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  1. Scottish Bloke

    2019 Speed Series Calender and update

    Fantastic calendar of events chaos, great work!
  2. Scottish Bloke

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    Doh. Next time...
  3. Scottish Bloke

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    If you'd had a bonnet....
  4. Scottish Bloke

    Speed Series 2018

  5. Scottish Bloke

    Speed Series 2018

  6. Scottish Bloke

    Speed Series 2018

    So who won then??
  7. Cracking package this ready to drop into Westfield, Rally car etc.
  8. Scottish Bloke

    2.0 Duratec N4JB Engine/Block

    As per the title, looking for a Fiesta ST150, 2.0l Duratec engine or block. Actually only need the block but MUST be in very good condition, I.e not scored or oval! What you got? rgkerr21@gmail.com Rich
  9. Scottish Bloke

    Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    That makes me smile. A lot.
  10. Scottish Bloke

    Sprint Fuel Tank

    Provisionally Sold to Syman
  11. Scottish Bloke

    Cycle Wing Brackets

    Sold to Jay
  12. Scottish Bloke

    Sprint Fuel Tank

    Aluminium sprint/short tange tank, circa 20 litre capacity. Has a built in swirl pot, tank is baffled, 10mm tails and screw cap. Tail on top of to accomodate roll over valve (not included) There is also a selection of fixing straps. No oil painting but perfectly functional, again can take to Blyton, bit big for posting. rgkerr21@gmail.com for more info £50
  13. Scottish Bloke

    Cycle Wing Brackets

    To suit Cortina uprights. One has a slight crack and could do with a small weld, would benefit from a paint. Can take to Blyton, or post at additional cost. £45
  14. Scottish Bloke

    Cortina Upright N/S

    Up for grabs, 1 x Cortina upright, post at additional cost or collect from Blyton. £25 rgkerr21@gmail.com
  15. Scottish Bloke

    Rose Jointed Wishbones x 3!

    I have 2 upper and 1 lower rose jointed wishbones up for grabs. I'd suggest making a jig from then remaining lower to make another. I believe these are race leda and are no longer made? For more info/pics email me, rgkerr21@gmail.com Can take to Blyton or post at additional cost. £100

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