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SOLD - Boghouse Blue 2.0LTR XE Red Top .220bhp

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The Original Boghouse Blue

I've had this car for three years now, my second Westfield, it's truly a well built car with an engine and gearbox that are superbly matched to gives a superb drive and exhilarating performance on road and the twice I've had on track days. It's been mainly used for road runs including trips to Scotland and the Lakes, where it's given a great drive and absolute reliability.  This car has given me a lot of enjoyment with no hassle and well known by members of the NE Westfield Club.


Although, at present the car delivers 223 bhp, with a simple re-map it would offer more.  Original figures were 242 bhp, then it was re- mapped and rolling road'd in 2014 .  Printouts from 2007 (before the re-map) 2008 and 2013, all available with the car.


I also have a large folder of receipts and paperwork for the car as well as all but one of it's MOT certs.


The car was SVA'd in 2002 following the previous  but one owners build (I am the third owner).

Mileage is 42K miles.

Mot till May 2018.


I have just had the gearbox out in 2016 checked over by a specialist and added Playskool roll cage


Below is listed the parts that make this car what it is....





2002 Westfield SEiW 2ltr red top.

223bhp Vauxhall XE (was originally 242bhp but remapped to give linear power right up to 8K revs printouts available)

180 lb/ft torque

Standard Crank

Redline racing steel conrods with ARP bolts

Omega High Intruder pistons

Standard Valves

Titanuim valve caps

Piper double valve springs

Heavy duty spring seats

QED 450 Camshafts

Vernier Pulleys

Arrow solid lifters

Steel oil pump inner gears

DTA 3d Ecu

Caterham Alloy shallow Sump

Jenvey TB’s

Bosch 803 injectors.



Simpson Race Exhaust


Bonnet exit




BGH Geartech heavy duty type 9, {rebuilt 2016 receipts available }

Helix heavy duty organic clutch plate / cover {replaced 2016}



Sierra viscous LSD. 3.62



Radtec Alloy rad        ..................  July 2014

Blue silicone hoses     ................   July 2014

Kenlowe High Boost fan



V8 Bonnet

Cycle wings

Detachable rear wings

Westfield Aeroscreen

Removable half doors

LED rear lights



Front. Hi Spec Ultralights (unbranded). Mintex 1144 pads

Rear. Sierra standard calipers. Mintex 1144 pads    ...................July 2017



Pre peg Carbon dash with VDO dials

GRP shell seats with removable pads

Alpha leather steering wheel

SPA quick release boss



Caterham Anthracite alloys 6x13

Toyo Proxes 888.  185/60/13



Standard track wishbones

Protech Alloy Shockers

Front springs 300lb

Rear springs  200lb

Difficult to put a price on this car , I'm asking £9995


John 07831 833232






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I so hope this car stays in the club. I remember it being built, and conversations with it's original owner, Scott Beeland about the engine spec, as we both built/had built similar engines at around the same time.

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...and you know just how much it costs to build a reliable 220-240bhp engine, add throttle bodies, decent ECU, sump, close ratio gearbox, Simpson exhaust etc. 

As I said. Bargain. 

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I've known that car from day one, Both Scott Beeland and Wayne Shepherd, have really looked after it with no expense spared, I'm shocked at the price, this has to be the bargain of the century.

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Due to the level of calls and feedback from WSCC members I have decided to withdraw the car from sale.

Thank you and apologies to all those that expressed an interest in purchasing over the last 24hours.

Big thanks to Chris and Luke who told me to "go give my head a shake" !

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Only just seen this thread John, glad your keeping hold of the Boghouse.  :yes::yes:

I still miss it now..........:down:

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48 minutes ago, jimbobtcc206 said:

I’m pleased to be able to say that I’m now the proud new owner of this car as of today! :)

Congratulations Jim, as the thread will have shown, this is a really well known and loved car within the club. Possibly uniquely so, there certainly won’t be many others with the history and the distinctive character.

I hope you get as much enjoyment as it other custodians have done! (Some how the Boghouse seems more like a cat than a car; you don’t own it, it just chooses to live with you for a while, if it likes the look of you :d )

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