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Westfield SE 1.6CVH Turbo. Chargecooled, SOLD

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Hello and welcome

After much deliberation i have decided to sell my pride and joy after 9 years of ownership. (I am the 5th owner)

Having covered a mere 1,300 miles in that time i can no longer warrant keeping it and it deserves to go to someone who will get more use out of it. The car has been sat for 4 years so gives you an idea of just how little it has been used. (house renovation and road cycling take up most of my time).

The reason for buying the car was i'd had recently had my beloved RS Turbo written off by a run away car while it was parked on the driveway but as it had only just been fitted with a new engine i couldn't bring myself to sell it and thats when i decided to buy a CVH Westfield so that i could fit the engine with little engineering required, well, from the point of getting the engine in at least!

The car was extensively adapted and modified to make the engine and car perform at it best with no expense spared, below are a list of what was undertaken during the build.

  • English axle was fitted with a Quaife ATB diff along with all new half-shaft bearings and powder coated drums/back plates. (sub 1k miles)
  • Fuel tank was modified to take a swirl pot to prevent fuel starvation to the Cosworth HP fuel pump
  • Engine was fitted with the correct flywheel/brand new uprated Techniclutch cover,thrust bearing & plate (Type 9 5 speed box)
  • Brand new aluminium polo radiator which has been spaced to give a more vertical position over the standard sloped position for better airflow. Nosecone has also been tastefully opened up to aid airflow. Also has a brand new fan which runs off the usual thermostat sensor and also a switch.
  • I designed and had made a water cooled inlet manifold which has its own separate radiator and electric water pump which also runs on the same system as the charge cooler (water cooled intercooler) which was also modified from the RS Turbo to the correct inlet/outlet orientation.
  • All hoses are silicone from siliconhoses.com with custom stainless sections
  • Brand new fiesta header tank
  • Mikalor Stainlesss hose clamps here and there, mainly on the boost system and cooling system
  • Induction Filter
  • Oil breather/seperator
  • Brand new oil cooler with thermostat.
  • Wheels are  15" Compomotve MO's (getting rare) Anthracite Grey and are as mint as the day they were powder coated. (Has TOYO Proxes 888 at the rear in mint condition)
  • Rear lights are all LED (with the exception of the number plate light). Has correct relay for correct timed flashing of the indicators.
  • Exhaust was custom made by Mick at Wacky Racers and features a Titanium Silencer which has the 2.5" bore all the way through (repackable but never touched/opened).
  • Innovate Motorsport Lamda sensor/gauge added so you can keep an eye on the Air/Fuel ratio.
  • Rollbar was freshly powder coated.

The specification of the engine is;

  • 1.6 CVH overbored +0.5mm with all new ACL HD bearings, genuine Ford Pistons, ARP stud Kit, Genuine For Head Gasket, New Oil pump gaskets etc (Had about 1k miles on it when it came out the RS Turbo)
  • Kent Cams CVH 35 with vernier pulley
  • Custom inlet manifold as above, this was adapted from the EFI manifold
  • Cosworth yellow injectors 
  • Level 6 ECU mapped to 1.6 8v from 2.0 16. 
  • Fuel pump runs on a new separate braided loom Bosch 044 Group A
  • Cosworth throttle body, 3 bar MAP sensor, crank, phase sensors.
  • Standard T3 turbo unit with 2 stage boost
  • Braided HP fuel supply hose
  • NGK plugs , heat value 8.
  • Modified Pace Chargecooler running Chill Charger additive
  • 1 way breather valve on the petrol tank

The car has had the following to bring it back into commission and get it ready for its MOT which was on 11th May 2018. (It flew through)

  • New diff oil - Fuchs Titan SYN5 75/90W (Quiafe recommended and all its ever had)
  • New coolant/antifreeze
  • Engine oil/filter change (the oil that came out looked like new but thought best change after 4 years) Correct at 10w/40
  • Archoil AR9200 V2 Nano MO-WS2 Friction Modifier
  • All new brake fluid with brand new pistons/seals in the front calipers as they were a little draggy.
  • New cambelt, again like new but thought best be safe than sorry
  • New alternator belt
  • Freshly powder coated rocker cover in a textured black. The previous one was chrome but had began to surface rust which didnt want to polish out.
  • New rubber rocker cover gasket
  • New coolant/chill charger to the inlet cooling system
  • Hydra additive added to the fuel to give the system a thorough clean
  • New distributor o-ring oil seal
  • New rubber fuel pipes (Supply from tank to pump and from pressure regulator back to the tank)
  • Replace a few of the bolts on show that were slightly discoloured (me being picky)
  • Added the decals to the switches on the dash as it never had them along with new dash lights which have the symbols (Again me being picky)
  • Brand new manifold gasket
  • Self adhesive number plate added as i never got round to putting it on.

The car was first registered 1st April 1997 and i acquired the car on 5th April 2009 and is on a Q-Plate . It is in great condition considering its age and really turns heads when its out. It does have a few marks here and there but nothing that detracts you from what is a great looking car.

When the car was last MOT'd it had only done 6,782 miles (was at 5,459 when i brought it) so it has been nowhere really.

The car is in Navy/Chrome yellow and has the lockable boot, side windows and some form of cover which covers the seat area (has always been in the boot and ive never used it). The external of the car is exactly as i brought it regards stickers etc, i just added the adhesive plate.

The engine really sounds like a wrist watch so don't confuse this with the CVHs of old that got abused and had servicing neglected, this has non of the usual top end cam rattle whatsoever, it purs like a kitten!

Ive probably missed loads of things but please get in touch if you require an further information. I have hundreds of photos of the build process and receipts coming out of my ears to.

Looking for £7,999 ono












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