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Westfield SuperTec *Deposit Taken*

Scottish Bloke

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Scottish Bloke

For Sale – Westfield SuperTec – Enclosed Trailer – Spares Package


After owning and developing my very loved car over the last 12 years, I’ve made the very reluctant decision to move on. To say this has been an extremely difficult decision is an understatement but due to other commitments personal circumstances it’s sadly time to move on.

I’ve had an absolute blast with the car, it’s brought me an amazing amount of pleasure and has introduced me into the Westfield Speed Series family, where I’m happy to say I’ve met some of the best people I now call my best friends.


The car was originally built to a very high standard by Paul Aspden, the founder of Playskool Motorsport in circa 1999/2000. It was also owned by WSCC legends, Steve Davies and latterly Mike Allard (The Duck). Mike ran the car successfully in the Speed Series for a time before I purchased her in around 2005/6. It ran a high performance Vauxhall XE with around 235hp and was mated to a Quaife Syncro box.

I bought the car as a successor to my mighty 98bhp crossflow narrow body, which I competed with for a year or so before being made an expert in the Speed Series after 2 wins, those were the rules back then!

235hp was a bit of a step up, but after a few pant painting outings with Mike’s words of “be careful or it’ll bite” still ringing in my ears a reasonable amount of success followed eventually winning the Speed Series outright in ’09 after further development and more power, a Quaife Dog Box and 262hp

Following the success of the ’09 season, I took a little time off and just did favourite events for a couple of years, chasing championships, moving house, getting life in general all come at a cost.

So where are we going with the ad’ I hear you say. WELL, the biggest developments came in 2012 when a very good friend said, my dad says you can have that engine in the workshop if you’re interested….and here the journey to 357hp begun. Two years spare time lost in the workshop, developing parts, engineering them, trial fitting, many late nights, a whole load of goodwill and a substantial amount of money later, the SuperTec was born! Not for the faint hearted, this car will do 0 – 60 in 2.5 seconds and will get you to 100mph in under 5.7 seconds, it really is that quick!



Spec as follows:



Freshly rebuilt in 2020 and still to be run in!


2.0 Supercharged Duratec now producing 357bhp on NMS Rollers (525kg car)

Carillo Steel Rods

Supertech Pistons – Brand New for 2020

Newman Cams

Cosworth Steel Crank

Uprated Valves

Uprated Springs

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger on Custom lightweight mount

750cc Injectors

Custom 4-2-1 Exhaust with 50mm headers

Titan Dry Sump

Titan Oil Pump

SBD Dry Sump Tank

All Newly made Braided oil lines with matt black couplings

Small Lightweight Denso Alternator on custom Bracketry

TTV 1 Piece Custom Crack pulley, keyed to suit crank

All Custom engine Mounts – engine solidly mounted 

Bespoke Motorsport Wiring Loom

Custom PCCB Delete plate

Throttle Bodies

Bespoke Polycarbonate Plenum

Bespoke Aluminium Intercooler

Upgraded Golf Radiator

Lightweight Plumbing with Co-ordinating Blue silicon hoses, (Water and Air)

Davies Craig Electric Water Pump and controller

DTA S100 ECU Controlling Engine and Sequential Gearbox

Traction Control – wet and dry with interchangeable dial switch settings,

Launch control

10 Litre Foam filled Fuel Tank

Fuel swirl Pot

High and Low Pressure Fuel Pumps

7” Superclutch

SBD Lightened Flywheel

Always run on Millers Nano Grade Motorsport Oil

Brand New Magnecor leads and plugs

It's also worth noting that the car is only running 0.7 bar of boost, there is a lot more power to unleash with fairly minimal effort or expense .


Drive Train


Quaife 60G Sequential Gearbox on paddles, flat shift controlled via ECU, clutch off the line only!

Pneumatically controlled with onboard bottle

Box Fully rebuilt 2017 – covered less than 100 miles since

Rear Flange Modification Completed

Carbon bespoke paddles mounted on Racetec Steering Wheel

Lightened and balanced Bailey Morris Propshaft

Quaife ATB Differential built into refreshed Sierra Casing

Titan Bellhousing



Steering and Suspension


Titan lightweight bespoke steering Rack (new 2016)

Siltec Lightweight Alloy Uprights

Siltec Widetrack Wishbones

Protech Double Adjustable shocks Front and Rear

Eibach Springs 400lbs front 250lbs rear

Polybushed Rear Wishbones

Playskool Front Anti Roll Bar

Playskool Rear Anti Roll Bar

Worx Bell Racing Qiuck Release Steering Wheel Boss

Wireless Removal of Wheel




Bodywork and Chassis


Car 525KG

Lightweight Westfield ZK Bodywork

Mickmade Carbon Side Panels

Mickmade Carbon Nose

All Carbon Interior Panels

Carbon Tillet Seat

Playskool 3” Harnesses, FIA Approved and in date

Part Honeycomb Composite removable Floor

Westfield Lightweight Chassis

Caged Homoligated Cage

V8 Bonnet

Carbon Aeroscreen

Carbon Cycle Wings

Carbon Boot Cover

Carbon dash

AIM MXS Strada Programmable Dash, with GPS and Logging (New 2018)





1 Set Force wheels mounted with Dunlop Racing Intermediate Wet tyres 10” front 12” rear

1 Set Force wheels Mounted with Avon Supersoft Sprint Slicks 10” front 12” rear

1 Pair Force Wheels mounted with Avon Slicks 10” fronts

1 Pair Compomotive CXR 10” Rears with Avon Slicks




Brian James twin axle Clubman trailer

17x 6’ bed complete with GT Trailer Cover in black, no rips/tears

Integral tyre rack,

4 good tyres and an unused spare.

Long ramps make loading/unloading a breeze.

All lights in good order

Lockable hitch in good order



Car is MSA log Booked.  (I also hold a V5)


Car is available in the next few weeks, ready for 2021 season. Please call or email to discuss.


A very capable sprint car ready to be competing at the very top, All the hard work and development is done - ready to win. This is a serious car with huge amounts of time and money investment for someone to enjoy.














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Rush Motorsport the 2nd

Sad times @Scottish Bloke really thought you would be back out.


Someone will get an absolute monster

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

That car is an absolute steal at the price. An utterly fantastic bargain for someone, though sad it will be leaving you Rich!

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You’ve lost more than inches from the waist Rich 😉😉

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Paul Aspden

A fantastic car with an engine and gearbox package that would be in excess of the sale price by a vast margin. 

Sorry to see it for sale, but someone will get a bargain and a super fast car!


Good luck with the sale and don't be a stranger Rich. 

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Scottish Bloke

Thanks for the comments guys, it's gonna be hard to see her go!

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Scottish Bloke
1 hour ago, kevo2711 said:

Surely that car should be closer to £30k?!

Is that an offer!

Probably right Kev but you know how it is. I wont break it.

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Sad news, and great news. Someone got the bargain of the decade, there.

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Rush Motorsport the 2nd
3 hours ago, Scottish Bloke said:

Deposit Taken subject to viewing

Wow that didn't hang around long Rich. Very sad after all the effort that has gone into the car. 

Be nice to see it back out. 

A. Is it staying in the country

B. Is it going to be competed in 

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