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New rims fitted.   

Got my Xtr2 road legal!

Snuck out for an hour this morning, it was a bit crisp n icy underneath, but lovely to get out

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
8 hours ago, Somerset Jim said:

Do you wear a Time Trial cycling helmet and lycra suit for max aerodynamic efficiency? 

No, that his normal lounge attire!

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Phil Nelson - Norfolk AO

Love all these pictures, clearly expressing everyone's individual tastes.


Hadn't thought of Lycra, My motorcycle jacket must weigh a couple of Kilos so that's not a bad idea. Not sure about the aero helmet, but I do wear my old open face and sunglasses when driving, to give more of a "Jim Clarke", "Graham Hill" vibe. I think a head fairing may be in order this winter.


The front undertray fits closely around the sump so it can be sandwiched between the chassis and the body sides using the existing bolts. The rear undertray fits to the seat bolts on the chassis and then is cut around the wishbones and fixed to the body mounts on the rear chassis rails. This is because I don't like drilling holes in the chassis, so I use existing fittings.


I have now finished the gold lining and it looks a lot better. My website that details living with a Westie is at www.10-42.com/westfield.






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Somerset Jim

Do Somerset get the first post lockdown, COVID compliant, non-zoom Westie meet award? 


An hour of Westie driving in convoy followed by a pint in a beer garden. Top fun.


Jim and the Somerset locals. 



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