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  1. jimbobtcc206

    Vauxhall Redtop dry sump question

    Thanks Dave. All becomes clear. My cars never had the damper then during my ownership and although only limited use to date, no issues.
  2. jimbobtcc206

    Vauxhall Redtop dry sump question

    I retained a single v belt but not sure about harmonic damper or what it is.
  3. jimbobtcc206

    Willwood 4 pots or Hi Tech?

    My hi spec fit just nice behind the 13” rim.... ignore the upside down calliper in the pic....it was a temporary fit.
  4. jimbobtcc206

    Willwood 4 pots or Hi Tech?

    I looked into this and got tech specs from both hi spec and Wilwood (rally design). I have caterham 13” rims with Sierra uprights. The wilwood were slightly too big and would have caught on the rims. Each rim is different though so best to measure the space you have and ask them for dimensions. Hi spec actually provide a full scale paper template that you can use to visibly see the fit in the rim. I found that most helpful and very accurate.
  5. jimbobtcc206

    C20XE Oil breather, dip stick

    No probs, glad u got sorted.
  6. jimbobtcc206

    C20XE Oil breather, dip stick

    Think I may have one from when I went dry sump. I’ll check when Home later this week and if so I’ll let you know
  7. jimbobtcc206

    High spec road car

    PM sent
  8. jimbobtcc206

    Alternator bracket

    Hi Jim I have some 45mm Jenvey I will be selling. They are 118mm but no trumpets. If interested drop me a pm.
  9. jimbobtcc206

    Throttle bodies

    I have a set of 45mm Jenvey ITBs that I am going to sell. You would need a manifold but if interested send me a pm. james
  10. jimbobtcc206

    Setting the throttle potentiometer - help

    The throt pot has no adjustment like the modern ones. Mine did have another hole drilled by previous owners so I’ve tried just bolting with one bolt for now and that’s worked to get it started. Now I’m struggling to get it running right though. The balance is spot on according to synchrometer but it’s backfiring and spitting flames out of the inlets. I’m going to just buy a new TP and try that I think. Hopefully that will allow proper torment to eliminate any movement and will allow adjustment to meet ecu parameters.
  11. jimbobtcc206

    Setting the throttle potentiometer - help

    Hi Chris it’s a DTA E48 ecu.....rather old.
  12. Just changed my inlets and so I had to take off the throttle pot and put it on the new ones. I’ve gone to set the throttle stops on the ecu and when closed it’s 25 which is fine but fully open is reading 199 and the software says it had to be greater than 200. The throttles are fully open as the lever is hitting the stop on the throttle body. There was a tick box which changed recording the throttle open to pedal fully depressed or not. That seemed to be accepted by the software. Does anyone know if that will be acceptable or if I will have an issue? Or how to get it to read more than 200? I can’t try starting to check until next weekend as we have a bundle of joy and I get back at night too late to start it up.
  13. jimbobtcc206

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Ah right thanks Dave. That’s exactly what I was doing wrong. I’ll try again!
  14. jimbobtcc206

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Had a great time. Can’t wait for the next one. I’ve got a long way to go to learn how to drive both the car and the track but I’ll get there. I’ve got a short clip from my second session to upload but I get an error message to do with file type. How do I know what file type mine is and how would I change it on an iPhone or Mac?

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