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FS: 1998 Westfield SEW 1.8 Zetec - SOLD!


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For sale is my 1998 Westfield SEW fitted with a 1.8L "silvertop" Zetec engine.








I bought this in April 2014 from a gentleman in Wales who was the 3rd owner.  He explained the car had started life as a Sprint car before he bought it, but that he only ever used it on the road, and due to life and children the car sat unused in his garage.  At the time it had a bog standard 1.6L Crossflow engine on twin 40s and that kept me entertained for a couple of years whilst I concentrated on getting the car to look how I wanted it.  In August 2016 I was offered the opportunity to upgrade the Crossflow with the current engine, a 1.8L Silvertop Zetec with ITBs by another WSCC member so over the winter period I swapped the engine and sold the Crossflow.  The joy was short-lived as only 1000 miles after installation, the big end bearings spun and I was left crying 😭.  The engine was then rebuild by JA Kits&Customs and in April 2018 the car was back on the road.  And that sort of brings us to up to date.










- Westfield Chrome Yelllow "Kit" bodywork with a quick release nose cone and scuttle

- Carbon NV carbon cycle wings with integrated DRL/indicators

- 3M carbon vinyl rear arch protectors

- Unknown make carbon double bubble aeroscreen

- 13" John Brown Wheels "Smoothie" steel wheels in 5.5J on the front and 7J on the back both fitted with Nankang NS-2R tyres in 185/60R13.

- 4" Dominator head lights

- Roadvision R8 rear light units

- "RAC" roll bar with Hella 3rd brake light

- Intatrim Endeavour seats bolted to the floor

- Westfield 4 point seatbelts

- OMP steering wheel with removable boss and indicator buttons

- Playskool "carbon" dashboard

- VDO cockpit instrumentation with white gauge faces (except for oil pressure)

- Shift lights

- Westfield gear knob

- 3D printed centre console, gear and handbrake surround

- Tonneau cover

- Re-located fuel filler


EXT_1.thumb.jpeg.841cdff42efeba41bdf3e3b508a3219c.jpeg EXT_01.thumb.jpeg.f10f630f18f0eb0d030cf8f90e4914aa.jpeg EXT_02.thumb.jpeg.500d207f7dffb0a3b1ef141e6c07d052.jpeg


EXT_03.thumb.jpeg.0f5bedfb88c42cf26cb4dd15d3cd7dff.jpeg EXT_05.thumb.jpeg.9934c10046402eb3c6a85c452c0e4cdf.jpeg EXT_08.thumb.jpeg.7921cc17498b98aeaa6b92dc6d67e003.jpeg


EXT_09.thumb.jpeg.7c30742d97ef86b1fec5be33120a3a1f.jpeg EXT_10.thumb.jpeg.7c60c42ff51bad9f8b058ceb0a79d18b.jpeg EXT_13.thumb.jpeg.6eca329d419b33a2178008a3774236bc.jpeg




- Westfield supplied 1998 Ford "silvertop" 1.8L Zetec (RKC engine code)

- Jenvey ITBs with Penny&Giles contactless TPS

- MBE 956E ECU mapped by Northampton Motorsport to 177 bhp / 142 Nm and a 7200 rpm limit

- MSD coil pack

- Denso Iridium twin-tipped spark plugs

- Ford Sierra 2.0 "Type 9" 5 speed gearbox refurbished by Graham Millar (windy) in 2016

- Westfield top mounted pedal box

- Clubsport AGM battery

- CTek indicator panel charger

- Programmable coolant temperature fan switch with manual override

- Westfield front uprights

- Unknown make disk brakes on the front

- Spax dampers on the front

- Live axle with 3.54:1 plated LSD refurbished by Martin Harvey (marto303) / Graham Millar (windy) in 2016

- Plays-Kool supplied Protech 14" open dampers with 175lb springs on the rear

- Ford RS2000 9" drum brakes on the rear

- Extended range (40L) fuel tank with a Landrover V8 internal fuel pump and VDO compatible float tube sender

- Motad stainless steel 6" repackable exhaust silencer




TOPFRONT.thumb.jpeg.a3420cbd142134ad26f65a9bdd8d1272.jpeg TOPFRONT2.thumb.jpeg.9342f3449d50a145fa67f859de1ad926.jpeg TOPREAR.thumb.jpeg.8348d05a0d83a0f2bc68771e6b4b092b.jpeg


EXT_04.thumb.jpeg.97cfffada3e6962924cce06d7ef9f1de.jpeg EXT_14.thumb.jpeg.697bb60fd432153288be753d0cda0fee.jpeg EXT_11.thumb.jpeg.469c43920212e1196369f9fd89c5435b.jpeg


Other stuff


I've got a stack of original paperwork including build manual, along with years and years of receipts.  I've also kept a blog on these forums up to date, which contains every single thing I've done or fixed.  You can read all about it here: https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/blogs/blog/48-quintens-mighty-blog/.  The only issue is that all my older pictures were hosted on my own web server, of which the hdd crashed at some point with no recovery possible.  After that photos were hosted on the forums, but it does mean my early posts read a little odd without pictures.




The car is taxed, MOT'd (18/10/2021) and insured so Covid friendly passenger rides can be accommodated.  I'm in Northampton a couple of miles from either J16 or J15A of the M1.


I'm looking for £11,000 but am open to offers.  Give me a call/text/whatsapp on 07971 125839 or email me at quinten (at) awooga.nl.


EXT_06.thumb.jpeg.9ec1170af834d9124a51f25be81ea179.jpeg EXT_16.thumb.jpeg.7099b79907e8ee2be22c124af6f011a1.jpeg EXT_12.thumb.jpeg.6bc46ee31c75d2d10891b00a8a695c0f.jpeg 

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I like your car 👍


Hope it sells quick.


I hadnt realised it was running an Atlas axle... did you post any photos on your blog of how that was installed?

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Cheers @Dan_G.  Not necessarily the installation, but I did have some pictures (lost when hdd crashed) of it after refurbishment in Dec '16.  Are you after a particular piece of information?  Can always check for you on my car...

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I'd like a complete how to... 🤣


I fear my little english axle might throw its hand in if I fit a bigger more torquey engine.

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My apologies @Dan_G.  It wasn't until you queried it, that I realised that I do not have an Atlas, but just a regular English axle 🤦‍♂️.  Have amended the advert...


But for axles/diffs/gearboxes, speak to @windy.  What he doesn't know, is probably not worth knowing ;) 

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16 minutes ago, Hanuman said:

Hello Sir, may I ask if you have also the original windscreen for a more touring usage?




I sold the windscreen within 2 months of owning the car, but the original mounting holes are still there (the aeroscreen re-uses them) so it would literally take 5 minutes to fit one if you purchased one elsewhere.

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  • Quinten changed the title to FS: 1998 Westfield SEW 1.8 Zetec - SOLD!
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