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  1. windy

    Type 9 Specialist recomendation required

    Not in the fells today but I’m on a transmission that’s a bit trick! pm sent
  2. windy

    2018 Regs and Explainations

    Just to pass some comments of mine for thoughts: I've been doing the speed series from when it started (I think). It was a long time ago now, 20+ years! When it started I recall 8 events counted towards the overall scores and there were 12 events in the calendar. This made it relatively cheap because there were fewer rounds to count and very competitive because everyone was there for the majority of the events. It seems now there are too many events in the calendar (35) and too many to score at (10). The fact there are too many events means you are unlikely to compete with your rivals so often. I accept motorsport is not cheap but reducing the number of events for everyone, not just novices, is one way to reduce costs and encourage more people to participate. Other championships where people are noticing there are a lot of Westfields in the event classes, appear to have fewer rounds. This might be something for the SSOT to look into. And another thing perhaps we should look at is going back to list 1A tyres. I still can't believe I drove my car all the way to the Isle of Man and back and got fastest time of the day on list 1As!!!! Who needs sticky tyres!!!
  3. windy

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, December 2017

    1000 mile round trip for me - Cumbria - Somerset - Grove lock - Cumbria. Hope it's going to be worth it!!!!
  4. windy

    Awards Evening Menus and timmings

    Not many people are going to find this here. It needs to be a new thread in the ss section.
  5. windy

    Vauxhall redtop 20XE engine parts

    Crankshaft sensors sold spark plug cover sold
  6. windy

    Awards Do

    Booked but payment didn't go through on the 1st attempt via the store, so I did another transaction. Who do I need to contact about this to make sure I've not paid twice?
  7. windy

    FHR MSA stickers

    Very difficult to forge the hologram label on a HANS. Much easier to forge the MSA sticker.
  8. If we are coming out of Europe what has this got to do with us? We should be lobbying the MSA to ignore it, not to waste our license fees on pursuing this. Mind you the MSA appear to have plenty of time on their hands! Have a read of this, you couldn't make this up:
  9. windy

    Vauxhall redtop 20XE engine parts

    Sorry I do have one but I need to keep it for a spare.
  10. windy

    Vauxhall redtop 20XE engine parts

    The ones I've found so far are both 92 degrees. I might have a 80? degree one somewhere.
  11. windy

    FHR MSA stickers

    Hans damage will be looked at too. I have first hand experience! Make sure you watch the scrutineers when they handle your equipment, especially ones with butter fingers!
  12. Redtop clearout: I have lots of standard redtop 20XE and C20XE engine parts for sale, slowly sifting through all the bits I have and will post pictures up when I have got it all sorted out. If any members want anything in particular let me know otherwise its all going on the usual auction site: So far I have (all standard parts): Cams - various Sets of rods and pistons, some with arp rod bolts, some with standard bolts standard cam pulleys Sets of exhaust valves sets of inlet valves sets of valve springs crank pulleys (TV dampers) poly vee belt type and early single V belt oil dipstick tubes camshaft covers (some modded with cover lip removed) spark plug lead cover, there's at least one (plastic light weight vauxhall type) thermostat housing with thermostats (various temps) some include the sensors crankshaft sensors - the genuine OE Bosch ones cam drive steel back covers cam drive front aluminium covers Mounting posts for the cam drive covers + lots of other bits still to find Ping me a message if you want anything Graham
  13. windy

    Diff whine

    You need to drive it in 4th gear to isolate any gearbox whine. If the whine is still there is is going to be the diff. Drive the back of the car up some ramps, get underneath it and turn the propshaft backwards and forwards by hand. If there is a lot of slop the diff will have a lot of backlash which is your likely cause.
  14. I plan to be there Friday eve and Saturday. Can you put me down for the meal please Graham? Ta

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