield fabricated 4 into 1 manifold/down pipe. I have sent a copy of the picture to Mark at WF to see what they make of it.

I'll post an update once I know what the problem is. Looks like it's just me & my good fortune again!! :down:

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