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***SOLD*** CBR1000 Megablade 95% complete


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The Story


Back in around 2008/2009 I owned a Radical and did a few track days before racing it a couple of times in 750 Motor Club Bikesports championship. I enjoyed that but was put off by the potential to eat money with engine rebuilds and any off track excursions, Radicals are not known for low cost racing. At the time the RGB formula was mainly road going kit cars with bike engines and I decided to buy and build a Westy to have a go in class C of that championship which was for 893/919 CBR engined cars. I bought the car below and set about building it up slowly around family life. During the time I was building it class C got dropped and it became a front versus rear engined 1000cc class with a reasonable number of front engined cars on track. I removed the 919 engine I had in the car at the time and got AB Performance to supply and fit a 2008 CBR 1000 motor, the engine of choice at the time. Over the next couple of years it became clear to anyone serious that rear engined was the way to go and now the class is purely rear engined race biased cars with barely a nod to the former kit car road going aspect. During this time kids got more demanding on time and my garage tinkering time now seems to be spent preparing and running my lads kart. The car has sat in the garage untouched for the past 5 years and I need to either commit to it , finish it off and have some track day fun possibly with a bit of sprinting or move it on and let someone else have a bit of fun with it.


The Car


The car is close to being finished and ready to drive, the chassis side needs wiring and a complete nut and bolt check where some things have been left loose waiting for a final set up. I have built the engine loom based on advice from Andy Bates at the time but of course this has not been tested. The main cost item left to complete is that an exhaust will need to be built and fitted, I know AB Performance have done this on many similar Westfields. Aesthetically the bonnet could do with a blow over to colour match the bump/wart I have fibreglassed on to cover the top of the taller motor. As explained, I was building it to put it on track so didn't major on creature comforts or bling.


I built the car with lots of input from AB Performance, they aren't too far from me and it went there on a few occasions to have parts fabricated, notably the fitment of the CBR1000 motor. Andy was always on hand to give advice on what parts to use and I followed what he said, I've not scrimped on parts.




2010 Megablade chassis 

2008 CBR1000 motor with AB Performance sump and installation kit

Power Commander

AB Performance reverse mechanism

AB Perfomance paddle shift

AB supplied aluminium radiator

Mocal oil cooler supplied to AB specification (13 row?)

Davies Craig electric water pump

Wide track suspension with poly bushes all round

Protech dampers and springs

Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1.2 wheels

Caged full roll cage

Bailey Morris two piece propshaft

Sierra 4x4 3.38 LSD

Hi-Spec Westfield brake system

Westfield quick steering rack

Quick release steering wheel

Sabelt race harness (out of date now but never used)

Aerodynamix dash with switches fitted

ETB Digidash with GPS sensor and data logging

Yokohama A048R tyres

Moulded in foam seat (lifts out to enable an alternative seat to be fitted)




Nick Bourne 


07720 400492

Car is located close to Bishops Stortford on the Herts/Essex border




I have a spreadsheet telling me I spent over £22k on the car and parts. Open to conversations around the £11k mark. 





















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